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This $14 Wallet Sticks Onto Your Phone To Keep Cards and Cash Handy

* Stores up to eight cards (and cash)
* Made of durable genuine leather
* 3M adhesive cleanly attaches to your phone

These days, carrying one’s keys, wallet and smartphone has become a bit of a burden on pocket space. Smartphones are getting larger and larger, with plus sized models now being the must-have item of the year. With so much room being taken up in the pockets, this stick-on wallet for your iPhone might just become your best friend.

The mobile stick-on pocket card wallet from uses 3M adhesive to stick to the back of your phone. Made of durable leather, this stick-on wallet attaches securely to your phone case and stores up to eight cards — plus your cash. That means you can carry your gym ID card right on your phone and leave your wallet at home. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of your wallet as you make your way through the gym.

If you have a car with remote, keyless entry that uses an app on your phone, this stick-on wallet means even more convenience for you. Now, just as you leave behind your keys and feel that nice, empty space in your pockets, you can also leave behind your wallet. Transfer your driver’s license, credit card, ATM card and some cash to this stick-on wallet and simply carry your phone with you.

The 3M adhesive the wallet uses is the same as the sticky notes you have on your desk. This wallet will securely adhere to your iPhone, and when it comes time to peel it off, you may do so knowing it will come away clean.

Use this stick-on wallet for your smartphone and gain some much-needed space in your pockets.