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11 Actually Stylish Blue Light Glasses for Vain People Like Us Who Are Worried About Eyestrain

We’ve already written about the best blue light glasses, but the most stylish blue light glasses deserve another shopping guide entirely. And that’s because a lot of the cheap blue light glasses you’ll find on sites like Amazon work perfectly well and look absolutely atrocious. Yeah, we’re a little vain, and that’s okay.*

Since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic, most people have packed up their offices and cubicles to take a new place at home behind their computer screens. If the world wasn’t already making it a requirement to constantly use technology to survive, the pandemic has sure made it feel that way. With hours spent behind multiple screens, you can start to develop severe eye strain, headaches and dry eye, which could lead to even scarier long-term injuries. Blue light is the wavelength of light that causes these symptoms, and taking in too much of it could be detrimental for your eyes, your sleep cycle and, well, your entire body.

The best way to reduce your blue light exposure is also the simplest — wear a pair of blue light-blocking glasses. These popular glasses, also known as gaming glasses, have specially-treated lenses that block the blue light emitted by digital technology and helps to limit how much your eyes absorb. These lenses help to protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retinas. Blue light blocking glasses come in many different styles and silhouettes that will match your aesthetic and vibe perfectly without it looking like your glasses were made just for blocking blue light. The most stylish blue light glasses look modern and multifunctional.

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However, if you head to Amazon and search for these frames, you’re going to find a lot of cheap, ugly options. These might work fine if you’re working from home alone, but if you want to wear blue light glasses in front of other people, then it’s time to start treating them like the fashion accessory they are.

To help you out, we went looking for the most stylish blue light blocking glasses of 2021, with stylish frames from brands like Warby Parker, Felix Gray and Cloos. Options offered include stylish and minimalist options that might just make that annoying eye strain and evening headaches a thing of the past.


1. Hayden Frames at Warby Parker


These frames feel vintage yet modern with its shape and tortoise print. They’re made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and feature and akulon-coated screws for durability and maximum support. The frames feature clean lines and level angles that help them feel stylish and sophisticated. They come in a medium width, which will fit most faces — including wider ones. 

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Warby Parker

2. Turing Frames at Felix Gray


This option from Felix Gray has a 1950s feel and works best with slimmer faces due to its narrow nature. The frame is made with hand-finished organic acetate and feature a double-sided, anti-glare coating.They also have 100% UVA/UVB protection and have Grade A ophthalmic quality lenses. Finally, considering the fact that they are blue light glasses, the lenses are treated with a proprietary Blue Light filtering solution. So, if you’re feeling sock-hoppy, then this option is for you!

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Felix Gray

3. livho 2-Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses


While Amazon isn’t the best place to find stylish blue light glasses, there are a handful of options we like. Case in point: this two-pack of blue light-blocking glasses, which have collected more than 83,000 reviews. They’re some of the most stylish blue light glasses on Amazon right now. One of the glasses features a light black frame with metal accents, while the other features a clear frame. There are multiple color options and combinations to choose from, so it’s easy to find a pair of glasses that suits your sense of style. Best of all? These glasses are currently discounted by 48% and are available via Amazon Prime.

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4. Emory Frames at LensDirect


The Emory frame from LensDirect feels classic yet comes in many colors to add a modern twist. The frame flatters almost every face type and comes in 13 colors. They feature a durable acetate construction with double-rivet detailing. The lenses are also 100% UV protected, anti-reflection and scratch-resistant.

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5. Apollo Frames at EyeBuyDirect


The Apollo frames from EyeBuyDirect are sophisticated and minimal. Its small size and lightweight plastic construction make the frame comfortable to wear all day. The matte gray finish adds a bit of refinement to the frames and makes them appear to be more modern. Also, the lenses come with an anti-scratch coating.

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6. Square Frames at Zenni Optical


The square frames from Zenni Optical come in three colors that are creative and eye-catching. These frames feature a lightweight construction and a square shape that’s perfect for most face types. Also, lenses come with an anti-scratch coating & UV protection.

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Zenni Optical

7. Cloos x Brady – Grey Tonic Blue Light Frames at Cloos


Cloos is known for creating luxury eyewear, and the brand’s recent collaboration with Tom Brady is one of our favorite eyewear releases of 2021. This Cloos x Brady frame has a unique look that we love, even if we still have complicated feelings about Brady himself. This frame from the brand is made with premium biodegradable Italian acetate and features spring hinges for maximum durability. They also feature a square shape and are unisex. The gray color of the frame helps it to look modern and sophisticated.

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8. Mackinac Blue Light Glasses 50mm Frames at Shinola


A pricey, but stylish option comes from Shinola, which recently released its first eyewear collection. The square shape of the frame comes from the jazz artists of yesteryear and their affinity of square-shaped glasses frames. This frame is a part of the first-ever original eyewear line that is designed in-house and made in the USA with premium imported materials. The frame features many of Shinola’s signature facets and they will make you look cool and like you’re trying to look it.

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9. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses


An affordable option comes from Amazon. These pair of blue light-blocking glasses come prepared for you to use them right out of the packaging. They come in 14 colors and are perfect for everyone in the family. These frames feel retro with a futuristic twist.

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10. Project Frames at EyeBuyDirect


This frame from EyeBuyDirect is cool and edgy. They feature a fusion of wood and plastic materials for a captivating look.  The artificial wood frame front is solid black and the plastic temples have a glossy striated wood-like finish. For durable rigidity, flexible spring hinges help with the support of the frame.

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11. Muse Elle Frames at GlassesUSA


This rectangular frame featuring a subtle retro twist comes in four colors at GlassesUSA, which has tons more stylish blue light glasses, sunglasses and prescription frames. They incorporate high-grade acetate, a saddle bridge and elegant arms for an efficient yet durable pair of blue light blocking glasses. They feel compact but they’re suitable for any face type.

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Glasses USA

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