The 20 Most Stylish iPhone Wallet Cases For Dudes Who Dig Convenience

The Ridge Shockproof Card Case for
Courtesy of The Ridge
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Which have you misplaced more: your wallet or your smartphone? Even if you just thought to yourself, “Nah, it’s gotta be my keys,” keeping track of less things would just be easier. And since a new iPhone can cost over $1,000, it’s important not to lose track of these essentials. Enter the wallet case — the stylish and convenient way to tote around the bare necessities with a single accessory. Like the best AirPods cases, our favorite iPhone wallet cases protect our devices and look good doing it.

The best iPhone wallet cases seamlessly integrate with your personal style as an extension of who you are. If you’re into vibrant patterns, leather, the latest tech or anything else, there’s a wallet case for you. Whether you’re used to bifold wallets, card cases or money clips, the iPhone wallet cases of today have meshed the two vessels together so logically that you may never look back to the days of carrying both.

Most of the iPhone cases featured below are available for both the iPhone 12 and previous generations of Apple smartphones. Even if you don’t have the latest version, the cases below are likely available for your iPhone, too. Take a look at our top selections for the best iPhone wallet cases below and streamline your life. If wireless charging is important to you, please note that not all of the models below are compatible with wireless iPhone chargers.


1. The Ridge Card Case


We love everything about this iPhone wallet case from The Ridge, a SPY favorite. We trust The Ridge to make durable and secure wallets that will last for years, and we love the extremely reasonable $50 price tag. This wallet case protects your screen with a raised bevel, and it contains two pockets for your ID, credit cards or cash. Customers can choose from either brown or black leather, which provides both a sophisticated look and enough texture so that you can always keep a secure grip on your phone. The Ridge offers this case for iPhone 12s and 11s of all sizes.

The Ridge Card Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of The Ridge

The Ridge Card Case



2. Smartish iPhone Wallet Case


Looking for a case that’s ideal for a black-tie affair? Well, you’ve found it. This beautifully sleek wallet case from Smartish is made to snugly fit your iPhone 12 (or 11), fit three cards and any cash you might have on hand. It’s easy to hold and won’t slip out of your sweaty palms like your regular case does. Additionally, it’s made with protective air pocket corners, which are essentially airbags for your phone that keep it safe when dropped. Feel free to wireless charge, too. This case never blocks the signal needed.

Smartish iPhone Wallet Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of Amazon

Smartish iPhone 12 Wallet Case


Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet Case



3. JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Case


JIMMYCASE makes some of the best iPhone wallet cases for any model, as we revealed in a previous SPY article. They’re sleek, they’re minimal and most importantly, they fully protect your phone and money. JIMMYCASE achieves this with its strategic design. A rubber foundation with a raised screen bumper helps provide 360-degree shock absorbency for your iPhone while a real wood backing adds style and the stretch fabric sleeve securely holds cash and cards. If there’s one downside, it’s that JIMMYCASE wallets may be too minimal for guys that carry a lot of cards and cash.

One SPY writer has been using this brand’s products since 2017, and he’s never lost a card or dollar bill and suffered any damage to his phone. JIMMYCASE iPhone wallet cases are made in East Los Angeles and fit every size dating back to the iPhone 5S. This one is a brand you need to know. Find even more styles on their site, here.

JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of JIMMYCASE

JIMMYCASE iPhone 12 Cases



4. TORRO Cell Phone Case


To all the leatherheads out there, this is the best iPhone wallet case for you. TORRO cases are crafted from genuine cowhide leather that only looks better with age. This microfiber-lined wallet case has a durable, silicone-based frame inside the folio design that cradles your phone on top of a rear plate set for shock absorption. This leather case also has a standing mechanism for watching videos hands-free. TORRO makes a version of this case with a clasp, but the non-clasp version slides much more freely in and out of pockets. Grab one of the many available colors for your iPhone model 7 or 8 Plus and newer.

TORRO Cell Phone Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of Amazon

TORRO Cell Phone Case for iPhone 12


TORRO Cell Phone Case for iPhone 11



5. The Ridge Shockproof Card Case for iPhone XR


Another favorite of ours comes with this second pick from The Ridge that fits iPhone XR cases. This beautifully crafted, shockproof card case is built for durability using a rugged polycarbonate shell and TPU bumpers just in case you’re the clumsy type. Fit one or two of your go-to cards you never want to lose (like your ID and main credit card) right in the back for easy access no matter where you’re headed. The pockets are non-RFID blocking though, so definitely keep that in mind when purchasing. The case is available in green, black and white.

The Ridge Shockproof Card Case for iPhone XR, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of The Ridge

The Ridge Shockproof Card Case for iPhone XR



6. Blackbrook Windsor Bi-Fold Case


Let’s say every now and then you have to hand your phone to somebody else but you don’t necessarily want to hand them your wallet as well. Burkley has the solution for you — a detachable iPhone wallet case. This folio-style case magnetically secures the removable phone case that has all-side shock absorbency. The wallet panel on the left-hand side has three card slots and creates an envelope that holds cash. The Windsor bi-fold style wallet is available for the latest iPhone and Samsung smartphones in a few gorgeous colors that will develop an incredible patina over time in your pocket.

BlackBrook by Burkley Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of Amazon

Blackbrook Windsor Case for iPhone 12


Blackbrook Windsor Case for iPhone 11



7. Coach iPhone 11 Pro Max Folio


Coach exudes class, and this all-black iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet case is the perfect example. This leather folio case is embossed with the signature Coach logo at the far bottom right to prove its worth. The inside includes a clasp to rest your phone and three card slots to the left. A case like this is best kept in the inside pocket of a suit jacket for easy access; truly minimal and sleek for the discerning man, Coach has your back once again. Sadly, Coach doesn’t have any cases available for any iPhone 12 models yet, but you can find this style in every iPhone 11 model.

Coach iPhone 11 Pro Max Folio Courtesy of Coach

Coach iPhone 11 Pro Max Folio



8. VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro Case


This sleek and stylish case features an extra sturdy TPU build with real stainless steel sides for advanced drop and shock protection. Unlike other phone cases, this one features a high-tech internal sliding mechanism that makes it extra easy to store (and take out) your cards and cash. So instead of having to remove your phone or jam your finger into the tiny card slot to retrieve your cash, all you have to do is slide it open and you’re good to go. Definitely a welcome feature for all iPhone 12 models (as well as some older models if you search) and is the best iPhone wallet case for anyone who appreciates stealth.

VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of Amazon

VRS DESIGN Damda Glide iPhone 12 Case

$19.99 $39.99 50% OFF

VRS DESIGN Damda Glide iPhone 11 Pro Max Case



9. Decoded iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Wallet with Detachable Case


Like our choice in the number six spot, this leather wallet comes with a detachable case perfect for keeping that expensive iPhone scuff-free. It’s awesome for wireless charging because all you have to do is remove the detachable wallet and place it down for a full battery in minutes. The wallet has three card slots plus an extra pouch for storing cash and it comes in four different colors depending on your preference. It can even turn 180-degrees if you feel like watching Netflix on your phone hands-free.

Decoded iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Wallet with Detachable Case Courtesy of Nordstrom

Decoded iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Wallet with Detachable Case



10. Design Skin Slider Case


This minimal slider case from Design Skin offers style and convenience at an incredible value of just under $20. The vertical slider mechanism keeps this case super slim for even the tightest of jeans while still making room for two cards underneath the hood. As far as shock absorbency is concerned, this case uses both TPU and PC materials to prevent drop damage and scratches. Now, this iPhone wallet case is available in matte black, pink, white and yellow, but the white looks clean and allows you to easily differentiate your phone in a sea of black cases. Design Skin makes this slider case for all models from the iPhone 6 and newer.

Design Skin Slider Case Courtesy of Amazon

Design Skin Slider Case for iPhone 12


Design Skin Slider Case for iPhone 11


11. Bellroy Phone Case


Some might not feel comfortable showing off their cards visibly the way lots of iPhone wallet cases do. If you’re more of the secretive type, look no further than the Bellroy phone case available in every 11 and 12 iPhone size. The case features a pocket for your cards on the interior of the case for safe, sneaky keeping. The Bellroy is made from eco-tannned leather and polymer and can be purchased in many colors under the rainbow. Sadly, you have to take the case off if you’re into wireless charging, but it is a great, colorful option for keeping your cards safe.

Bellroy Phone Case Courtesy of Bellroy

Bellroy Phone Case



12. Spigen Slim Armor CS


Total protection for your iPhone that’ll cost you just $18? Sign us up. The Spigen Slim Armor CS case is made for the iPhone 12 and has options ranging back to the iPhone 6. It has a sleek, almost futuristic-looking design to it and can hold up to two of your most important cards to keep on your body at all times. It’s definitely more on the minimal side of cases and doesn’t feel so bulky in your pocket, which is great given the amount of coverage it brings to your iPhone. Get it in black, pink or blue depending on your preference.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Courtesy of Amazon

Spigen Slim Armor CS



13. Vena Wallet Case


Here’s one thing the majority of us can probably agree on: a naked iPhone is a beautiful iPhone. Think about the first day you got your iPhone, the second you took it out of the box. That gorgeous shine, that sleek craftsmanship, that elite look. All gone the second you put a case on it. Although the Vena wallet case doesn’t resemble your naked iPhone, it is thin enough to still feel like your naked iPhone. Throw it in your pocket and you won’t even realize you have a case on, even though it does. It’s been tested to survive 26 drops from a 4-foot level, it has room to stash a few cards and it can even stand up if you please.

Vena Wallet Case Courtesy of Amazon

Vena Wallet Case



14. LUPA iPhone 12/12 Pro Wallet Case


For some reason, this is the kind of fold-out wallet case that screams “mom and dad” to us. For real, just imagine your mother whipping this out at the dinner table, throwing on those readers that she keeps on her head and tapping away from a foot and a half distance from her face. There isn’t much to it, but mom and dad will love it if you’re gifting it to them.

LUPA iPhone 12/12 Pro Wallet Case Courtesy of Amazon

LUPA iPhone 12/12 Pro Wallet Case



15. Lucrin Geneva iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case


They might be on the pricier side, but they’re also on the prettier side. Lucrin creates a slew of leather phone wallet cases made from your choice of smooth, granulated, goat, vegetable-tanned, crocodile style and real ostrich leathers, depending on your preference. Colors range from classics like blacks, browns and tans but also head into more unique leather colors like greens, purples, pinks and yellows. You can even customize this case and choose whether or not to have the Lucrin logo on or not. You can get one of these cases phone iPhone 6 sizes and up, too.

Lucrin Geneva iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case Courtesy of Lucrin

Lucrin Geneva iPhone 12 Pro Max Wallet Case



16. Tumi Folio Wallet Case


Tumi is one of the most trusted names in travel accessories which is why there’s no surprise that they make one of the best iPhone wallet cases for guys. This classic folio-style case is made from water-resistant leather and is equally as dashing as it is protective. The phone case shell is fastened to the folio and has a raised edge to protect your phone if dropped. The left-hand panel comes with three card slots and a convenient pocket behind for storing business cards or cash. For the businessman on the go, this Tumi case is perfect. It’s thin enough for wireless charging and looks great coming out of a suit pocket. Pick this up for your iPhone X, XS, any 11 model or any 12 model.

Tumi Folio Wallet Case Courtesy of Tumi

Tumi Folio Wallet Case



17. BEMAL for iPhone 12 Wallet Case


While the majority of the cases here aren’t really as fun as some people might like, here’s one for those of you who like to have a little fun with your iPhone cases. This wallet case from BEMAL is covered head to toe in a black and white cow pattern to bring a bit of needed pizazz to the sleekness of your iPhone 12. It has two card slots, a space for your driver’s license and a little pouch to stash some cash. Don’t love the cow pattern? No worries, there are a ton more to choose from, ranging from a starry space scene to an array of large pineapples.

BEMAL for iPhone 12 Wallet Case Courtesy of Amazon

BEMAL for iPhone 12 Wallet Case



18. Snakehive Vintage Wallet


Having the option to tilt your iPhone on its side is perfect for people who like to watch some Netflix or YouTube videos on their lunch break. We know you do it, don’t lie. This handsome case is also made from real leather to take the look up a notch and comes in various colors like brown, green, blue, plum and more. It features drop- and scratch-protection you don’t get from other iPhone wallets, especially ones that look as vintage as this.

Snakehive Vintage Wallet, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of Amazon

Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Apple iPhone 12


Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Apple iPhone 11



19. Dockem iPhone Case with Magnetic Mount


Car docking? Hear me out — if you’re somebody who’s constantly driving, you use a phone for navigation and you like cool accessories, this is the best iPhone wallet case for you. See, Dockem has included a surprise in each of these cases: a built-in magnet for “dock”-ing your phone while driving, located right next to the camera lenses. For those who have never used the magnetic docking system ever before, it’s insanely convenient compared to the other fastening methods. All you do is place the phone on the dock and it stays put while you drive. The case itself is, what the brand describes as “vintage style synthetic leather”, so sounds like it feels great in a hand. And with the dual card pockets on the outside, this iPhone wallet case sounds like a real humdinger of an accessory. Find one for your iPhone model X and newer.

Dockem iPhone Case with Magnetic Mount Courtesy of Amazon

Dockem iPhone 12 Wallet Case with Magnetic Mount


Dockem iPhone 11 Wallet Case with Magnetic Mount



20. Speck Presidio Wallet iPhone 11 Case


For those who have used smartphones over the last decade, Speck should be a brand you’ve seen and maybe even used before. Known for superior grip and protection, Speck’s iPhone wallet case extends their track record to add convenience to the mix. This case keeps things simple on the outside, with a slot fitting up to three cards and safety bevels around the screen of the phone and the exterior camera. What you can’t see here is the dual-layer IMPACTIUM cushioning for precise shock absorbency, the Microban product protection that eliminates bacteria growth and the rigorous drop testing from heights up to 13 ft. If you’re a Speck fan, tried and true, this is the best iPhone wallet case for you. Grab one for your iPhone model 6 up to an iPhone 11.

Speck Presidio Wallet iPhone 11 Case, best iPhone wallet case Courtesy of Amazon

Speck Presidio Wallet iPhone 11 Case