The Most Stylish Off-White Accessories for Summer 2021: Belts, Hats, Fannypacks & More

Off-White Accessories for Summer 2021
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Off-White’s Virgil Abloh just keeps finding ways to take our money. The renowned streetwear designer — currently Louis Vuitton’s artistic director — launched his luxury fashion label Off-White back in 2012, and in the past nine years has wielded his significant visual talents to launch a number of amazing collaborations. A dope AirJordan collab with Nike? Check. A limited line of furniture with retail giant IKEA? Done. A luxe collection of Warby Parker glasses? You bet.

Those are just a few of Abloh’s impressive Off-White collaborations, a testament to the legitimacy and artistry of his brand. Abloh’s greatest gift, though, might be his ability to create simple products with just enough of a high fashion thumbprint to warrant their big price tag.

There are a number of stylish Off-White accessories for men, which include everything from wallets and key chain holders to towels and backpacks. The accessories below mostly maintain that approach — simple, well-made products with subtle branding Easter eggs here and there. Keep in mind, these products regularly run more than $200. That’s definitely steep, and might seem ridiculous for a simple product with a logo on it. But keep in might that when you’re buying Off-White, you’re sporting one of the biggest names in fashion. That logo alone hikes up the price tag. Busting out a luxury wallet to pay for your morning coffee is a power move, as is sliding your AirPods back into a $300 leather case.

Whether or not you care about that kind of style reputation, Off-White’s accessories are sleek and well-made, so you’re investing in quality products from a legendary designer. We’ve sourced our favorite Off-White accessories so you can bring that luxury flair to every corner of your life.

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1. Off-White Logo-Tape Adjustable-Fit Belt

If you only buy one Off-White accessory in 2021, then let it be this. Instantly recognizable by anyone up to date on their streetwear,  this is the Off-White belt. There are a few different versions of these designer belts for sale right now, but the adjustable fit version is probably your best bet. (The longer Industrial Logo Belt is also a fine choice.) These adjustable fit belts were all the rage in skate culture back in the mid-2000s, and Off-White is bringing them back with Abloh’s signature aesthetic. With their signature caution tape-like yellow-and-black design, Off-White belts like this will add a pop of color and a major statement to any casual outfit.

off-white adjustable belt Courtesy of Farfetch

2. Off-White Knit Beanie


Buying a birthday or Christmas present for an Off-White fan? Then this affordable beanie is a perfect choice. With fall and winter right around the corner, this stylish yellow beanie is sure to be an in-demand accessory. Better yet, it’s currently on sale via Saks Fifth Avenue.

Off-White Beanie Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

3. Off-White x Browns 50 Camouflage Bucket Hat


Knock out two fashion trends in one accessory. Camo print is not going anywhere. And in case you hadn’t heard, bucket hats are very much in vogue right now. And it’s no wonder why. Aside from the obvious street-style swagger, bucket hats are incredibly effective at accomplishing a hat’s core purpose — blocking out the sun. This bucket hat from Off-White comes in a subtle camo print, complete with a black logo patch on the side.

off white camo bucket hat Courtesy of Farfetch

4. Off-White Bottle Holder Keyring


No summer adventure is complete without adequate hydration. Off-White’s bottle holder keyring ensures your source of fluids is always connected. Tack this neon accessory onto your backpack for days at the beach, adventurous hiking excursions or simple everyday use. This would be particularly handy for long days of air travel, as well. And in case you forget this accessory’s primary function, “FOR WATER” is stitched right into the strap.

off-white bottle holder keyring Courtesy of Farfetch


5. Off-White “For Money” Wallet


This simple leather bi-fold wallet shows off Abloh’s trademark wit and flair. The “For Money” wallet is a practical and unique statement piece, and it’s also one of the best Off-White accessories you’ll find for sale in 2021. There are more signature Abloh touches on the inside of the wallet, and any Off-White fan is sure to love this designer accessory.

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Off-White For Money Wallet Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

6. Off-White Logo Fannypack


Here at Spy, we were early supporters of the return of the fannypack, also known as the belt bag. With the rise of dad fashion, these once-maligned backs have made a roaring comeback, and they’re practical accessories for hikes, festivals and weekend fun of all kinds. This Off-White belt bag features the brand’s famous logo and yellow caution tape on the strap. While some of the Off-White accessories on this list are designed for men, like many of the brand’s products, this particular bag is unisex.

Off-White Logo Fannypack Courtesy of Off-White

7. Off-White Logo-Embroidered Cap


This is one of those accessories that looks pretty standard from afar — cotton cap, gorgeous green color, simple logo. But on closer examination, you start to see those designer touches, like the subtle frays in the fabric and the text-heavy print below the main Off-White logo. Those brilliant flourishes will cost you though, so think about whether they’re worth $270 to flaunt.

off-white logo cap Courtesy of Farfetch

8. Off-White Aviator-Frame Sunglasses


Aviator sunglasses with literal chains links for arms sounds tacky and weird. Not when Virgil Abloh’s involved. These Off-White sunglasses take the classic aviator aesthetic and double-bar design, but feature a more rigid frame shape and a lens decal. Those chain-link arms speak for themselves, and they’re accompanied by the tiniest Off-White name logo where the arms connect to the frames. Off-White only recently released its first line of sunglasses, and these designer sunglasses are in particularly high demand this summer.

off-white sunglasses Courtesy of Farfetch

9. Off-White Diag-Print AirPods Case


AirPods changed the game with a pair of Bluetooth headphones that sound great and make cord-cutting easier than ever. But the small, lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to misplace that pesky little case. Luckily, Off-White has a leather AirPods case with a wrist strapped keychain loop that will ensure you never lose your favorite headphones. It even has a slot for the charging port so you never have to remove the case. We should note that these popular Off-White accessories have a tendency to sell out.

off-white AirPods case Courtesy of Farfetch

10. Off-White Logo Print Shoe Covers


If you employ a strict no-shoes policy at home, we get it. You don’t want to bring dirt and germs into a spot you work so hard to keep clean. But taking off shoes — particularly at a party with tons of guests and little room to store dozens of shoes — can be a hassle sometimes, and regular shoe covers aren’t the most fashionable choice. Enter Off-White. With its branded silicone shoe covers, you can keep your floors (and your shoes, to be honest) protected.

off white shoe covers Courtesy of Farfetch

11. Off-White Commercial Tote Bag


In our book, every season is tote bag season, especially if you’re blessed with good weather year-round. But summer is really when tote bags become essential, when beach days call for a well-stocked cache of essentials. Off-White’s tote bag features a simple design dusted with subtle branding nods, like the stitched logos on the shoulder strap and black graphics on the internal zipper pocket.

off white tote Courtesy of Farfetch

12. Off-White Diagonal Stripes Passport Holder


Jet-setters, this one’s for you. If you’ve been itching to travel far and wide, Off-White has a passport holder that you’ll be proud to break out when you touch down on international lands. Its iconic diagonal stripes design is unmistakable and loud, one that will catch the eye of others and help you keep track of one of your most valuable forms of identification.

off white passport holder Courtesy of Farfetch

13. Off-White Arrow Printed Face Mask


Do you already have a dozen face masks scattered around your home? Probably. Do you have one that costs $105 and is made by an elite designer? Doubt it. Though mask requirements aren’t as strict anymore, some of us germaphobes plan to keep rocking them in crowded, dirty spaces like planes or other public transportation. Off-White has a dope face mask with its signature arrow print. It’s the kind of statement that says, “I love high-end fashion but I hate germs.”

off white mask Courtesy of Farfetch

14. Off-White x MCA iPhone X Case


This simple iPhone cover debuted back in 2019 alongside Virgil Abloh’s exhibition at the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, which showcased the Illinois native’s multidisciplinary visual eye. It’s simple and lightweight, sporting Off-White’s signature quotation marks, and once again plastering the name of the product — COVER — boldly on the back. It might not protect your phone from serious damage, but at only $30, it’s one of the most affordable ways to get Off-White in your life.

off-white mca iPhone case Courtesy of Farfetch

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