Here Are the Best Tactical Dog Vests Your Pup Will Actually Like

best tactical dog vests
Courtesy of Chewy

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All pooch owners can agree on one thing: nobody wants to see their pup hurt or in discomfort. Given their popularity, it might come as a surprise that the traditional dog collar and leash combo we’re so used to aren’t the best for your dog. They can heighten the potential for scratching and choking. This is why in 2021, we’re ditching the leash for tactical dog vests to ensure our canines’ safety.

Tactical dog vests are a leash and collar alternative that grace your fur baby with a sort of backpack. Here, you can store personal items, patches and papers on the exterior as well as various pockets included. Instead of wrapping around your pup’s neck, a tactical vest will wrap around the abdomen as a better and safer way of controlling your doggo.

Whether your pooch is as energetic as it gets or calmer than the average cat, a tactical dog vest is essential for every pup in 2021. From more straightforward options to service dog-specific looks, here are seven of our favorites to check out now.


1. OneTigris Tactical Vest


Dog owners using tactical dog vests will agree that the most-effective, most-affordable option on the market is the OneTigris tactical vest you can get right from Chewy. The vest is made from heavy-duty nylon and has a frontal clip at your pup’s belly to ensure they’re snug and secure. Because it’s lightweight and water-resistant, your dog will stay comfortable no matter what outdoor adventures he gets himself into this year. You can get this vest in two sizes, too, depending on whether you have a medium or large-sized pupper.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Vest Courtesy of Chewy


2. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness


The ICEFANG tactical dog harness is in a category of its own. With a 2x metal buckle that passed a 1,000 lb proof-load test, your pup is going absolutely nowhere. Unless they weigh 1,001 lbs, then we can’t help you. The no-pull safety control ensures your dog’s legs will raise when they try to go a direction you don’t want them to, instead of choking your pup with a collar. Sizes range from small to XL, so no matter how skinny or big your doggy is, there will be a size available.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness, best tactical dog vests Courtesy of Amazon


3. Albcorp Working Dog Vest Harness


You already know that your best friend in the world is your dog, but let everyone else know with this tactical dog vest that will spill the beans for you. Tagged on top with the word “Best Friend,” this harness is made from heavy-duty durable nylon with comfortable mesh padding so your pup doesn’t chafe. It buckles toward the neck then again by the belly for some extra protection. Colors range depending on your pupper’s favorite, so you can choose black, blue, red and pink which is pictured below. Lastly, sizes range from small to XL, so snag the one that will fit just right.

Albcorp Working Dog Vest Harness, best tactical dog vests Courtesy of Amazon


4. Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness


Man’s best friend just got a bit of a swag upgrade with this iconic camo harness, perfect for all-American pups that enjoy hunting, fishing and outdoor play with their owner. This 900D nylon harness has mesh padding that’s completely breathable so your pup won’t feel too swaddled in warm weather. It has two quick-release buckles on the sides of the body for easy access and great pulling force, which is perfect for dogs that need some training. You can snag this tactical dog vest in any size, too, whether you have Shih Tzu, Great Dane or anything in between.

Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness Courtesy of Amazon


5. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness


One thing we have to be absolutely frank about: do not purchase this tactical dog vest unless you have a certified service dog. We don’t care how badly you want to bring your pup inside of your local grocery store. If it’s not a service dog, don’t pretend like it’s one. It’s just going to make you look like a jerk.

Now that we got that off of our chests, this service dog harness is great for pups that are certified service dogs. It comes straight from Chewy and has the best sizing offers we’ve seen, ranging from XXXS to XXL. So, even if your service pup is the smallest doggo in the world, he’s going to fit.

Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness Courtesy of Chewy


6. rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness


If your pup is in the medium to extra-large range, look no further than this tactical dog vest to keep him secure when training and walking. It’s made with 1050D nylon with extra sturdy stitching to ensure your pup is safe and secure no matter where he goes. There are two metal shoulder buckles which is a great help for dogs that like to pull. There are a couple of colors to choose from, but come on, this black vest is pretty badass.

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Courtesy of Amazon


7. SALFSE Tactical Dog Training Harness


We know that we’ve stated a number of the best tactical dog harnesses that include options for small dogs and puppies, but, come on. We really just had to place this one here for the photo below. It’s way too cute. For those of you with kitties, you can even place this one on them, too.

SALFSE Tactical Dog Training Harness Courtesy of Amazon