Buy a Wallet, Get a Jeep With The Ridge End of Summer Sweepstakes

The Ridge Wallet & Jeep
Courtesy of The Ridge

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Consider yourself lucky? Lucky enough to win a brand-new Jeep?

Right now, you can enter The Ridge’s End of Summer Sweepstakes in hopes of winning a gorgeous Jeep Gladiator. All you have to do is sign up for their email list and purchase products.

For every additional dollar spent at The Ridge, you’ll get one entry toward winning a brand-spankin’ new Jeep Gladiator (or $50,000 if the Jeep life isn’t for you).

The End of Summer Sweepstakes is happening right now until September 18, so you better get a move on and get spending. There will only be one lucky winner. Is it going to be you?

To help you get prepared for fall, we’ve gathered our five favorite products from The Ridge right now. The Ridge has some of the best men’s wallets we’ve seen. Not only are they durable, but they’re good-looking, lightweight and fit in your pocket without you even realizing it’s there. They even have some other stellar products like bags and pens to choose from, too. So, no matter what you pick, it won’t be the wrong choice. As a reminder: every dollar spent will grand you one additional entry.

All in all, the more money you spend, the more likely you’ll win. So, get ready to load up that shopping cart!

1. Carbon Fiber 3K

The Carbon Fiber 3K is essentially the wallet of all wallets from The Ridge. It’s got a classic patterned black appearance that’s muted yet the tiniest bit eccentric to keep things on the fun side. It holds one to twelve cards easily without ever stretching out and blocks RFID to keep your information safe. It also has a money clip for cash. Each is complete with a matte finish and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Carbon Fiber 3K Courtesy of The Ridge


2. Burnt Titanium

Does it get any more cool than burnt titanium? This Grade-5 titanium wallet stays minimal with added flair. It has all of the same features as listed above from RFID-blocking technology to an added money clip.

Burnt Titanium Courtesy of The Ridge


3. Forged Ash

The Ridge has truly proven itself to be the ultimate 21st-century wallet. Forged Ash is one of The Ridge’s newest drops and it’s taking the world of good-looking wallets by storm. It has all the same features as the ones listed above with an ashy overtake that looks too good to not own. This will cost you slightly more than the ones listed above as well. In this case, that’s good — you’ll get a few more sweepstakes entries.

Forged Ash Courtesy of The Ridge



HALF DOME is one of The Ridge’s least expensive wallets, but that doesn’t mean that by any means is it the most undesirable. This patterned wallet will give whatever you’re using now a run for its money. It has all the features you can imagine and a super cool exterior to set you apart from a sea of classic leather wallets.

HALF DOME Courtesy of The Ridge


5. The Commuter Backpack

So, you found your wallet. Good, we’re glad. Now, check out this gorgeous, all-black weatherproof backpack to top it all off. With a waterproof 600D nylon exterior, a shock-resistant laptop holder, luggage straps, a water bottle holder and numerous pockets, The Ridge’s Commuter Backpack truly has it all. Take it on your next trip or on your daily commute to work.

The Commuter Backpack Courtesy of The Ridge