The Best Travel Cases for Cameras for on-the-Go Protection

travel case for camera
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Given the ever-improving quality of smartphone cameras, it’s not surprising a lot of people have ditched carrying around a separate device for photography purposes. However, if you’re one of the people sticking it out, whether it’s for a love of photography or a dose of pure nostalgia, it’s important to keep your camera gear protected. An easy way to do this is by Investing in one of the best travel cases for cameras.

No matter whether you’re armed with a point-and-shoot camera or the latest DSLR, keeping your photography gear out of harm’s way is something every camera owner needs to consider, especially as a water-damaged camera is no use to anyone. 

The best travel cases for your camera offer multiple benefits. From damage protection to an improved level of organization for your photography equipment, adding one to your photography setup isn’t going to be a decision you regret. There are three main styles of travel cases for you to choose from to protect your camera and the accompanying gear. Here they are: 

  • Sling Bag – As the name suggests, this style of bag adopts a sling-style, cross-body fit. The single-shoulder setup is great for when you need quick access to your camera while also keeping it close to your body at all times. Some styles of sling bags also feature an additional waist strap for extra security.
  • Backpack – A backpack-style travel case for cameras is often best for full days out, long weekend adventures or even longer trips. They offer plenty of space for your camera equipment as well as additional space for non-photography items, such as clothing and snacks. 
  • Hard Case – If you’re planning a long journey, on which you suspect your camera may have to endure additional bumps and drops, then a hard travel case is a wise idea for greater protection. While less malleable, their tough outer is capable of withstanding greater pressure while providing plenty of storage space. 

When choosing the best travel case for you and your camera, consider whether you’ll be packing only the camera itself or if it will be together with additional camera gear, which may include lenses, batteries, chargers and tripods. 

Below we have selected eight of the best travel cases for cameras available to order online. We’ve covered every base to ensure there is at least one well suited to your own needs. Be sure to check the measurements of the case against your camera before ordering.


1. Moment Rugged Camera Sling


The Moment Rugged Camera Sling is a great choice of camera travel case for photographers of all levels. It’s designed to be worn over your right or left shoulder and sports a thick strap which distributes weight evenly for greater comfort during use. The sling shape keeps your camera close to your body and limits its ability to swing, making it well suited for adventurous and fast-paced days out. Additionally, the bag is made from durable and water-resistant NPX material so you don’t have to panic if bad weather appears.

travel case for camera moment rugged sling Image courtesy of Moment


2. CASEMATIX Camera Travel Case


With a price tag of under $15 and a hard exterior shell, the CASEMATIX Camera Travel Case is a budget-friendly investment that offers impressive protection. On its longest side, the case measures seven inches, which is large enough to accommodate most action cameras and compacts as well as accompanying accessories. The case also comes with a padded divider to protect your camera when it’s being stored. For carrying convenience, this travel case also features a detachable wrist strap to help protect against accidental loss or theft.

travel case for camera casematix Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Aenllosi Hard Travel Case


The Aenllosi Hard Travel Case has been specifically designed with Sony DSC cameras in mind. However, it is also suitable for some other brands and digital camera models which are of a similar size. It’s available in black, red or grey to suit your style, and is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate which offers anti-shock protection for your belongings inside. A durable zipper follows the shape of the case to split the top and middle section from each other for more convenient organization. Additionally, one side of the case is designed for camera storage and the other is best suited for accessories, such as memory cards or spare batteries.

travel case for camera aenllosi hard travel case Image courtesy of Amazon


4. CADeN Canvas Camera Bag


If you’re looking for a travel case for your camera which is both fashionable and functional, look no further than the CADeN Canvas Camera Bag. It’s shaped to suit both digital and traditional SLRs and is made from highly durable materials for secure carrying. This includes the adjustable shoulder strap. This camera travel case sports a vintage appearance which includes two front buckles and multiple faux-leather highlighted areas. Plus, it has a front pocket for quick-access storage.

travel case for camera caden canvas Image courtesy of Amazon


5. MEIJIA Portable All-Weather Camera Case


The MEIJIA Portable All-Weather Camera Case is designed for extreme protection. Its all-black exterior features multiple buckles and fastenings which keep the case watertight, meaning you never have to worry when rain starts falling. It also has an integrated pressure valve to completely block out any water molecules. The case’s closure latches are reinforced with stainless steel for greater durability. On the inside, the foam padding can be customized to fit your items by handily molding around them.

travel case for camera meijia portable all weather Image courtesy of Amazon


6. CADeN Camera Bag Sling


Although the CADeN Camera Bag Sling is a compact travel case for your camera, it still offers enough space to store an SLR camera body, a lens, a battery and a tripod with room to spare. It’s made from waterproof material and also features an additional rain cover which can be pulled into place to cover the case’s full exterior surface when it’s required. Additionally, it features a waist strap that can be used for extra support and to limit movement once the bag is in place over your shoulder.

caden camera bag sling backpack Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Brevite Jumper Photo Backpack


The Brevite Jumper Photo Backpack has the appearance of a traditional rucksack. However, it is actually filled with several compartments, each designed for storing your camera and numerous accessories. You’ll also find a storage slot that can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches. The outside of the bag is made from 600D polyester for durability while the inside is made from a softer 200D polyester, which provides protection for your gear. Furthermore, this 18-liter case comes in a range of 10 colors, ensuring there’s one to suit your style.

brevite jumper photo backpack Image courtesy of Moment


8. Moment Shimoda Action X50


If you’re truly serious about your photography, definitely consider the Moment Shimoda Action X50. It’s designed to keep all your gear safe, even when you’re out on adventures or taking part in extreme sports. It offers both front and side access, allowing you to grab your camera and be shutter button-ready in a matter of seconds. It’s also highly adjustable to ensure a snug fit to your body to limit the bag’s movement when walking or running.

shimoda action camera backpack Image courtesy of Moment


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