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Keep This $6 Credit Card Light in Your Wallet or Bag and Never Struggle To Find Things In The Dark Again

* Quirky LED pocket light that will fit inside your wallet
* Unique push-out bulb design for free standing light source when you need it
* Includes five brand new lights — great gift idea for the entire family

Don’t get caught without a light. It’s always problematic when you can’t find the keyhole or you drop something on a poorly lit street. This credit card-sized travel light is ideal for storing in your wallet or handbag until the very moment you need it.

With its lightweight design, this LED pocket light is slightly thicker than a standard credit card and is ideal for storing next to the rest of your cards in your wallet. To turn it on, you simply push out the 2D light bulb from the card. The light bulb will then illuminate. In addition, this pop out feature creates its very own stand for tabletop use.

The clever little light requires no additional wiring or batteries as it comes with everything and is ready to illuminate dark corners straight from the box.

Available in a variety of colors, the LED pocket light produces a gentle glow from the bulb which is ideal for a variety of low light occasions, including locating the keyhole late at night, providing a little extra light for your Instagram foodie photos or even reading menus in dimly lit restaurants.

Each order includes five of these funky little lights, so you can give one to each of your family and friends or keep a pile of spares for yourself. Whether you have a child who loves quirky technology or a partner who is forever turning the bedroom light on and off during the night, everyone can find a use for one of these card-sized travel lights.