This Men’s Bracelet is Practically a Wearable Tool Kit

utility bracelet pocket knife
utility bracelet
Uncommon Goods
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* Slim, functional multi-tool bracelet
* Stainless steel and neoprene construction for comfortable, stylish fit
* Always on hand, or close enough to it for convenient access

You’ve heard of utility belts, of course: one item superheroes, bike enthusiasts and computer repair techs can agree on. But this “utility bracelet” is practically a wearable tool kit straight out of a comic book.

Not only does it look like something you might find in Wakanda, it boasts a multipurpose design as clever as something whipped up by Forge from the X-Men (For all you non-comic nerds: Forge is a mutant with the power to invent, modify and fix just about anything). He also (spoiler alert) has a really problematic romance with Storm, during which he accidentally takes away her powers with a ray gun he invented. After their breakup Storm shaves the sides of her head and for about the next three years leads the X-Men while sporting a mohawk, studded bracelets and a sleeveless, studded leather jacket. But I digress.

Utility bracelet multi tool Courtesy Uncommon Goods

Anyway, this bracelet gives you enough tools on your wrist to feel like an everyday “mister fix-it.” With a click, the utility bracelet pops open to reveal a handy flat head screwdriver and pocket knife blade. Whether you’re fixing a bike by the side of the road on your way to complete an adventurous 100-mile ride, cutting and peeling fruit, or just dispatching with ease the hassle of modern snack packaging, this utility bracelet is a bit of style that can really come in handy. Or wrist-y, as the case may be. The components are all made from stainless steel, while a flexible neoprene band keeps things comfortable.

A compact and simple everyday carry item, it puts a very analog spin on the idea of “wearable tech,” while helping keep you prepared for emergencies. It’s safe to travel with too, meaning you won’t get stopped at security.

At just $40, this utility bracelet is a no-brainer to add to your arsenal, and it makes a great gift too.

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