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Looking to Splurge on Your Next Piece of Luggage? This Victorinox Design is The Swiss Army Knives of Suitcases

* Portability meets functionality and durability
* The Victorinox Lexicon roller bag is the future of travel
* Made from polycarbonate and features a hidden multi-tool with a removable battery pack

Take this from someone who travels frequently, luggage can be the difference between a seamless and organized travel day or a frustratingly chaotic one. And there are many choices for luggage options out there these days. You can choose between metal or plastic, a backpack or a roller bag, one with a cheap price tag and one with a few more zeros on it. But when it comes to dependable luggage that can handle a long day of travel, I would personally recommend opting for a higher-end bag that might cost you more up front but should last you decades into a life on the road.

We discovered this hardcore and 100% polycarbonate roller bag from Victorinox, who happens to also be the geniuses behind the Swiss Army Knife. They are a Swedish company who puts quality at the forefront and like the stereotype says, the Swiss do it better. This platinum-colored roller bag is made with precision; from the set of four double wheels with 360-degree range for easy navigation across both cobblestones and long jaunts down the terminal to the integrated Swiss Army Knife-inspired multi-tool, this bag can keep up. We are all about multi-purpose items, whether it’s a phone case with hidden features or a handy tool for the great outdoors that does everything but cook you dinner.

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Features of the hard-shell Lexicon bag 

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*Recessed wheels and handles for compact storing
*Puncture-resistant zippers and scratch-resistant hard-shell
*A smooth aluminum handle with three height options
*Multi-tool with hidden ID tags, a SIM card replacement tool and a removable battery
*Compression straps inside to compact clothing
*A removable full suiter for travelers who need to transport their suits with ease
*Combination lock for safety and privacy
*Swiss Tracker included so your bag can be found anywhere in the world

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So, among the lengthy list of features and the suitcases break-resistant exterior, the inside of the bag is just as enticing. Having an organized bag while traveling promises to save you time when you need to make a quick-change or pack up neatly for the next destination. The Lexicon has two zippered mesh pockets to maximize packing space, two hanging side pockets for gadgets and accessories along with compression straps that keep folded items and shoes secure while in transition. With a zippered divider to separate each side of the bag, you can keep everything in its place during turbulence. Plus, the easy-to-clean lining accommodates wet and dirty clothes as it wipes down easily. For professional and dapper travelers, a full-suiter folds neatly inside and is ready to be hung upon arrival. The Swiss have seemingly done it again with this roller bag fit for avid travelers and bi-coastal dwellers alike.

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Courtesy of Amazon