This Beautiful Watch Is Made of Garbage, and We Want It

Vollebak Garbage Watch
Courtesy of Vollebak

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Vollebak is a trendy, unique men’s clothing brand that creates adventure gear that breaks boundaries and reinvents the wheel when it comes to everything from the fabric they use to what their clothing can do. Founded by two twin brothers, they’re all about creating the future of clothing and using science and technology to create the next big innovations in gear. Their inventions include an award-winning Solar Charged Jacket, the world’s “toughest t-shirt” made of ceramic particles and a “100 Year Hoodie” that’s waterproof, fireproof and windproof for this crazy world we live in. Nifty, huh?

Now they’ve come up with something that caught our eye, a colorful, funky watch made of the e-waste from the tech world that you’re going to want to sport on your wrist.

vollebak garbage watch Courtesy of Vollebak
Vollebak garbage watch Courtesy of Vollebak

50 million tons of e-waste is generated each year and most of it is treated like trash despite the fact that it contains the world’s most precious metals like silver, copper, platinum and even gold. 7% of the world’s gold is currently sitting in e-waste waiting to return to the earth only to be dug up again by those in search of it. So, Vollebak decided to break this cycle and create something useful and beautiful from the “garbage.” One man’s trash is another man’s stylish, functional watch apparently.

Everything you see on their garbage watch used to be something else — a motherboard of a computer, the wiring from your old flat screen or the microchip that used to power the apps on your smartphone.

They’re currently sourcing the materials for this daunting project and will be launching it in 2021. You can join the waiting list on their website here to stay up to date on this product.