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Enjoy Your Favorite Drinks Anywhere With These Wallet-Sized Bottle Openers

Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue or picnic in the park, a warm day outside wouldn’t be complete without cracking open some ice cold drinks. From sodas to beers and hard ciders, there’s nothing better than cooling off with your favorite beverages as the days start warming up. That means you’ll want to always be prepared by having a bottle opener on hand.

Great for camping, picnics, barbecues and outdoor parties at the beach or park, these wallet-sized bottle openers are small, compact, and light enough to carry with you everywhere. From basic keychain bottle openers to more modern, user-friendly designs, these portable bottle openers are the ideal tool to always keep on hand.

1. Hephis Heavy Duty Key Chain Bottle Opener

This Hephis Key Chain Bottle Opener features an ergonomic design that makes it super easy to use: unlike many bottle openers, the Hephis Bottle Opener utilizes a curved design that better fits in hand and makes opening your favorite beer or cider quick and painless. While light and easily portable, this bottle opener is made of heavy duty yet eco-friendly zinc alloy, meaning it’s durable and rust-proof. Plus, the opener comes with two built-in key rings, making this a practical, multi-purpose tool.

Pros: The carabiner makes bottle opener easy to attach to belt loops, purses and bags. Sturdy, durable material. Curved design fits better in the hand, making it easier to use.

Cons: Bulkier than more traditional bottle openers.

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2. Jokari Multi Bottle Opener

This Jokari Multi Bottle Opener is unique in that it can open a variety of bottle caps, including traditional beer bottles, twist-caps and pull tabs. Its handles feature soft grooves for a comfortable grip, and the opener features small “teeth” to better grip all types of bottle caps, so the bottle opener does all the hard work for you. Plus, this bottle opener is light and compact enough to carry around in your backpack or bag.

Pros: Multi-purpose, comfortable grip, easy to use, portable.

Cons: Not keychain attachable, somewhat large.

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3. Tikit Attachable Keychain Bottle Opener

The Tikit Keychain Bottle Opener is ultra light and compact, making it the ultimate on-the-go bottle opener. Made of quality steel, this bottle opener is sturdy yet lightweight, making it super easy to carry on your keychain, in your wallet, or in your pocket. Its design is straightforward and functional and avoids unnecessary frills or accessories, resulting in less bulk or added weight.

Pros: Light and compact yet durable, keychain attachable.

Cons: Somewhat less comfortable to use than than other bottle openers listed.

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4. Evaplus Bottle Opener Key Chain

Super light yet durable, the Evaplus Bottle Opener Key Chain features a fun Jeep-like front grille design, making this a fashionable accessory for your keys. This simple and straightforward wallet-sized bottle opener is compact and non-bulky, making it super easy and convenient to carry with you anywhere you go. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this keychain comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Pros: Non-bulky, fun design, easy to use.

Cons: Paint can be prone to chipping.

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