Keep Warm and Look Cool With One Of These Beanies

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There are some clothes that are stylish because of their inherent practicality. Take the blue jean, for example. Jeans were invented with Gold Rush-era miners in mind, and now they live in the wardrobes of fashion editors and hip teenagers alike. Another great example is the beanie. It’s the very rare kind of hat that just about everyone can pull off, a fact that is owed to its functionality. Beanies serve the simple but all-important role of keeping your head warm when it’s cold out. The fitted shape of a beanie means face shape is less of a concern compared with other hats, and there’s the added benefit that you never have to worry about it flying off your head in a stiff breeze.

There are basically two types of beanies: cuffed (or flip) beanies, which are made to be worn with the bottom flipped up, and skull caps, which are made to be worn without folding. Cuffed beanies are arguably more stylish, but skull caps better suit situations when you might want something thinner that can be worn under something else, like a motorcycle helmet. We’ve rounded up five practical options that you can buy, including a pick from the OG workwear brand, Carhartt.

1. Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat

Carhartt clothing is made with workers in mind, but the brand has taken off with the streetwear subset. This acrylic flip beanie from the brand comes in a lot of colors, so it’s easy to stock up. Carhartt’s beanies are thick, so they’re ideal for very cold days. The bottom folds over in a thicker cuff too, cleverly showcasing the iconic Carhartt logo.

Pros: Comes in over 30 colors; reliable quality from an iconic American brand.

Cons: They’re slightly tall, so they don’t fit as snugly with the top of the head.

beanie carharrt Amazon

Carhartt Men's Acrylic Watch Hat


2. LETHMIK Beanie Hat Mens Winter

This option from LETHMIK is made from a warm acrylic outer and a soft and insulating fleece inside. The product page makes it easy to choose between cuffed beanies and skull caps. Many of the beanies are lined with fleece for comfort and insulation.

Pros: Fleece-lined for warmth and comfort, available in skull cap and flip varieties.

Cons: May not be ideal for people with larger heads.

Lethmik beanie Amazon

LETHMIK Beanie Hat Mens Winter


3. Everything Black 9″ Skull Cap

For a comfortable and snug skull cap, this affordable option from Everything Black comes in a few color options like maroon, royal blue, and yes, black. It’s made from a cotton/acrylic blend, which makes it more breathable than all-synthetic beanies, and it’s easy to wash and care for.

Pros: Breathable cotton/acrylic blend; thin but warm.

Cons: May be small for those with bigger heads. If you want a warmer beanie, you’ll want to consider a thicker option.

Everything black beanie Amazon

Everything Black 9

$10.43 $11.20 7% OFF

4. Loritta Men’s Beanie

This beanie has a fluffy, fleece-like interior lining. It has a textured exterior pattern and a ribbed cuff. Like many beanies, it’s made from a 100% acrylic, which is warm and stretchy.

Pros: Soft, fluffy lining. The knitted pattern makes it more unique. Good for very cold weather.

Cons: Interior lining can shed.

Loritta beanie Amazon

Loritta Men's Beanie

$12.99 $29.99 57% OFF

5. Top Level Beanie

For a no-nonsense cuffed beanie, this option from Top Level comes in over a dozen colors and is made from acrylic. It’s designed to be unisex, and there’s no visible branding on the outside. The colors include muted, tonal colors, as well as high-visibility yellow, lime, and orange.

Pros: Beanie is a plain design and has no branding, making it a good option for those who prefer simplicity. Available in several stylish colors.

Cons: Top can be overly pointy.

Top Level Beanie Amazon

Top Level Beanie