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These Silicone Waterpoof Shoe Covers Are Ridiculously Useful For Unexpected Weather Days

* Keep your shoes protected
* Compact and easy to travel with
* Reusable and eco-friendly

File these under things you never knew you needed. Waterproof shoe covers, while maybe not at the top of your latest to-buy list (or even the bottom) will actually come in handy should you choose to get them.

Made from food-grade silicone, these ultra-flexible, elastic shoe covers will essentially protect your shoes from pretty much anything. They are completely waterproof, reusable, eco-friendly and may ultimately save you money in the long run. They will especially come in handy when you have expensive or brand-new shoes that may encounter some inclement weather at a moment’s notice and are easier to carry around than a second pair of shoes. They also feature a non-slip texture on the bottom ensuring you get a good, safe grip when using.

In addition, if you choose to have any work done around your house, the shoe covers can be kept discreetly by the door for use by just about anyone and will come in handy if you are an avid outdoor exerciser when the road is wet. These shoe covers are travel-friendly and easily fold up in your bag, come in many different colors and easily slip on and off.

1. LESOVI Shoe Covers

The Lesovi Waterproof Shoe Covers are made from 100% food-grade silicone that is durable, reusable and provides excellent protection for your shoes. With no assembly required, these shoe covers can be used the second they come out of the bag and come in sizes for men, women and children. Reusable and eco-friendly, in addition to protecting your shoes from water damage, they provide stain protection, have anti-slip tread soles for traction and safety, work in all types of weather and are compact for plane travel and vacations.

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2. Cutedoy Waterproof Shoe Covers

Made of 100% highly elastic silicone, the Cutedoy Waterproof Shoe Covers provide slip-resistant and waterproof coverage for your shoes. Easy to clean and carry, these unisex shoe covers are durable and work in all kinds of weather, are easy to pull on and off, and travel well due to their lightweight, foldable material. Available in many different color options these shoe covers fit over any kind of shoe and work indoors or outdoors.

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3. ARUNNERS Shoe Covers

ARUNNERS Shoe Covers have extra thick soles and are made from 100% PVC material that offers extra protection and protects your shoes, keeping them dry in any inclement weather. These shoe covers are perfect for indoor activities when you need to protect your feet such as when painting or cleaning, or when traveling outside. In addition to the shoe covers, a convenient waterproof storage bag is also included.

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