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Happening Now: The Balenciaga x Adidas Collection Is Officially Online

Demna, the creative director of Balenciaga, is like a modern-day Marcel Duchamp. He, like Duchamp, takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. Who could forget the Balenciaga trash bag that went viral earlier this year, or the more recent Balenciaga Lays Potato Chips bag? Therefore, a collaboration with activewear GOAT Adidas makes total sense. And on November 3, 2023, the Balenciaga x Adidas collection officially went live on both the Balenciaga and Adidas websites.

There’s something for he, her, and them.

Courtesy of Balenciaga
Courtesy of Balenciaga

The collection was first teased during the Resort 2023 runway show. Almost immediately after, the 33-piece collection was available on Balenciaga’s website, and it sold out immediately. So, on November 3, 2023, you’ve got another chance to grab this very limited collection of elevated activewear. Currently on the Adidas website, you can buy Balanciaga x Adidas hats and t-shirts for $425-$750, with jackets and tracksuits priced at $1,200-$3,400.

You can find even more styles available at Balenciaga’s online store, where we’ve found colorful men’s bathrobes for $4,800, signet rings for $625, and zip-up hoodies for $1,150.

What to Expect from the Balenciaga X Adidas Collaboration

Adidas’s iconic stripes will be accenting clothing, as will their mountain and trefoil logos. Balenciaga’s name will be emblazoned on items in the font that Adidas uses. This is similar to the Gucci and Balenciaga 2021 “Hacker Project.” Creative directors Alessandro Michele (Gucci) and Demna (Balenciaga) played with each brand’s logos and lettering on pieces.

The Balenciaga x Adidas collaboration also follows a successful collaboration between Gucci and Adidas. As we’ve written before, Balenciaga is rivaling Gucci for the most interesting designer label, and in just a few hours, some of the most popular new Balenciaga x Adidas items are already sold out.

Courtesy of Balenciaga

As we expected, most of the clothing is oversized. Think wide-leg pants that looked like they wandered out of a late ‘90s rave. Streetwear-styled oversize tees and tracksuits. Exaggerated silhouettes on coats and denim jackets. There’s a lot of black, and yes, lots of colors too. Think of your first box of crayons; primary and bright.

Of course, there are accessories in the mix. Square-shaped gym bags, sunnies, backpacks, the Triple S shoe, earrings and more. To get an idea of what it all looked like on the runway, the below video showcases Balenciaga’s entire show. Fast Forward to around 8:15 to see the entire collab on the runway.

Make your list, set your alarm and get ready to shop. The Balenciaga x Adidas collab goes live on both brands’ websites. Whether you’re on the Balenciaga or Adidas site, you’ll be able to grab your favorite item, hopefully before it sells out.

Courtesy of Balenciaga
Courtesy of Balenciaga