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The Best Heated Gloves Keep Your Hands Toasty All Winter Long

When regular gloves just aren’t cutting it, heated gloves can help thaw those frozen fingers when winter comes around. Ideal for those tasks where you can’t stick your hands in your pockets, the best heated gloves can make winter tasks a whole lot more comfortable. From shoveling snow to walking the dog on below-zero mornings and dealing with frozen steering wheels, heated gloves for men can help keep those fingers toasty. They’re also a popular hack for people with Reynaud’s or arthritis. 

When buying heated gloves, there are several factors to consider beyond size and style. Some gloves are rechargeable, while others have batteries that will need to be replaced over time. While the more basic models will have three heat settings, others have smart sensors and the ability to control temperature more precisely. Check for additional features like waterproofing, leather materials and heat zones that extend to the fingertips. Scroll below to see our top picks to prevent numb fingers this winter. 

BEst overall

Available in both Regular and Lite, Eddie Bauer’s Pro Smart Heated Gloves are the first AI-powered gloves to create a customized microclimate for users, making them the best heated gloves for 2022, hands down. The intelligent heating tech regulates warmth based on body temperature and activity level, both monitored in real time. These gloves are also waterproof and well-insulated to retain heat. Meanwhile, the durable but strong leather shell makes for a comfortable experience that still allows for dexterity in the most frigid of conditions. They last up to eight hours and are Bluetooth-enabled, making them perfect for off-grid adventures. 

runner up

A slightly more budget-friendly alternative to Eddie Bauer’s fast-selling AI gloves is this pair Savior Heat, which has multiple heat settings controlled by a button. Lasting up to seven hours, they can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities. They can even be used on a touch screen and their water resistance makes them great for snowy activities or rainy days. These electric heated gloves use far-infrared fiber heating elements on the palm as well as the fingers, making these some of the best heated gloves for fingertips that suffer from Reynauds or get cold easily. With a long-lasting battery charge and a connected app, these breathable gloves are easier to manipulate.

sleekest pick

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With a less bulky aesthetic and construction than other heavy-duty alternatives, these are the best heated gloves for men due to their slim and streamlined appearance that makes them look just like regular gloves. They even have a built-in light that can be turned brighter for night visibility. Ideal for those who prefer rechargeable batteries, a built-in USB-C port lets you connect a power bank and provides limitless power. Although they’re not specifically highlighted as windproof, many cyclers note that this is an added perk. The brand also sells heated socks. 



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ActionHeat is one of the leading snow glove brands for a variety of reasons. We love how tight they cinch around the wrist, preventing any snow or cold air from seeping in. at under $150, they’re one of the more affordable choices to ward off numb fingers on chilly days. On their highest setting, shoppers said they lasted around three hours. This pair is proof that the best heated men’s gloves aren’t always the most high-tech. One shopper calls them “durable and comfortable, even without the heat.”  Just make sure to have an extra pair of batteries on hand since these aren’t rechargeable. 

best glove liners


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Glove liners are typically used inside other gloves or mitts. They’re typically a lot thinner than your regular gloves and add an extra layer of protection and warmth. Think of them as thermal underwear for your hands. While glove liners can help you get nice and toasty, these heated glove warmers take things to another level with a micro-thin, stretchy feel. A great alternative to buying alternative gloves, these wireless warming glove liners from Sharper Image allow you to use your own gloves and simply slip these on underneath.

best for skiing


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Ororo is one of the pioneers in this field, due to its ability to provide reliable, consistent results every time. Reaching a toasty temperature in just minutes, they work well even in icy conditions, making them some of the best heated gloves for skiing and all your cold weather sports adventures. Made from goatskin for maximum comfort and durability, Ororo’s rechargeable heated gloves run off lithium-ion batteries and have an indicator to show when they’re fully charged. Even if you’re not a skier, these gloves work well for shoveling driveways, going on hikes or dog walks or going on a casual winter motorcycle ride. 

budget pick

Dealing with icy fingers but not sure you want to shell out the money required for pricier models? Consider these heated gloves on Amazon which cost just $35.99 but offer many of the same features as gloves sold at a higher price point. Suitable for hiking, cycling and skiing, these battery-powered gloves are the best intro to heated gloves. Till, some buyers note that they’re a little heavy due to holding 4 AA batteries, but if you don’t mind the bulk in exchange a lower price, it still offers superb bang for your buck.  

best HEATED mittens

If you don’t need the added dexterity of individual fingers, heated mittens are a fantastic alternative that are just as comfortable. With a sumptuous washed velvet lining, these ski mittens are made with seven layers of materials, and the thumb is constructed so that it’s still touchscreen-sensitive. With a variety of heat settings, this is a must for people who don’t want their fingers separated. A definite upgrade from those little hand-warming packets during serious winter conditions

best splurge

If you’re serious about staying warm and want the best of the best, look no further than Seirus House Touch Hellfire gloves, which are the best heated gloves that a guy can buy this winter. While the price tag is a little higher than you might like, the longevity and craftsmanship of this leather pair are unparalleled. When compared to similar models, these keep the underside of your fingertips much toastier, making them a little-known hack used by skiers around the world. 

best for motorcycles

Being on a motorcycle can mean some serious wind chill whipping against your body, and often, regular gloves can’t hold up to the task, leaving your fingertips numb fast. Instead, opt for these rechargeable gloves by Sun Will which keep the wind out with an adjustable wrist strap. With a leather palm and a fleece lining, they’re sturdy but soft and there’s even a reflective strip to keep you more visible on the road.

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