Truth Seers: 5 Flashlights With Accurate Color Illumination

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* Light your way with these high-CRI color fidelity flashlights
* Keychain and convertible headlamp options
* A quality flashlight is always a bright idea

With everyday carry flashlights, the quality of light can be just as important as the quantity. One way to think about quality of light is by something called CRI. Short for Color Rendering Index, CRI essentially refers to how a given light source renders colors all across the spectrum. High CRI flashlights will show natural-looking colors in their field of illumination, rather than washing out the colors with overly harsh lights.

Some lights cluster on the high end of the visible spectrum and the resulting “hard” light can make everything in your flashlight’s path look spectral and fuzzy, making it harder to identify objects and straining your eyes. A high CRI flashlight, on the other hand, renders a more natural “daylight” sort of vision and gives your pupils less work to do. So let your light shine and see the true colors of the nocturnal world with one of these five high CRI flashlights.

1. Manker Convertible Headlamp

The Manker Convertible headlamp can be used as a regular handheld flashlight or securely mounted with its included elastic headband. It features five energy-efficient modes, including “moonlight.” You might even say this hand flashlight “moonlights” as a headlamp. It’s also waterproof, making it usable for spelunkers.

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Manker Headlamp


2. Nitecore Penlight

The Nitecore Penlight is a sturdy, high quality, high CRI penlight that was originally designed with medical professionals in mind. Notable features include a strong 180-lumen diffuse mode.

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Nitecore Penlight



3. Nitecore Keychain Flashlight

This rechargeable keychain flashlight is one of the smaller high-CRI flashlight options. Compact and efficient, too, thanks to the Nicha 219B LED, it can maintain 150 lumens for 90 minutes.

nitecore rechargeable keychain flashlight Image courtesy of Amazon

Nitecore Keychain Flashlight



4. Reylight Pineapple Sold Brass Mini Flashlight

This solid brass mini flashlight features a chill gold finish and deep grooves for a secure hold. Output from its 4000k high CRI LED ranges from 390 lumens all the way down to a mellow 0.2 lumens in “moonlight” mode.

reylight pineapple brass flashlight Image courtesy of Amazon

Reylight Pineapple Mini Flashlight


5. Prometheus Keychain Flashlight

This classic keychain flashlight benefits from a unique and well-engineered push-pull quick release mechanism, meaning less fumbling and jingling when you actually want to use your keychain flashlight. The Prometheus Beta keychain light also brightens our spirits with classic design and warm, high fidelity light.

Prometheus keychain flashlight Image courtesy of Amazon

Prometheus Keychain Flashlight


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