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This $30 Flashlight Has Enough Juice to Shine a Light Across Two Football Fields

* Extra versatile flashlight features five different light settings
* 900 lumens allowing it to reach up to 1000 feet
* Features a highly durable build and water-resistant design

For the times when you need a flashlight with a little extra power, this Anker flashlight is the way to go. With an impressive 900 lumens, these LED lights are powerful and bright enough to cover two full football fields. In fact, this flashlight’s proven to reach up to an impressive 1000 feet. With five different settings (high, medium, low, strobe and SOS), this is one extremely versatile flashlight that’s great to have for emergencies, hiking, camping trips or just to keep in your car.

Aside from being insanely bright, this flashlight’s also got one stellar battery life as well. When set to the medium setting, this light’s able to shine for up to six hours straight. With the micro USB cable, you can charge this light on the go using your phone or laptop charger. You also have the option to recharge this light with a 1A adapter, which is sold separately.

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Naturally, a strong light deserves a strong build, and this flashlight is no exception. Sporting an impressive aluminum body and shock-resistant design, this Anker model is both water-resistant and extra durable — great for traveling, hiking, camping and for wading through those heavy rains.

The included lanyard and grippable handle help add to this light’s overall convenience, while the extra-long handle and scalloped-bezel help provide some much-needed tactical support. With a generous 18-month money-back guarantee, this is one light you’re sure to love.


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