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Stay High and Dry in the Great Outdoors With the Apache Naki 2-Person Tree Tent Camping Hammock

* Portable tree house tent for camping
* Fits 2 people comfortably
* Elevated tent design

Experience a good night’s rest like your favorite tree dwelling animals with the Apache Naki 2-Person Tree Tent Camping Hammock. Allowing you to sleep off the ground, this lightweight and portable treehouse lets you enjoy suspended sleep without the worry of water, terrestrial insects, or predators.

Capable of supporting up to 880 lbs, this two-person tent is easily installed into any forested area by three hammock straps. Otherwise you’ll need to find a few support beams, but it shouldn’t be a problem considering the length of the straps. Simply identify your site, attach the straps, and enjoy hours — even days — of suspended fun.

The Apache Naki tree tent is perfect whether you are camping, hunting, or even just enjoying the view. The enclosed mesh roof ensures a night’s sleep without unwanted visitors while still allowing cool airflow through your sleeping space. It also lets you to enjoy the wonderful sounds around.

No worries if the heavens open either! The Apache Naki 2-person tree tent comes with a waterproof top to keep you dry on wet evenings. The two-entrance design ensures cohabitation is comfortable and that midnight bathroom breaks are as non-disruptive as possible.

The tent comes with industrial-grade straps, which boast a built-in ratchet system. This innovative design will afford you the freedom to hoist your suspended perch anywhere you can find three strong anchor points.

The Apache Naki 2-Person tree tent takes camping to a whole new level (pun intended). When you are out exploring the natural world, the off-the-ground sleeping sensation is sure to provide many nights of enjoyment while answering many of the common complaints about terrestrial camping.

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