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Protect Your Four Wheeler From The Four Seasons With An ATV Cover

Maybe it’s been a harsh winter and you’ve had to leave your ATV parked for a few months. Or maybe you’ve just been busy and haven’t had a chance to ride it. Whatever the case, there are times when, as much as you want to ride your ATV, you can’t. This can be a bummer for you, but it can be even worse for your all-terrain vehicle. That’s because in that downtime, water, sunshine, and all manner of outdoor conditions can wreak havoc on your ATV.  Just because it’s all-terrain, doesn’t mean it’s impervious to the elements.

It’s clearly important to protect your ATV from the elements. But unless you have access to a gigantic garage, you’ll probably have to park it outside. That’s why it’s worth investing in an ATV cover. They’re designed to be fitted to the shape of an ATV, protecting it from the top and bottom. Covers also come in various sizes, so you can find one that’ll adequately cover your vehicle. These are some of the best options available right now.

1. Tokept 190T Black Quad Bike ATV Cover

The Tokept 190T Black Quad Bike ATV Cover is a reliable cover that will keep your ATV safe no matter the season. With its waterproof capabilities, this cover will help with year-round coverage. This ATV cover also comes with a storage bag to make storing the cover safe.

Pros: It comes in a camo color as well.

Cons: Can be somewhat difficult to put on the ATV.

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2. Ultimate ATV Cover Waterproof

For a heavy-duty option, this ATV cover is made from a durable waterproof material with taped seams for extra protection. Strips of reflective material are featured along the outside of the cover to give it visibility at night. Best of all, a convenient zippered panel allows you to access the gas tank without completely removing the cover.

Pros: Waterproof material with taped seams, smartly designed zippered compartment to access vehicle without removing the cover.

Cons: Expensive.

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3. LotFancy Waterproof ATV Cover

This highly affordable and waterproof cover comes in several sizes, including small, large, and X-large. An elastic bag is included for carrying the cover around, and the cover has buckles to ensure a secure fit on the four-wheeler.

Pros: Affordable, includes a soft carrying pouch. Reinforced seams to protect against water, features a protected air vent to release moisture.

Cons: Thin material, which can fade in the sun somewhat quickly.

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