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The Backpack Jacket is a Must-Have For Your Hike

* Rain jacket with backpack attached
* Water-repellent material
* Perfect for warm or cold weather

Who doesn’t love convertible, multi-functional products? They can be your best friend when your next trip or outing requires you to be a minimalist, and an easy grab-and-go to keep you prepared. Perfect for travel, hiking or just plain running errands, this 2-in-1 Backpack Jacket is the protection you need should inclement weather unexpectedly occur.

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How it works: Just unfold the rear compartment of this pack and within a few seconds, you have yourself a rain jacket with a backpack attached. The jacket is made from polyester-type, water-repellent material, and features front pockets, a drawstring hood and waist and ventilation holes.

When you’re done, just tuck it all back into the lightweight bag. The backpack has a large, zippered main compartment, adjustable straps, side pockets and a front zippered pocket.

This convertible, multifunctional backpack might look peculiar, but it is practical, functional and can be used as a fully functional backpack when not needed for rain or cold weather. You will have a jacket to carry the basics and protect you when it’s cold, windy or rainy and the backpack will serve to hold all your incidentals when fast moving weather changes the outlook to warm and sunny.

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