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The Best Bear Proof Garbage Cans to Keep Your Trash Safe and Organized

If you live in a more rural area or nearby a forest, chances are that it’s not that shocking to see a bear around your neck of the woods. In the city, the biggest threat to your trash bins might be a raccoon or a skunk. But when you’re dealing with an animal that’s much bigger, a heavy-duty bear-proof garbage can may be necessary.

Bears can be quite persistent when it comes to getting into your precious garbage. Therefore, along with investing in a bear-proof garbage can, it’s important to check a few things off your to-do list in order to keep wildlife away from your trash.


How to Keep Bears Away From Your Garbage

  • Keep bins in a well-lit area or somewhere with motion sensor lights.
  • Store trash indoors if possible – keep garage doors closed and avoid leaving bins out overnight.
  • If lids aren’t lockable, use bungee cords or lid-locking systems when possible to secure them.
  • Sprinkle bleach on garbage bags. Never spray lemon products, which can attract bears.
  • Clean your BBQ of food residue after every use
  • Keep compost piles at the back of your property
  • Never toss food scraps or give human food to bears
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At the end of the day, there’s nothing more frustrating than coming out of your home to find that your once neatly packed away garbage bags are ripped apart, spreading litter everywhere. Over time, this will be more than just a hassle – it’ll attract bugs and other animals. It can also be scary and potentially dangerous if you see one, which is why it’s important to keep a can of bear spray stocked.

The best bear-proof garbage cans will also help to keep mischievous dogs out of trouble. If you’re looking to keep bears and other wildlife away, here are the best bear-proof garbage cans to help with the task.


1. TuffBox 137-Gallon Galvanized Metal BearProof Storage Container


Plastic garbage bins have nothing on this galvanized steel fortress of a bear-proof garbage can. The TuffBoxx is a dumpster-style, top lid-loaded garbage storage solution. Although the bins are one of the most effective solutions on the market, they can be put together in around half an hour or less by most consumers. While it’s by no means the cheapest option, it is one of the most durable and long-lasting, holding over four times the amount of a regular garbage can.

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2. United Solutions 32-Gallon Garbage Can with Snap Lock Lid, 2-Pack


Why invest in one bear-proof garbage can when you can get two for the same price? In case one gets damaged or you have an overflow of trash, this pair of 32-gallon garbage cans is a great choice. Piling excess garbage bags around your bins will cause bears to come sniffing around, so having an extra on hand to keep trash secured can be helpful. Both these bins feature wheels, an attached snap lock lid and heavy-duty handles. For rural areas, this won’t be 100% bear proof, but for suburban areas dealing with the occasional bear intrusion, it should do the trick.

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3. Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway


If you don’t want a big black bin breaking up your chic outdoor decor, consider this stylish hideaway one by Suncast which is available at a surprisingly low cost. With a wicker design that’ll complement most patios, it’s large enough to house 33-gallon trash bags and comes with a secure latching lid that’ll keep those pesky bears it. It’s made from weatherproof resin and is a breeze to install, with zero tools required.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

4. Basic Bearicuda Bin with Screw Top Lid


Touted as one of the best bear-proof garbage cans on the market, the Bearicuda Varmin Vault is designed specifically to keep animals out. Unlike many options that have a locking lid, this one has a screw top that even the most clever bear will have trouble figuring out. A secure, air-tight seal is provided once closed, keeping odors and smells from attracting wild animals. It also comes with removable metal handles that are easy to clean and make moving the bin less of a hassle.

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Courtesy of Bearicuda

5. Blazer Universal Lid Lock Latch


If you need to make do with a trash can that doesn’t have a locking lid, consider getting a stretch strap system like this to hold your existing lid in place. Unlike bungee cords which can be tough to strap on and sometimes snap back in your face, this easy-to-use accessory turns any regular trash can into a lockable one for a fraction of the price.

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