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Off-Road and On-Trend — the Best ATV Helmets Available Right Now

Many people who get into riding motorcycles quickly find themselves looking into other kinds of motorized bikes, scooters, and four-wheelers. But even though these types of vehicles are related, the gear could not be more different. The helmet you might carry into the motorcycle bar could get you laughed off the motocross field. Part of it certainly stems from the vastly different cultures around each type of vehicle, but there are far more substantive reasons for the differences in the kinds of gear. If you’re looking to get into dirt bikes, ATVs, or any kind of off-road vehicle, then it’s important to invest in the right kind of helmet.

Even in terms of appearance,  motocross helmets are very different from their street counterparts. They have an exaggerated shape with a pronounced visor and a chin guard that juts well beyond the face. That makes them substantially less aerodynamic than street helmets. That lack of an aerodynamic shape is not a problem for off-road vehicles, which are designed to travel at lower speeds. The chin guard also offers additional protection. ATV helmets are also designed to be lightweight and have ample ventilation for riding in warm weather. And, unlike motorcycle helmets, there typically isn’t a built-in visor. Instead, off-road riders typically clip on their own goggles. If you’re an experienced rider in need of a new helmet, or you’re looking to get started riding off-road vehicles, these are some of the best helmets out right now.

1. 1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Helmet

Most motocross helmets don’t come with a visor, which makes this one a good deal, especially for beginners. It has dual built-in visors, including smoked and clear. The padding is removable and washable as well. The helmet also comes in a range of interesting colors, including minimalist gray and boldly patterned options.

Pros: Comes in a range of unique colors, helmet includes built-in dual visors. Dual-sport helmet, making it a versatile option.

Cons: Can run tight.

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2. AHR Outdoor Adult Full Face MX Helmet

This affordable helmet from AHR is made from ABS plastic, making it lightweight but durable. The matte gray helmet has contrasting gray streaks across the shell, giving it a unique look. The foam padding is also removable for washing. It also has a breathable ventilation system.

Pros: Low cost for stylish and sturdy helmet, removable foam padding.

Cons: Runs small.

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3. O'Neal 3 Series Helmet

This helmet from O’Neal is available in a “savage” montage print, and the interior has removable and washable padding for a more hygienic riding experience. Additionally, it has multiple vents for breathability. The helmet has an interesting look with a repeating O’Neal logo.

Pros: Lightweight, affordable helmet from a trusted brand. Padded liner is removable and washable.

Cons: Visor screws are plastic, making them prone to coming loose.

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