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The Best Baseball Gloves for the Field or Backyard

Baseball is the classic American pastime, and you don’t need to be a pro to throw the ball around. However, even novice players deserve a quality baseball glove. Whether you’re playing catch in the backyard or joining a local league, the right glove can make all the difference.

If you’re looking to buy a new glove for yourself or a child, there are some key features to look for. First, you’ll want to find a durable glove that’s made of leather or a similar material. Leather can last for years and is easy to break in. Features like factory break-in reinforced stitching and adjustable wrist straps can also make the glove more comfortable. You should also check the hand orientation; right-handed players should buy a glove that goes on the left hand (right-hand orientation).

Keep in mind that there are baseball gloves that are specific to certain positions. However, there are also versatile gloves that can suit any position. These are great for adults or children who are joining a league for the first time or simply want to throw the ball around.

We rounded up some of the best baseball gloves that are truly a home run.

1. Rawlings Renegade Baseball Glove

This durable baseball glove features a leather palm and mesh backing. The high-density cushions protect the hand and fingers. This glove has a 90 percent factory break-in, so you can use it comfortably right out of the box. It’s suitable for all positions, and you can use the glove for both baseball and softball. There are several sizes available for both right and left-hand orientation.

Pros: This glove can break in within a few days. Catching is comfortable, even for young kids.

Cons: The glove might be too small for adults with large hands.

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2. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

If you’re looking for a comfortable fit and short break-in period, this glove is a great option. The synthetic leather is soft and molds to the hand quickly, and the hand pocket responds to your movements. You can choose from three colors and several sizes when purchasing. Since Franklin offers 10.5 to 14-inch sizes, this glove is suitable for children, teens and adults. You can also buy this product for baseball or softball.

Pros: The material can hold up to wear and tear. There are two colorful designs available.

Cons: The synthetic leather can make your hand extra sweaty. The sizing runs small, so you may need to size up.

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3. Mizuno PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove

Mizuno’s baseball glove is made of full-grain pigskin leather with a synthetic palm liner. The palm area is soft and durable, so your child can catch the ball comfortably. However, there isn’t any extra padding in the palm area. This glove has a lining, which prevents sweat from sitting on the skin. Keep in mind that this glove may be too small for most teenagers.

Pros: This glove closes easily around the ball since the flexible material is great for small hands. There are eight colors available.

Cons: The leather may feel too stiff at first, so you may need to have the glove steamed.

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4. Wilson A450 Baseball Glove

This baseball glove is made of pigskin leather and features dual post web. It’s best for youth players, and you can choose between several sizes and colors for left and right-hand orientation. The dual post web and palm leather can make it easier for beginner players to catch the ball. The material breaks in quickly once your child starts using the glove.

Pros: The leather material is flexible enough to break in easily. The structure of the glove is suitable for all fielding positions.

Cons: The palm leather might feel too hard for young players. It can be tricky to choose the perfect size for your child.

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5. FerDIM Baseball Glove

This affordable product is a great option for your child’s first glove. Available in 10.5 and 12.5-inch sizes, the glove is suitable for kids ages four to 16. However, the larger size may fit an adult with small hands. The durable glove features reinforced stitching, a reinforced wrist back and a sweat-absorbing lining. The thumb area has extra material to absorb shock from the catch.

Pros: The multicolor designs are great for all ages. The material is soft, so there isn’t a break-in period.

Cons: This glove is only available for right-handed throwers. The synthetic leather can become hot in the sun.

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