The 9 Best Basketball Hoops for Setting Up a Court Anywhere

best basketball hoops
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There are so many different ways to workout these days. Some people enjoy cycling, others prefer a solid weight-lifting session in the gym. There’s also a large group of individuals who would rather get their exercise from sports than step foot in a gym, and we can see why. Pick-up sports, casual games and adult leagues for sports like basketball, soccer and flag football are a great way to get your cardio workout in, bond with others and hone your skills of a shared craft. The best part? All of these games only need a few things for a successful match, and for basketball that includes a hoop.

The basketball hoop in the driveway of a suburban home is almost a cliché at this point because it’s so easy to set up and maintain. Having a basketball hoop nearby makes it simple to toss a few baskets after work, before school or on the weekends with a few friends. They also make a variety of sizes and models for all types of players — from adults who need something solid to pre-teens looking to develop their skills on a smaller basket. Whichever stage of your b-ball career you’re in, there’s a hoop for you in the list below. We’ve also included some junior hoops for little tikes, and a few mini hoops for competitive play indoors during the winter months. The best basketball hoops also make great gifts for anyone on your list who loves to toss the leather pumpkin around. Whether your son loves the game and you really want to make him happy this holiday season or your pool needs a competitive addition, these are the best basketball hoops you can order online.

1. Lifetime Portable Basketball System


If you want a full-sized basketball hoop that’s built to last, this 10-foot tall hoop from Lifetime will work just about anywhere outdoors and can be adjusted to fit the ideal height of the players. It’s all-weather so there’s no concern if you live in a particularly cold, windy or wet area, and the round base holds 27 gallons of sand to keep the whole hoop weighted down and the rim dimensions are set according to regulation hoops. The backboard is 44″ of shatterproof polycarbonate and includes fade resistant graphics. This hoop is durable, regulation height and can be set up in about 30 minutes with 1-2 people involved with the process.

lifetime portable basketball system, best basketball hoops Courtesy of Amazon


2. Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System


This basketball hoop from Spalding is designed to be super sturdy and also sit at regulation height of 10 feet when fully extended. The acrylic backboard has an aluminum trim and arena-style padding which makes the whole setup look super legit. You can adjust the basket height between 7.5ft and 10ft via a screw jack lift with a detachable handle that makes the process easy, and the hoop has two wheels which makes it easier to move around. It has a nylon net and is designed for outdoor use so variable weather conditions shouldn’t be a problem.

spalding NBA portable basketball system, best basketball hoops Courtesy of Amazon


3. MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop


This basketball hoop has a 44-inch backboard that’s great for rebounding off of and sinking shots in during practice sessions. The backboard is made of polycarbonate and comes with a durable bumper and high-quality, all-weather net. The hoop is held up by durable steel poles and can be adjusted between 7’6″ and 10″ in height. The stability of the system comes from the base, which can be filled with 21 gallons of either water or sand, but we recommend sand to avoid ice freezing over and cracking the base in the winter. The two transportation wheels on the bottom mean it only takes a lean to move this hoop wherever you want it to go and two convenient knobs make adjusting the height simple and safe.

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4. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set


This hoop might not be to regulation height, but it sure is adorable. If you’ve got little hoopers in the family, it’s a great pick for an indoor/outdoor set that can be adjusted to six different heights between 2.5 feet and 4 feet. The rim is oversized to make baskets a little easier and it comes with three junior size basketballs. It’s a great toy for developing social and motor skills as well as coordination with objects. The base can be weighted with sand and is designed for children 1.5 to 5 years of age.

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5. MaxKare Portable Basketball Hoop


This ultra-durable and sturdy basketball hoop is made of steel poles treated with anti-rust spray and has a high-density backboard made for competitive play. This basketball hoop is slightly smaller than other designs, at 5.5ft – 7.5ft in height, making it perfect for teens and pre-teens developing their skills. The steel ring has a nylon net attached that’s weather resistant and designed for a variety of climates. There are no tools required to adjust the height of this hoop so your kids, nephew or niece can do it themselves before, after or even during a game with ease. This hoop can be used indoor or outdoors, and fits 133lbs of sand in the base to keep it from tipping during competitive play.

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6. Spalding Over The Door Unit Basketball Hoop


This basketball hoop goes over the top of a door for fun indoor play that doesn’t require space for a full hoop. It securely mounts on the door and comes with a 5-inch rubber mini ball for smaller, more casual games. The polycarbonate board is padded on the sides to protect from scuffs and it has a 9-inch breakaway rim for shots. The whole board measures 18 inches x 10.5 inches, for reference, and is great for bedrooms, a setup in the basement or even a home office.

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7. SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System


This mid-size basketball hoop works in a wide range of outdoor scenarios, including by the pool, in a driveway or even in a garage. The height can rise to 7 feet and lower to 3.5 feet for poolside competitions. The backboard measures 33″ x 23″ and is made of polycarbonate that’s shatterproof and built to withstand competitive play. While the hoop is smaller than full-regulation setups, they mimic the professional hoops perfectly and the accompanying 7-inch ball is a nice touch. The hoop has a spring built in so it’ll bounce back easily after dunk shots and the all-weather net won’t give out on you if the conditions aren’t ideal.

SKLZ mini basketball hoop, best basketball hoops Courtesy of Amazon


8. Franklin Sports Mini Basketball Hoop


This miniature door basketball hoop is made to fit most doorframes and comes made with a shatterproof backboard, a durable steel rim and loaded springs for slam dunks. The included 5-inch ball fits perfectly in the smaller hoop and has an easy-grip texture on the outside for an extra edge over the competition.

franklin sports basketball hoop, best basketball hoops Courtesy of Amazon


9. GoSports Splash Swimming Basketball Hoop


If you’re a die-hard aquatic ball player, you should have this basketball hoop next to your pool. It’s great for summer pool parties and casual games while escaping the hot summer sun. The robust backboard can handle even the most intense of shots and the 14″ rim is designed for pool play. The setup is super fast with this hoop and it has a weighted base for added stability. The inflatable water basketballs are designed to be used wet and it comes with a convenient pump so you’ll always be ready to play.

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