The Best Bike Saddles Whether You’re a Commuter or Competitor

best bike saddles

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Finding the right bike seat, or more often known as a saddle, can be hard. If you find yourself hesitant about going for a long ride or riding at all because you know it will hurt, here are some major tips about bike saddles. The first tip is that it depends on what kind of riding you’re doing. If you’re into road biking, you’ll need a light-weight, aggressive saddle with a cut out in the middle of the seat. If you have a mountain bike, the same thing goes. But, if you’re into cruising or commuting on a bike, try a wider, cushioned saddle.

Once you’ve established what type of riding you’re into, decide next on how long you’ll be out on the road. An extra cushioned saddle will actually prevent circulation so be sure to find a firmer saddle if you intend to be out there for longer than an hour. If you’re going for a ride around the park or down to the beach, a thicker, spongier saddle is fine. Now that you have some insight into your own riding, check out our list of the best bike saddles below.


1. Butterfly Carbon Saddle

This is a great choice for more experienced cyclists out on a road bike doing endurance rides. If you’ve been searching for a saddle with a gel padding layer for your sit-bones, look no further. This is also a great option for those doing cross country riding or a charity ride. It has a cut out on the base of the nose for softer tissue comfort. Meaning, there’s a hole in the center of the saddle for your softest skin to rest in instead of sitting on the seat. At 218 grams this is a light saddle and a stylish one at that.

Terry's Butterfly Carbon Saddle Courtesy of Amazon


2. Montrose Elite Bike Saddle

A rather aggressive take on the road bike saddle, the Montrose Elite will please those looking for comfort, a large cut-out piece and style. With hollow titanium rails and a carbon-fiber-reinforced shell, this is a great saddle for road cyclists at an affordable price.

Montrose Elite Courtesy of Trek Bikes


3. Brooks England B17

This is the oldest design on the list and with good reason — this old school leather saddle has been around for 120 years and only gets better with age. As the design has been perfected, this leather saddle with take your body and mold itself to you like all leather does. In no time you’ll have a custom saddle with a 10-year warranty.

Brooks England B17 Courtesy of REI


4. Stealth Road Saddle

This saddle seems to be missing most of its pieces but that only adds to its aggressive stance during your ride. With the cutout being larger than other saddles and the nose being shorter, you’re afforded a minimalist package that will get you more power with less weight. The best feature aside from the cutouts for your soft tissue areas is the back camera mount. If you want to video your friends on a ride this is the way to go.

Pro Stealth Saddle Courtesy of Amazon


5. Scoop Pro Saddle

An excellent choice for road bikes and gravel bikes, the Scoop Pro has carbon fiber shock-dampening rails to relieve pressure on a bumpy ride. Probably the most comfortable saddle you’ll find for an all-day adventure, the Scoop Pro comes in three different sizes so you’ll be sure to find the best fit.

Scoop Pro Saddle Courtesy of Evans Cycles


6. WTB Rocket Steele

This versatile and affordable saddle has no cutouts but is a wide seat which makes for a smooth ride on the roads or on gravel. With a slight center depression, it provides room to ease the pressure off your soft tissue. At only $35, this is the most affordable saddle on our list and might meet your needs with its extra cushion proof rails and soft padding. If you aren’t looking for anything fancy, this is the way to go.

WTB Rocket Steele Courtesy of Bike24


7. AIKATE Bike Saddle

An affordable, comfortable, all-around great seat for the average bike ride, Aikate has made a very cushioned saddle. Made with silicone gel for maximum comfort, this streamlined, aerodynamic saddle will make an excellent addition to any cruiser or commuter bike. It would also make a great gift for an older rider or someone you know who doesn’t enjoy their seating position while riding.

Aikate Bike Sadde Courtesy of Amazon


8. Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

If you’re looking for the most comfortable seat that isn’t for road bikes or mountain bikes, this is a great option. Designed with a wide seat and  inches of cushion, this is intended for a beach cruiser or a casual ride around the park. It also works well with an indoor exercise bike. With springs attached to the seat post, it is shock absorbent and nearly eradicates all bumps in the road. You won’t find a more relaxing, comfortable seat out there.

Oversize Comfort Bike seat Courtesy of Amazon


9. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat

Another great option for a more comfortable ride, SGODDE is an extra cushioned seat for casual cruises. Made from foam with a gel top for extra padding, this seat is suitable for any type of bike. It has cutouts for your soft tissue and is shock absorbent which will lead to longer rides.

SGODDE Bike Seat Courtesy of Amazon