Fix Your Own Flats With the Best Bike Stands for Repairs at Home

best bike stands
Courtesy of Feedback Sports

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No one wants to fix their bike on the ground and for that matter, it’s not good for your bike. Bike stands set you up for ultimate control and maneuverability when you’re cleaning the chain, working on the brakes, or switching off your pedals. A bike stand can contain different features, so know what you’re looking for before you buy. If you want an elevated bike stand, make sure to find one tall enough. Another important feature is the clamping system — some don’t have one so be sure to buy the one that suits your repair style.

Check out our picks for the best bike stands below.


1. Feedback Sports Pro Elite

The Pro Elite is lightweight, easy to set up and break down and folds away into a compact form for easy storage. While expensive, the Elite gives more than enough for the price tag. The clamp attaches to your bike and is very easy to use and can be clamped onto the seat post or any other part of the frame. The max amount of weight you can put on the stand is 85 pounds and the width is 71 inches.

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Courtesy of Feedback Sports


2. Topeak Prep Stand Pro

While expensive, the Topeak stand is an excellent choice for cyclists racing or doing triathlons because of its best feature, the built-in scale. Who doesn’t enjoy weighing their bike before race day? It has a wide range of height adjustments and is easy to set up and use and also has a unique feature of an air-conditioned height adjuster. This stand folds down to semi-friendly travel size and comes with a traveling bag which is great for the traveling athlete.

Topeak Prep Stand Pro Courtesy of Topeak


3. Bike Hand YC-100BH

A great choice for a bike stand, the Bike Hand is one of our more reasonably priced options. A user-friendly stand for non-serious repairs, the lack of sturdiness may factor into your choice but if you’re only doing some light housekeeping on your bike, then this is an excellent pick. The height adjustment is smaller than some of our other options but overall is adequate for home repairs.

Bike Hand YC Courtesy of Gearlab


4. Topeak Prep Stand X

This stand doesn’t require any clamping which means tire removal is needed to set the bike on the stand. It’s an extra leg of work but worth it to those who would like more mechanical finesse. With a 360-degree rotation, you can work on your bike at every angle, which is a huge advantage over the clamping system. The ToPeak Prep Stand X is a great choice for those looking to do their own serious repairs.

Topeak Courtesy of Topeak


5. Eclypse Repair Stand 

One of the more affordable bike stands on our list, the Eclypse repair stand is lightweight, functional and easy to use. A great stand for under $100, it works on a tripod base that can withstand 60 pounds of weight without feeling flimsy. The height capacity is 58 inches and the entire frame is made from aluminum with some plastic components which may wear over time. Overall, a great stand at a budget price.

Eclypse Reapir Stand Courtesy of REI


6. Park Tool PCS

This easy to use, all-steel frame bike stand is great for at-home repairs. With a simple clamping device, lightweight frame and adjustable height measurements, this frame will have you working on your bike more than ever. No more putting it off until tomorrow, this bike stand is so easy it’ll keep you working on your bike longer.

Park Tool bike stand Courtesy of Park Tool


7. Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand

Originally designed with pro cyclists in mind, the Park Tool Team Repair Stand highlights all the best features of a bike stand, which makes it easy to use and desirable to display in the garage. The frame doesn’t use a clamp system — it holds the bottom brackets by locking the front or rear dropouts. With this clean functionality, you’ll be back to working on your bike in no time. Great for anyone looking for a serious bike stand to conduct their own repairs.

Park Took Team bike stand Courtesy of Park Tool


8. Deluxe Double Arm Repair Stand

Another bike stand by Park Tool, this one is the most expensive and permanent fixture for your home repair shop. It clamps two bikes at once and rotates 360 degrees, giving you the optimal at-home repair experience. Built from heavy steel tubing and reinforced with chrome, this heavy-duty bike stand will be sure to stay with you for years to come.

Double Deluxe bike stand Courtesy of Park Tool