Safety Straps: The 5 Best Body Harnesses For Outdoor Badasses

best climbing harness
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* Harnesses designed for maximum safety
* Ultra-comfortable and easy to wear – even over clothes
* For sport climbing, repairs, tree servicing and more

Most climbing enthusiasts will tell you a body harness is essential for scaling that rock. They keep you safe, which is the most important thing that far above the ground. And, they give you support to help you get up the mountain. Here are five harnesses worthy of wrapping around you.

1. Oumers Safe Seat Belts

Although designed for beginners, this Oumers Safe Seat Belts harness provides everything you want in a harness—it handles high tension and impact, it’s comfortable to wear, and easy to adjust. The webbing connections are all sturdy and feature reinforced ends to keep you safe at all times, whether you’re training, climbing, or even servicing trees.

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2. Warthog Full Body Harness

This full body harness from Warthog doesn’t just look flashy, it’s also safe and dependable. That’s because it meets ANSI and OSHA criteria for personal fall protection. Works for guys between 130 and 310 pounds. Looks weird, but it’s proven to work.

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3. Hunter Hybrid Flex Safety Harness

This Hunter Hybrid Flex Safety Harness is loaded with great features. The padded hexagons provide comfort and flexibility. Its upper-body webbing and shock-absorbing tether help make it feel so light you’ll forget it’s there. And every fiber of the harness is treated with ElimiShield to eliminate human scent and keep you undetected in the field.

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4. Xben Climbing Harness

When you’re climbing, your harness shouldn’t be a worry. With the Xben Climbing Harness, it’s not. This secure, professional-grade harness is designed to transfer the tension of the rope to the connecting loop so it feels like you’re actually sitting in a seat. That takes tension off your body so you can concentrate on your work, whether it’s construction, tree trimming, welding, or simply climbing.

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5. MelkTemn Climbing Harness

This high load-bearing, reinforced half-body climbing harness is designed for absolute safety. It’s CE Certified and features an alloy reinforced adjustable buckle. One size fits all. And, it’s comfortable because the harness construction distributes pressure evenly.

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