The 8 Best Bushcraft Knives For All Of Your Outdoor Needs

SOG Knives Pillar Bushcraft Knife
Courtesy of SOG Knives

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So, you’re headed out into the natural world, huh? Well, you have to remember that nature is nothing like the city you live in. Any outdoorsman knows that the wilderness can become pretty unforgiving if you head out unprepared. So if you’re trekking out into the world unknown in the near future, you better keep yourself in check by packing everything you might possibly need in that survival backpack of yours. Include everything from shelter to snacks to knives. And, yes, that’s knives, plural. Because not only will you be needing a survival knife, but you better pack your best bushcraft knife, too.

You might be thinking to yourself, “but why would I need two knives?” That’s a valid question to ask. The answer to that question stems from use. Your survival knife is made for emergency purposes. You know, more life-and-death situations. The best bushcraft knives, on the other hand, are meant for more tactical purposes. More or less, bushcraft knives are fixed options that are great for cutting, kindling, carving and attacking various chores you might have deep in the forest.

In short, the two are different because survival knives are essentially designed for fight, whilst the best bushcraft knives exist to get stuff done. That’s why you’re going to need both.

To get yourself prepared for your next adventure, check out all of the best bushcraft knives below and tackle any in-wood task with ease.

1. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade

This Amazon #1 Best Seller has 4.8 stars, almost 17,000 ratings and comes in at just over $15, making it one of the most affordable bushcraft knives on the market. But, does the construction of the blade live up to the hype? Hell yeah, it does. Each blade is complete with a fixed 4.1-inch stainless steel knife that makes carving wood and cutting tinder the most effortless thing you’ll do all day. The blade is razor-sharp and uses Swedish steel that’s overwhelmingly heavy-duty. It also stays sharper much longer than carbon steel alternatives and is less prone to rusting under inclement weather and aging circumstances. Each blade is topped with a high-friction grip that ergonomically fits in your hand and includes a sheath for safe-keeping.

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Courtesy of Amazon


2. KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

Woodland chores are finally easy with the KA-BAR Becker Bk2 Companion bushcraft knife. This is the kind of knife that can almost do it all. Splitting out kindling, skinning buck, carving wood, chopping veggies for cooking over the campfire and more will become hardships of the past. Now? Some of your favorite outdoor activities. This is a lightweight bushcraft knife that features an extremely durable 1095 cro-van steel blade at a versatile 20-degree angle for smooth cutting. Each knife comes with a glass-filled nylon sheath that keeps the blade razor-sharp.

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife Courtesy of Amazon


3. Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

Coming in as one of our slightly larger options, the Buck Knives 119 bushcraft knife is a corrosion-resistant 6-inch blade bad boy ready to take on whatever task at hand in the wild. Each blade has a superb amount of strength that’s ideal for anything from carving wood to piercing game. It fits comfortably in your hand and has an ergonomic underside your fingers can sit nicely on. Although it’s over 10-inches long, the entire knife weighs only 7.5oz in total so it won’t feel like you’re lugging it around in the included leather sheath all day.

Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife Courtesy of Amazon


4. Benchmade 15002-1 Saddle Mountain Fixed-Blade Knife

Let’s get slicing, folks. The Benchmade 15002-1 Saddle Mountain bushcraft knife is a fixed blade with one of the most ergonomic handles we’ve seen. It’s got a handsome, wooden handle construction that’s complete with an orange G10 base layer for an easy-to-grip hold. The stainless steel used is CPM-S90V with a SelectEdge™ 14-degree angle for maximized control when detailing and cutting as needed. Each knife comes with a Boltaron sheath for an easy on-the-hip carry.

Benchmade 15002-1 Saddle Mountain Fixed-Blade Knife Courtesy of REI


5. Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel Knife

Morakniv is a name to beat in the world of the best bushcraft knives. With that said, this bushcraft knife is honestly one to beat. It’s got everything you could possibly need to create the most blazing fire the world has ever seen. This is a 4.3-inch knife that is complete with fire starter and diamond knife sharpener directly on the sheath. It’s the perfect knife for surviving in the outdoors — because survival without warmth is impossible. The knife’s fire-lighting sheath works even in the wettest of circumstances by striking around 7,000 times and producing a 3,000-degree Fahrenheit spark to get your fire started. Plus, the knife is bright orange so you’ll never lose it in the brush.

Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel Knife Courtesy of Amazon


6. SOG Knives Pillar Bushcraft Knife

Alright, so you’re ready to buy the best bushcraft knife, but you want it to be the first and last bushcraft knife you ever have to take your wallet out for, right? Right. Then the Pillar from SOG Knives is what you should have your eyes on. This sturdy-as-hell knife has maximized toughness through insane edge retention and immense resistance to wear and tear over the years. The blade uses full tang CPM S35VN steel with a wash to give it a handsome characteristic. Best part of all? You can even get this baby engraved.

SOG Knives Pillar Bushcraft Knife Courtesy of SOG Knives


7. The James Brand The Hell Gap

This all-around campsite knife is called the Hell Gap, named after the Hell Gap arrowhead found in Platte County, Wyoming. It has a gorgeous look to it that sets it apart from other bushcraft knives that the world has to offer. It has a blade with a modified drop point for an effective cut as well as a weight of only 3.1oz total for an easy hold. The blade uses US-made Crucible s35vn stainless steel to top it all off, making it ideal for doing anything from carving to cooking.

The James Brand The Hell Gap Courtesy of The James Brand


8. Boker Arbolito Bushcraft Micarta Fixed Blade Knife

Made from some seriously strong Bohler N690 steel, this bushcraft knife will get any outdoor cutting job done in record time with almost too much ease. Unlike the other knives listed, this knife uses a scaled linen micarta material on the handle to give this knife a slightly better grip than you could imagine. Just because it’s linen micarta doesn’t mean it isn’t weather-ready because rain and snow have nothing on this knife. The blade is also corrosion resistant and includes a leather sheath for safekeeping.

Boker Arbolito Bushcraft Micarta Fixed Blade Knife Courtesy of Blade HQ