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Turn Your Campsite Into a Zagat-Rated Restaurant With Lightweight, Durable Cookware

From weekend warriors who head for the trails multiple times per month to hunters who like to log long hours in a log cabin, one thing everyone who spends time in the great outdoors has in common is the need to eat. If cooking hot dogs on sticks over a campfire loses its appeal after the first meal, then you need a camping cookware set designed for the demands of cooking outdoors.

Camping cookware sets are designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Lightweight, durable and compact, these sets can be attached to a hiking backpack or stored in a small space in a canoe or car. Made with versatile items that can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner, camping cookware sets come with only what you need for making hearty and healthy meals without weighing down your pack with unnecessary accessories. We also like having a high-quality camping cookware set on hand in case of an emergency, when electricity is not an option for cooking.

If you’re ready to head outside but don’t want to do it on an empty stomach, check out our top three picks for the best camping cookware sets.

1. Odoland Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Designed for serious campers, you can now bring the comforts of home to the campsite with the durable, anodized aluminum pots that feature Teflon Radiance non-stick technology, making for easy cleanup. All the plates, mugs and bowls are made to withstand bumps and drops and each unit is color-coded to make it easy for everyone to remember which dish is theirs.

Pros: This set has essential pieces.

Cons: The Odoland is the most extensive set on our list, but it’s also difficult to transport. One of the pricier options on our list.

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2. MalloMe 1 Liter Camping Cookware Mess Kit

The compact kit weighs only 1.17 pounds, making it the lightest set on our list. The MalloMe comes with everything you’ll need to make a filling and healthy meal while on the trail, including a 1 liter anodized, non-stick pot with lid, a non-stick pan, two BPA-free stainless steel bowls, a folding stainless steel spork, a BPA-free soup spoon and a wooden spoon/spatula. We also like that the MalloMe comes with a reusable cleaning sponge and 10-recipe e-Book for ideas of what to make while camping.

Pros: The MalloMe comes with a carrying bag, in this case, a drawstring pouch that can easily be attached to a backpack or carabiner.

Cons: The MalloMe is designed for use over a camping stove and the pots and pans should not be held directly over the open flames of a campfire because of their plastic handles.

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3. Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set

The only set on our list to come with a 1 Quart kettle, the Winterial also features a large 2 Quart pot and lid, a 1 Quart frying pan, a serving ladle, two bowls, a serving spoon/spatula, and a cleaning sponge. The Winterial set fits together in a nesting design and is extremely lightweight at only 1.5 pounds. We also like that all the cooking pieces feature non-stick Teflon coating for easy cleanup. Unlike the MalloMe, the Winterial features heat-resistant handles that won’t melt.

Pros: The Winterial includes a bonus carrying bag and cutting board that can also be used as a plate.

Cons: Unlike the GSI, the Winterial doesn’t come with mugs or bowls.

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