Camping Doesn’t Mean Forgoing Coffee Thanks to These Mugs

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There are a few quintessential moments for any camping trip to fall into the category of “great.” For example, no trip is complete without getting back to nature and enjoying a hike to discover everything Earth has to offer. A delicious campfire meal followed by an idyllic moment sitting around the campfire, sharing stories and making s’mores is a must. You also can’t go without enjoying a cup of joe from one of the best camping mugs, whether that be around the campfire in the evening or as you enjoy dewy morning views. 

If your camping mug is up to the task, it will feature the following attributes:

Durable – Strong materials are paramount, as no doubt your camping mug is going to take a knock or two. You’ll often see stainless steel utilized in camping mugs for both its strength and hygiene properties. Some traditional designs are dipped in enamel to protect against rusting, whereas other, more modern options opt for plastic-based alternatives.

Portable – Camping mugs are a great choice for your beverage, even in the comfort of your own home. However, their original purpose was to insulate hot drinks when adventuring out into the wilderness, and portability has remained key to their design. Consider the weight of your camping mug to avoid it being a drag as well as the space it requires during transit, too. 

Personalized – People can be very protective when it comes to mugs, and having an easily recognizable style can avoid unwanted cross-over. Certain brands may offer engraving opportunities at the point of purchase, and others might have a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from. 

No matter whether it’s water, beer, juice or a camp fire-crafted cup of coffee, the right drinking vessel for your wilderness moments can definitely make a difference.

We’ve put together a list of our 19 favorite round-the-campfire mugs. Each option is well-reviewed by users and ideal for keeping you and your drink warm when it’s cold or refreshed when it’s hot. Take a look through our list, and find the right choice for your next camping trip.


1. Yeti Rambler Stackable Mug


Thanks to its durable, insulated products, Yeti has made a name for itself among outdoor enthusiasts. These mugs can take on anything, from fishing to hiking, and keep you caffeinated (or even responsibly liquored up) at the same time. The brand new Yeti Rambler 10 Oz. Camping Mug is ideal for adventures thanks to its stackable and compact design. For now, it’s available exclusively on the Yeti website.

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2. Life Gear Stainless Steel Double Walled Mug


If you’re looking for a camping mug that screams, “I’m a capable outdoorsman,” look no further than the Life Gear Stainless Steel Double Walled Mug. This 10-ounce stainless steel cup comes with a carabiner clip handle. In addition to looking sleek, this handle allows you to attach the cup to your pack with ease. What’s more, the four-inch cup is lightweight and sports a double-walled construction to keep your drinks warm.

camping mugs lifegear Image courtesy of Amazon


3. GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug


The GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug was built for campers who want an environmentally friendly cup for their morning coffee. The mug is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene. It’s also BPA-free and weighs just three and a half ounces. Plus, it comes wrapped in a neoprene sleeve to keep your beverages warm for as long as possible and has a sealable lid for a spill-proof experience.

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4. Darunaxy Collapsible Camping Cup


Although collapsible designs are becoming more and more popular for water bottles, the concept is only just being introduced for hot beverage mugs. Thanks to advances in technology, silicone, like that found in the Darunaxy Collapsible Camping Cup, is now resistant to high temperatures, allowing the mug to carry your coffee or tea with ease. This mug is just over six inches tall when expanded, but it can collapse down to just 2.2 inches. If you need something small and lightweight to throw into your pack, definitely consider this type of collapsible option.

darunaxy collapsible travel cup Image courtesy of Amazon


5. CIVAGO Coffee Mug


With over 9,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, the CIVAGO Coffee Mug is the ideal camping companion for keeping your coffee warm. The 12-ounce capacity is surrounded with double insulated walls and topped with a BPA-free plastic lid. Under five inches in all directions, including the sweat-proof handle, this powder-coated camping mug is a stylish product. It’s also available in a range of colors, featuring several with iridescent finishes.

civago stainless steel mug Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Stanley Camp Cook Set


Two compact camping mugs are stored neatly inside this stainless steel kettle to complete the Stanley Camp Cook Set. Furthermore, a locking handle for cooking doubles as a stopper for securing the mugs safely inside during transit, too. All the materials used are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and come to a total weight of 13.9 ounces. As an added bonus, this camping cooking kit comes with a lifetime warranty, because Stanley is confident in its durability.

stanley adventure camp cook set Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Beatea Wooden Camping Mug


Made from rubber wood, the Beatea Wooden Camping Mug is BPA free and 100% naturally sourced. The unique, honeycomb-like exterior has been hand rubbed to ensure it has a smooth finish. Two holes of different sizes are punctured through the handle to offer hanging storage. One of them also has a thin leather string loop attached. You’ll definitely feel at one with nature when drinking from this camping mug.

beatea wooden mug Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Campground Supply Co. Enamel Camping Mug


Perhaps you want everyone to know you love the great outdoors, even if you aren’t camping. If so, consider the Campground Supply Co. Enamel Camping Mug as your coffee cup of choice. Not only is this durable mug great for enjoying your morning cup of jo after a night in the tent, it’s also a fun way to remember the good times when you’re stuck indoors. Plus, this particular camping mug is bigger than normal as it can hold 16 ounces rather than the standard 12 to 14 ounces.

camping mugs enamel novelty Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Ello Campy Stainless Steel Bottle


The Ello Campy Stainless Steel Bottle is committed to being 100% leak-proof. Designed for an easy, one-handed open and close, its patented sealing slider lid is also dishwasher safe. Cold drinks can be kept chilled for up to ten hours, and hot drinks will remain heated for up to five hours inside the 16-ounce, vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug. Plus, the handle has been lined with cork to ensure a temperature-safe grip.

ello campy camping mug Image courtesy of Amazon


10. TeamFar Tea Coffee Mug Set


For families who love to go camping together, the TeamFar Tea Coffee Mug Set comes with four cups for your hot beverage needs. The ceramic coating makes these cups easy to drink from while the enamel interior keeps them durable. The set comes in four different colors, namely green, blue, red and yellow. That way, you’ll have one for every member of the family without accidentally drinking out of a cup that’s not yours.

camping mugs teamfar Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Tsyware Camping Mug


Each pack of Tsyware Camping Mugs includes six matching mugs, all of which are made from stainless steel. Despite being very lightweight, these mugs are unbreakable, so they are ideal for all of your adventures. Plus, their metal build means they can be placed directly onto the campfire for heating up your drinks or soup. Just be sure to protect your hand when picking them up.

tsyware camping mugs Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Doradreamdeko Happy Camper Camping Mugs


Doradreamdeko Happy Camper Camping Mugs are a fun, colorful and functional gift well-suited to adventure lovers. The set includes one tall, blue mug and one shorter pink option as well as two full-length straws. The straws can be cut to suit the small mug, if preferred. Made of food-grade stainless steel, these camping mugs keep beverages cold for up to nine hours or hot for up to three hours.

doradreamdeko mug Image courtesy of Amazon


13. HuNu Pocket Camping Cup


The somewhat genius design of the HuNu Pocket Camping Cup is super compact when folded, with a height of only two centimeters. Whether expanded as a cup or collapsed for storage, this mug is leakproof with the lid in place. It’s available in four pastel colors, including pink, green and grey. Furthermore, the BPA-free, food-grade silicon material can be used in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer, too.

hunu leakproof pocket cup Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug


In the same class as the Yeti mug or the Tru Blu mugs, the Hydro Flask is an attractive answer to your camping beverage needs. The mug is made from durable stainless steel and is completely BPA- and Phthalate-free. Plus, the unique honeycomb insulation keeps drinks either hot or cold for hours on end. This mug also comes with an innovative spill-resistant lid, which sits nicely within the rim of the cup.

camping mugs hydroflask Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Stanley Camp Cook Set


Outdoor enthusiasts who frequently go backwoods camping know the difficulty of preparing coffee or tea over a campfire alone, especially when you have to carry all your cooking equipment in and out. That’s where the Stanley Camp Cook Set comes in. This durable set comes with a small stainless steel pot for cooking over an open flame as well as two nesting cups inside. As an added bonus, the Stanley kit comes with a lifetime warranty.

camping mugs stanley Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Tru Blu Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs


When you’re camping, you need a coffee cup that’s going to handle being knocked around. Whether they have to travel in your car or your backpack, the Tru Blu Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs are practically unbreakable thanks to the fact they’re made from quality stainless steel. In addition, the double-walled insulation keeps the beverages inside at the temperature you want them, and the vacuum-sealed lid ensures you won’t spill your drinks.

tru blu stainless steel mugs Image courtesy of Amazon

17. YETI Rambler Tumbler


The YETI Rambler Tumbler’s smooth tube design features double-wall vacuum insulation and a MagSlider Lid for secure closing. With nearly 90,000 customer reviews and a five-out-of-five star rating, this is one of the most popular camping mugs on Amazon. Additionally, the 20-ounce capacity is shaped to fit neatly in standard cup holders, like you’ll find in your car or boat. They also fit well in the side pockets on camping bags.

yeti rambler Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Tru Blu Steel Coffee Mugs


Looking for a great gift for the campers in your life? The Tru Blu Steel Coffee Mugs are made with a brushed metal in a design that’s ready to head into the woods or sit beautifully on an office desk. Furthermore, the ergonomic shape of these mugs makes them soothing to hold, and the double-wall steel insulation will keep your beverages just as hot as you want them. All in all, these mugs are a solid alternative to the ever-popular Yeti version.

tru blue steel mug Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Snow Peak Insulated Mug


For the ultimate camping mug, you need the Snow Peak Insulated Mug. Designed in Japan, this top-quality design features a fold-out handle for a heat-free hold and easy storage. It’s super lightweight at only 110 grams, and the mug boasts double-wall insulation to keep both your hot and cold drinks as you want them. Plus, we love the rugged yet sleek appearance of the stainless steel exterior.

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