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The Best Camping Stoves For Cooking Hot Meals Even When Miles From Civilization

There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Sometimes you just need to get away, immerse yourself in nature and disconnect for a few days (or longer). Camping and backpacking are some of the best ways to experience everything the natural world has to offer, and thankfully there are many products out there to make this activity as comfortable and convenient as possible

Does sleeping outside mean you have to go without delicious hot meals? Absolutely not! There are some excellent stoves designed for campers available, and we’ve gathered some of the best ones you can buy right now. Typically, you can break down the best camping stoves into a few different categories:

  • Fuel: Most camping stoves use propane as a fuel source, but you can find wood-burning stoves as well.
  • Location: Are you having a casual camping weekend with your friends where you’ll have easy access to your car, a cooler and other amenities? Then a large camping stove is probably your best bet. For longer backpacking trips, you’ll be looking for lightweight propane stoves that can easily slip into your pack and can handle wind and cold temperatures.

When packing your camping gear, a stove is one of the most important items on your camping checklist. Whether you’re looking for portability, power or maximum heat — these stoves have you covered. Just make sure you know how to use them before you’re miles from civilization!


1. Coleman Propane Camping Stove


For a lot of Americans, the name “Coleman” is pretty much synonymous with camping and the outdoors, and Coleman makes some of the best camping stoves in the world. And if you’re planning on doing some stove cooking on your next camping trip, there’s a very high possibility that you’ll be bringing along some Coleman propane tanks. So why not bring along a matching Coleman propane camping stove? Affordable, reliable and with updated features to protect your flame and heat from the wind, this is a great choice for backpackers and casual campers alike. The stove can accommodate 8-inch pans and offers 10,000 BTUs of heat.

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2. Snow Peak GiaPower Stove


Snow Peak is a Japanese camping and outdoors brand with a cult following here in the United States. They make exquisitely crafted camping equipment (which is a little expensive for our tastes) and are known for their outdoor Tabiki Grills. The Snow Peak GIaPower Stove is an excellent choice for backpackers. A classic crowd favorite, this popular camping stove is still available while most of Snow Peak’s other stoves are currently sold out, so check back soon for more options. The GiaPower is a functional, lightweight stove, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. With 10,000 BTU’s for rapid boiling time, 4 prong arms for secure placement holding, and weighing only 4.3 ounces, this is the perfect backpacking stove. But remember, propane is sold separately.

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Courtesy of Snow Peak

3. Patagonia Stainless Wood Burning Stove


The new Patagonia stove for camping is as lightweight as they come. With three prongs for setting down your pan, this easy-to-use stove will keep you warm and fed while in the great outdoors without using gas. It can heat up a liter of water in 16 minutes and runs on available deadfall and compressed wood pellets. Forget the heavy gas canisters and opt for the all natural great outdoors to get you by. Try the Patagonia Wood Burning Stove for your next camping adventure.

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Courtesy of Patagonia

4. Camp Chef Teton 2-Burner Stove


A more traditional camping stove is a portable, flat stove with gas burners attached to the sides. Not ideal for backpacking at 13 pounds. This stove is ideal for camping with propane gas canisters and performs well in the wind thanks to the three-sided panels to protect from the elements. Cook up a storm at your campsite with your own personal stove.

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5. Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Stove


The Eureka Ignite stove is a colorful and stylish addition to any campsite. Enjoy cooking your food in rain or shine with this protected stove. With propane gas canisters, you can cook anything you bring with you, turning your camping experience into a five-course meal if you prefer. With a stainless steel drip tray, this stove is easy to set up and clean and weighs only 12 pounds.

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6. Coleman Triton 2-Burner Stove


The Coleman brand is a crowd favorite for outdoor products and their propane-powered stove is sure to please any crowd waiting for dinner at a campsite. Once heated up, the PerfectHeat Technology gets the heat just right for anything you want to cook. Spend a luxurious night out under the stars cooking your favorite meals or out at a tailgate party while cooking for friends, either way, the Coleman stove has you covered.

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7. JetBoil HalfGen Base Camp Stove


The JetBoil stove is a circular stove that’s ideal for cooking with frying pans. This stove is an affordable deal because it comes with a frying pan, stove, windscreen, and a fuel regulator. With 10,000 BTU’s, this stove heats up quickly and can come down to a 20-degree simmer in seconds. Although it only has one burner, this stove is ideal for one or two people and weighs only 3.8 pounds. For serious backpackers looking for a reliable stove that won’t let you down in extreme conditions, this is an excellent option.

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8. Solo Stove Wood Burning Stove


The Solo Stove is a wood burning stove, but it’s more of a fire pit than a traditional camping stove. With double-wall construction, this stove is a natural convection oven. With air coming up from holes near the bottom to channel near the fire, warm air comes up between the walls of the stove. This is a unique stove that is lightweight; however, it also takes up a lot of space, so it’s not ideal for backpacking. On the other hand, for car camping or backyard s’more roasting, we love Solo Stoves.

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9. CampChef Versa Top Stove

The Camp Chef stove is ideal for large groups and RV campers. It has a wide flat top cook surface that cooks burgers or pancakes very well. With 247 square inches of surface space, you can cook whatever you like while in the great outdoors. People often hate camping because they feel limited by the food possibilities, but with the CampChef Versa Top Stove, you can cook a large meal however you like. At 24 pounds, this stove is great for car camping or tent camping.

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Courtesy of REI