Clear Your Car Windshield of Ice and Snow Quickly With One of These Ice Scrapers

best car ice scrapers
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The daily commute is rarely an enjoyable part of the day. For many, it involves a walk to the car, a drive and then another short walk. During the colder months, these commutes can become even more unpleasant as they usually involve the time-wasting obstacle of ice and snow on the car. Anyone who regularly parks outside knows it’s a smart idea to have one of the best car ice scrapers at hand.

Thick layers of ice and inches of snow on the windshield take an annoyingly long time to clear when you’re in a hurry. And, if you’ve ever had to clear snow and ice from your windshield with your bare hands alone, you’ll already be familiar with this freezing, numbness-inducing and often painful experience. That’s exactly why an ice scraper should be an essential part of any auto emergency kit.

What to Consider Before Buying a Car Ice Scraper

When it comes to choosing the best ice scraper for you, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions to ensure you find the right tool for your car-clearing needs.

What type of weather will you be facing? If you’re going to be clearing snow from your car on a regular basis, you should invest in a car brush. For those who have to deal with ice build-ups, the best idea is a powerful ice scraper. And, if you deal with both, a scraper-brush combo would be the best choice.

Do you want an ice scraper with a longer reach? If your main priority is keeping distance between the ice and snow and yourself, it’s worth considering a longer ice scraper. These longer tools, which are often adjustable or detachable, also provide better reach, making them a great option if your vehicle or windshield is particularly large.

How much space do you have to store your ice scraper? A second consideration regarding size is how much in-vehicle space you have to store your ice scraper. While larger scrapers do provide extra reach, they also take extra space when being stored. Conversely, compact ice scrapers take up a lot less space which means they’re far easier to fit in glove boxes and car door pockets.

How We Chose the Best Ice Scrapers

First and foremost, it’s important that the best ice scrapers do the job they advertise — effectively scraping ice from car windshields. Beyond this initial criteria, we found options which were popular with users, comfortable in hand and a great value. To ensure there’s an option for every vehicle owner, we also found scrapers in a range of different sizes.

Below, we have put together a list of the best ice scrapers available online. Some are better suited for dealing with ice alone, while others provide an effective way to get rid of both snow and ice. You’ll also find scrapers that are longer or extendable to offer better reach and compact design which are more easily stored. Read on to find the right one for you.


1. Mallory Cool-Force Snowbrush


At 26 inches long, the Mallory Cool-Force Snowbrush provides plenty of reach while keeping your hands at a comfortable distance from unpleasantly cold surfaces. At one end of this ice scraper, you’ll find a sturdy brush for removing heavy snow, and at the other end there’s a four-inch scraper blade with ice chippers for breaking and clearing thick ice build-ups. For your comfort, the device also includes a padded soft foam grip with a contoured surface.

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2. Zecval Ice Scraper


If you’re looking for a compact option that you can easily stow in your car without it taking up too much space, this scraper is a good one to get. It has an ergonomic foam handle that’ll make it easy to handle, no matter how cold it is. The plastic scraper is designed to quickly remove ice, without damaging your windshield. A small hanging loop at the back of the scraper makes for easy storage.

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3. T-meet Magical Car Ice Scraper


By sporting a conical design, this T-meet Magical Car Ice Scraper can help you clear a number of different areas on your car. At one end, you’ll find a circular scraper with a 5.6-inch diameter which is ideal for clearing windshields. At the other end, you’ll find a more compact scraper for dealing with side mirrors and other smaller spaces. Additionally, when the ice is particularly thick, you can attach a scraper attachment that has large teeth built-in. This compact scraper is also constructed from tough ABS plastic, making it more than capable of clearing ice and snow from your car.

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4. RevHeads ICE Scraper


If you have a tendency to destroy things and don’t trust yourself with a more intricate ice scraping tool, choose this RevHeads ICE Scraper. The scraper was designed for dealing with extreme frost. This has resulted in a compact, durable tool which can be stored almost anywhere in your car. For greater comfort during use, the scraper sports a soft foam handle. Meanwhile, at the business end, you’ll find a scraper and ice-crushing teeth which will make light work of any problematic ice in your way.

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5. BIRDROCK HOME Ice Scraper Mitt


If you really want to keep your scraping hand protected from the cold, you may be better off choosing this BIRDROCK HOME Ice Scraper Mitt. By combining a mitt and a scraper into one, continuous tool, users are able to enjoy the warmth given by the mitt and clear their windows of ice at the same time. For effective ice removal, the scraper head features both innovative, non-scratch jaws to first break the ice and a traditional flat scraper for removing it. If required, it is also possible to detach the ice scraper from the mitt.

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6. Better Stuff The Better ICE Scraper


The Better Stuff Ice Scraper is an easily-stored answer to clearing ice from your windshield. Its compact design can fit in a glove box or in storage bins. The scraper also boasts patent-pending technology in the form of a wide blade and easy-to-hold handle to make clearing snow, ice and water easy. In addition to the wiping blade, the device includes teeth for breaking down hard-to-shift ice.

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7. AstroAI Snow Brush


The AstroAI Snow Brush sports a detachable design so each component can be used separately or more easily stored when not in use. The durable tool is made from high-strength ABS plastic, has a comfy foam handle and measures 27 inches in length when assembled. Its long body gives users a longer-than-average reach and allows you to keep your distance from any cold surfaces. Functionally, the brush sports a scraper with a 4.5-inch head on one end and a handy, snow-clearing brush on the other.

best car ice scrapers astroai Courtesy of Amazon


8. AstroAI Ice Scraper and Extendable Snow Brush


With a maximum length of 47.2 inches, this AstroAI Ice Scraper and Extendable Snow Brush has an impressively long reach. This means it’s a great option if you want to stay far away from any snow and ice or have to clean a larger vehicle with hard-to-reach areas. It boasts a sturdy assembly with a durable aluminum rod at its core. For comfort, the brush sports an anti-slip foam grip and can also be adjusted between 36.4 and 47.2 inches in length. You’ll also find a 360-degree pivoting brush head on one end and a tough ABS scraper on the other. In addition, the brush is available in either orange or blue.

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9. Sharper Image Heated Ice Scraper


If you like the sound of using heat in the process of clearing snow and ice from your car, consider the Sharper Image Heated Ice Scraper. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and use the heated device to effortlessly work ice from your car. It includes a handy 11.5-feet cord which provides plenty of freedom to reach every window on your vehicle. It also sports a built-in squeegee for clearing the windshield and an LED light if you need to clear your windshield during nighttime hours.

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