Reach New Heights With These Climbing Harnesses

best climbing harnesses
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For the average thrill-seeker, a touch of danger combined with the reasonable expectation of safety is what makes for a fun time. Most people wouldn’t jump out of an airplane if they didn’t have confidence in their skydiving instructor. The same goes for the average climber. While there are the free solo climbers who ascend great heights without any protection, most climbers depend on safety harnesses and ropes to keep them from falling. A lot of differences in outdoor gear can come down to a matter of taste or preference, but a harness is the kind of thing that a climber should have absolute trust in.

While safety is the ultimate concern, there are other factors to take in when choosing a climbing harness. Climbing is physically demanding as it is, and you don’t want a harness that is going to dig into your legs too much or reduce mobility. Also, there are different kinds of harnesses for different kinds of climbs; some are designed to be lightweight for indoor or short climbs, while others have ample padding and multiple loops for long climbs where hauling lots of gear is necessary. The options featured on this list were also recommended by reviewers for the purposes of tree maintenance and roof work. If you’re looking to start your next adventure, consider one of these climbing harnesses.

1. Black Diamond Momentum Harness

This harness is available from X-small to 2XL; the sizing guide is on the Amazon listing, making it easy to find the perfect fit. There are 4 gear loops and padded leg loops. The leg loops feature slide adjusters, rather than buckles, which make for quick adjustments. This harness is designed for all-around use.

Pros: Good all-around option, convenient slide adjusters, reviewers found it comfortable for extended use.

Cons: Some noted that the sizing can run small.

Black Diamond Climbing harness Courtesy of Amazon Amazon

2. Weanas Climbing Harness

For an affordable option with added back support, this climbing harness is a solid option. The mesh padding is designed to be breathable for climbing in warmer temperatures, and there are two gear loops. The waist and leg loops are adjustable.

Pros: Good for beginner climbs, and some reviewers recommended it for roof repairs and use in trees. Features padded back support.

Cons: Some found it uncomfortable. Not ideal for serious climbs.

Weanas Climbing Harness Courtesy of Amazon Amazon

3. Oumers Climbing Harness

This inexpensive and simple harness was recommended for climbing and belaying, and it’s a good pick for beginner use. It has one gear loop, and the waist and legs are adjustable. Multiple reviewers were pleased with it for indoor and outdoor climbing, as well as tree work.

Pros: Affordable basic harness. Widely adjustable; one size fits 15” – 48” waists.

Cons: Not padded. Not ideal for serious climbs.

Oumers climbing harness Courtesy of Amazon Amazon