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You Should Always Keep One of These Sturdy Collapsible Snow Shovels In Your Car

As snowstorms come and go, there are some tools that can really save the day when you’re trying to get to work in the morning. Whether you’re clearing the snowy sidewalk in front of your house or scraping your windshield pre-commute, being without the right tools is the difference between showing up to work and arriving late (and freezing). For this reason, we always keep a collapsible snow shovel in our cars.

As the name implies, collapsible snow shovels are wide-blade shovels designed to help you quickly and efficiently move snow from your path. We love them for their functionality, but their portability makes them a truly worthwhile buy. These shovels can fold down to the size of a small bag, making it easy to store them in your glove or trunk. And even better, many of the shovels we’ve listed come with additional tools (like scrapers and brushes), to help you get on the road in a snap. Check them out and save yourself the trouble the next time your car gets buried overnight!

1. CARTMAN Sport Utility Scalable Snow Shovel

It weighs in at 1.3 pounds, can extend to 32″ and the slim design makes it easy to get underneath cars and behind tires to break apart stubborn snow build-up. CARTMAN’s shovel breaks down into three compact pieces for storage, and you can rest assured there’s no sacrifice of quality even though it comes in at an affordable price compared to other shovels on our list. The CARTMAN shovel is also available in three different colors.

Pros: Made from high-quality aluminum which allows it to be lightweight and durable.

Cons: Only comes in three colors, does not come with carrying pouch.

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2. Rhino Folding Survival Shovel

The Rhino Folding Survival Shovel is 2 pounds of carbon steel and has a pickax built into the front to help break apart troublesome blocks of ice. What’s more, this handy shovel even packs saw teeth on one side to help you chew through any icy snow in your way. You get a lifetime guarantee with this one too, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pros: Made from durable carbon steel and packs a pickax as well as a saw blade to help break apart ice.

Cons: Max length only goes up to 23″.

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3. NASUM Car Snow Shovel

This shovel comes with a scraper for your windshield and windows that you can swap out. The shovel itself extends out to 33” with three adjustable length options. We love that this shovel breaks apart easily and comes with a stellar 24-month warranty.

Pros: two-year warranty, 9.8″ scraper to help clear off windshields.

Cons: Plastic material is not as tough as the metal materials used in other shovels on our list.

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4. multifun Snow Shovel Kit

Those blustery mornings after a snowstorm will be a breeze thanks to this triple-threat kit with everything you need to dig your car out and get your day started. Plus, every tool comes with an ergonomic D-shaped handle and soft foam grip making the work a little easier and significantly more comfortable. This kit comes with an ice scraper, a shovel and a snow brush.

Pros: Ergonomic handle and soft grip makes for easier work, three tools gives you a variety of options to choose from when battling snow.

Cons: Separate heads are easy to misplace.

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5. Overmont Aluminum Snow Shovel

Our final shovel comes with its own ice scraper head for clearing your windshield after shoveling, and is easily assembled and disassembled in three parts. Made from anodized aluminum for supreme quality and durability. Comes in a compact carrying case to keep car clean when not in use.

Pros: Comes with a carrying case. Includes an ice scraper attachment.

Cons: Head is narrower than others on our list.

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