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You Can Do It! Leave Rush Hour Traffic Behind With a Top-Rated Commuter Bike

If you dread your daily commute, then the best commuter bikes can help you change your daily routine for the better.

Biking is a great option for commuting because it gets you outside and moving, which is the best way to start your day. If you’re sick of mass transit, driving or walking, finding the right bike is a smart and environmentally-friendly decision. With the number of options out there, choosing the best commuter bike may seem daunting. But with summer finally here, this is the perfect time to stop putting it off and finally buy the bike you’ve been dreaming about.

To help you out as you make your decision, you’ll find our picks for the best commuter bikes below. Depending on which roads you’ll ride on, be it paved city streets, gravel bike trailers or dirt roads, there is a bike for everyone. And don’t forget the all-powerful e-bike, which can set you to cruising to work at 20-miles-per-hour.

So get outside, get your blood pumping, and be an active participant in cleaning up our planet. Plus, the sunrises are so much better with nothing blocking your view.


1. Brompton M6L Folding Bike


This bike can be taken on a longer commute that might include a bus or train. Weighing in at 26 pounds, you can fold this easily and carry it onto the train or bus. With a neutral riding position, you can sit upright and comfortably carry a backpack, unlike the aggressive forward tilt of a road bike. It has six gears to keep you moving and fenders to protect your clothes from dirt or mud so you can ride in the rain or shine. Great for urban commutes and easily hides in the office and at home. If storage is your number one worry, this is a great option.

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2. Shinola The Bixby


If you enjoy being seen, this is the best commuter bike for you. Perhaps it’ll be mistaken for a prop on a movie set, and you’ll exclaim, “Oh, that’s my bike!” It sounds like a dream for the stylish extrovert. If you’re into great bikes and great looks, set your sights no further than The Bixby. With its leather saddle and handlebars, copper bell and sleek frame, this is a great classic option for urban commuters. In fact, it’s such an attractive bike that you definitely don’t want to lock it up on the street. Coming in with Shimano components, this is a sleek, quality bike for your buck — just don’t leave it parked where thieves can find it!

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Courtesy of Shinola

3. Cannondale Treadwell NEO EQ Electric-bike


E-bikes and e-bike conversion kits are the newest rage, but you have to ask yourself why you want one, because they are quite the investment. If you have a long commute and don’t want to arrive to work sweating through your shirt and in need of a shower, then this might be a good option. Although not 100% environmentally friendly, these bikes are still a better option than a crowded bus or lonely car ride. Cannondale has come out with a great e-bike and will be sure to please. After a charging time of just three hours, this bike will get you cruising to 20 mph at 250 watts with a pedal assist. That’s a lot of power and definitely worth the investment.

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4. The Spot Acme


If you’re unsure if this is a well-equipped road bike or a casual cruiser, you’re right to be confused. The Spot Acme is a speedy commuter bike that has assets to rival your expensive road bike- but can also be used as a go around the neighborhood with the kid’s cruiser. It’s quiet, smooth, and sleek, everything you want in an everyday commute. With a comfortable saddle and an 11 gear shift option, this lightweight aluminum frame is the go-to choice for the urban commuter.

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Spot Bikes

5. Cannondale Topstone 105


Cannondale has another contender: a gravel bike and it might look ordinary, but with its aluminum frame and heft, it is as sturdy as can be. If you’re riding dirt or gravel roads, this is a great option because of its indestructible nature. With numerous mounts for mudguards and luggage for easy commuting, this bike is made for long distances and all of your heavy day to day items. Coming in at 21 pounds with disc brakes, 22 gears, and chunky, handle-all tires, this is a remarkable option for those with a more adventurous daily commute.

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6. Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike


It’s no surprise that famed bicycle maker Schwinn also makes some of the best commuter bikes. Now, Schwinn has come out with their own version of the folding commuter bike, and it stands up to the test. Great price and versatile for your busy day, take the folding Schwinn to the office and hide it behind your door. It has a suggested weight of 220 pounds, fenders, and a convenient bike rack attached to the back. Made with one regular pedal and one folding pedal for easier storage, this is a single-speed cruising dream. For its economic punch to your wallet, take this Schwinn for a ride.

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7. Blix Vika+


This small but powerful e-bike has the best of both worlds: it has all the cruising you need to not pedal and it folds. That’s right, folks, the Blix Vika+ has the thrust and the storage pizzazz. Although not great for long commutes with stairs, the Blix has its advantages. But first, it comes in at 50 pounds, no small heft for a commuter bike. Also not easy to grapple with into the office, so this one might be best for jaunts around town or if you have easy storage space without stairs. It has a rack, fenders, and a small stature, all great components for urban riding.

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8. Schwinn Discover Hybrid


Schwinn’s Hybrid bike is another great option for your wallet, and it’s stylish too. With 21 gears, you’ll get moving on this bike in great comfort with its easy geometry, suspension fork, and alloy frame. Lightweight and speedy, the Schwinn will get you to work in no time. The best feature may be the rear rack for easy storage of bags or groceries. It has 28-inch wheels, a flat bar for a relaxed position, and comes in a variety of colors. If you need a versatile, trusty bike that’s easy on your wallet, this is your best choice for urban commuting.

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9. Jamis Coda S3


The Jamis Coda has been hailed by some as the best hybrid bike, meaning it has wide enough tires to support a bumpy ride plus the relaxed upright position for excess comfort. The steel frame is ideal for an urban setting because of its durability: say you locked it to the curb and a car hits it, it’ll be just fine. Ideal for city life with the added comforts of a mountain bike, including the gear set for easy uphill climbs, the Jamis Coda is a great option. And for one of the best commuter bikes, it’s also easy on your wallet at just $429.

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