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Post-COVID, These Cooling Neck Gaiters Can Still Protect You From Heat, Insects, Wind and the Sun’s UV Rays

While your introduction to wearing a face covering may have been a little more unexpected and enforced than you could ever have imagined, it hasn’t been all bad. Of course, preventing germs from spreading was the driving force behind their newly found prevalence, but many people have discovered that certain face coverings actually offer benefits wearers may still enjoy in a post-COVID world. Take, for example, the best cooling neck gaiters.

What is a Neck Gaiter?

Before we dive into why you may prefer to wear a cooling neck gaiter. Let’s first look at exactly what a neck gaiter is. Unlike the more traditional face mask with ear loops, neck gaiters are tubular-shaped in design and pull up or scrunch down to cover more or less of your neck, mouth and head, depending on your needs. They have become a preferable choice for many users over face masks for a number of reasons. These include:

Comfort – Probably the biggest reason is comfort. Face masks can pull tight over your mouth and feel far more constricting than the fabrics used in gaiters.

Style – Neck gaiters have a much larger surface area than the average face mask, which means you can find some pretty stylish options on top of the standard, one-color choices.

ProtectionNeck gaiters put a barrier between your lungs and the outside world. This means that dust, wind, insects and even UV light find it hard to pass through them.

Versatility – Neck gaiters can often be worn in numerous different ways. Yes, they can act as an acceptable face covering for adhering to the current COVID advice, but they also can become bandanas, hoods and several other clothing items all rolled into one. This versatility makes them ideal for all kinds of occasions, from exercise and commuting to fishing and hiking. Neck gaiters really are a handy, all-in-one wardrobe addition.

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Why Choose a Cooling Neck Gaiter?

While similar in appearance to their regular, non-cooling kin, cooling neck gaiters, well, cool you down. They are made from stretchy, lightweight and breathable materials which inhibit breathing far less than the average face covering while providing a barrier between you and your surroundings. They actually create air pockets that feel comparatively cool, especially when outside air temperatures are super high.

However, to get the most cooling action and achieve the cooling neck gaiter’s maximum potential, it needs to be ‘activated.’ Activating a cooling neck gaiter usually follows these simple steps:

  • Wet it
  • Ring it
  • Slap it
  • Wear it

It really is that simple. Then, you can don your gaiter and benefit from the temperature difference for cooler breathing and a chilled feeling against your skin. And they are all reusable, too. So simply repeat the process every time you feel the gaiter’s temperature has risen.

We’ve put together a list of the 11 best cooling neck gaiters available online.


1. Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter


This popular Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter is made from an advanced fabric that offers impressive cooling, comfort and versatility all in one. For starters, the fabric can provide nearly instant cooling, especially when it has gone through the activation process of being wet, rung and snapped dry. For comfort, the multi-directional fabric provides a secure yet soft hold, which also aids in the gaiter’s versatility. This means it is able to be worn in 12 different ways. Additionally, this lightweight gaiter provides UV protection up to UPF 50 and comes in eight different colors.

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2. Chill Pal Multi Style Cooling Neck Gaiter


At under $10, the Chill Pal Multi Style Cooling Neck Gaiter offers value and variety which is hard to beat. Not only is the process of using it simple — dunk in cold water, rinse out, repeat when necessary — it can also be worn in at least 12 different ways, including as a neck gaiter, a balaclava, a headband and a bandana. Throw in four color choices and over 2,500 five-star reviews from Amazon users, and it becomes clearer why this is the pick for anyone on a budget.

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3. KKD Drawstring Cooling Gaiter


One functional element which differs from model to model and can make a big difference during use is the presence of a drawstring closure. If you fall into the category of people who love a tighter, more secure fit, then the KKD Drawstring Cooling Gaiter could be the right option for you. It’s made from a stretchable, moisture-wicking fabric and comes in the choice or black or gray. At 16.5 inches long, its sizable spread combines beautifully with the drawstring closure to provide you with the exact amount of cover you’re after.

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4. Sheenwang Adjustable Cooling Neck Gaiter


By only including elastic in the back half of the design, this Sheenwang Adjustable Cooling Neck Gaiter provides better comfort than many other options. It’s constructed from a lightweight, soft and breathable fabric which further adds to the wearer’s comfort, especially when involved in physical activities, like fishing, running and cycling. This UV-resistant gaiter also comes in white, black or gray and includes a drawstring closure in the rim for a more secure hold when worn.

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5. WowTowel Cooling Neck Gaiter


If you’re looking for a different gaiter to wear (almost) every day, including color options to suit any kind of outfit, this WowTowel Cooling Neck Gaiter six-pack could fit the bill. It comes with both one-color and camo-inspired options which are all made from a spandex-and-polyester-mix material. This means they’re lightweight, stretchy, breathable and provide protection from dust, wind, insects and UV rays. Plus, given their stretchiness and circumference measurement of between 20 and 24 inches, these gaiters are suitable for men, women and kids, too.

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6. MotoBoy Cooling Neck Gaiter


By incorporating reflective strips into the design, the MotoBoy Cooling Neck Gaiter makes itself the smart choice for any commuters or exercisers who may be out when things get dark. By being more visible, you’re safer. The well-reviewed gaiter also includes a drawstring closure and a mesh panel for greater comfort and cooling when in use. Additionally, you can choose between several colors and packs containing different numbers of gaiters, making these a great option for couples or households looking to invest.

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7. HEGCOIIE Cooling Neck Gaiter


If you’re looking for an option that really stands out in a crowd, you may want to consider this six-pack of HEGCOIIE Cooling Neck Gaiters. Depending on your preference, you can choose between brightly colored, camo-covered gaiters and brightly colored, one-color gaiters. Either way, you’re going to be hard to miss. The gaiters themselves are made from a polyester and spandex mix, which delivers a product that’s lightweight, is stretchy and creates plenty of air pockets to keep you cool. Furthermore, these gaiters are moisture-wicking, are wind-proof, are dust-proof and help to protect the wearer from UV rays.

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8. YEMO Unisex Cooling Neck Gaiter


The YEMO Unisex Cooling Neck Gaiters come in packs of four and tick all the right boxes for everyday wearers, exercisers and everyone in between. What’s even better about these packs is the well-thought-out color combinations, which provide added style, allowing you to match your gaiter with your outfit and still look great. The gaiters can also be worn in multiple ways and are made from a lightweight and stretchy material that dries quickly and allows you to breathe easily, even when physically active.

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9. COOLOO Cooling Neck Gaiter


With eight pieces included in the pack, this set of COOLOO Cooling Neck Gaiters is an ideal choice for large households and anyone in need of plenty of spares. The set comes with eight colored gaiters, including green, orange and white. Each of the masks is made from polyester and spandex microfiber, which assists with effective cooling when it’s worn. Furthermore, the stretchy material provides a secure fit over the mouth, the neck or the forehead while also keeping away insects, dust, wind and UV rays.

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10. Anstronic Cooling Neck Gaiter


Inside each pack of Anstronic Cooling Neck Gaiters, you’ll find six, high-quality pieces made from a spandex and polyester mix. These gaiters are an ideal choice for exercisers and gym-goers wanting backups to negate the need to wash dirty ones day after day. The elastic material means the gaiters are also one-size-fits-most. They’re also moisture-wicking, quick-drying and soft against skin. Pack color combinations include blue and black, blue and gray and all white.

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11. Dapaser Reusable Cooling Neck Gaiter


During the pandemic, a lot of people discovered a new level of overt patriotism in the form of face masks and gaiters covered in the American flag. You, too, can join up to this trend with these Dapaser Reusable Cooling Neck Gaiters. The pack contains eight individual gaiters, each with a different design. However, all of them are in some way inspired by the red, white and blue of the American flag. They are also made from a four-way stretching material which delivers higher levels of comfort and provides protection from UV rays, insects, wind and dust.

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