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Open Mail or Survive the Outdoors With a Useful Credit Card Folding Knife

Daily life often requires a small and handy knife. Xacto knives are ideal for opening boxes, but we typically put them away after moving into a new residence and finish unpacking. Kitchen knives are designed to slice through food with ease, but we don’t want to open mail that has been handled by several people with the same knife that cuts up our food. Unless you’re preparing to forage for days, your annual camping trip likely doesn’t include a giant hunting knife. So, what do we do? Stop ruining your keys and kitchen knives and instead keep a useful blade on hand with a credit card folding knife.

Compact and light enough to be kept in your wallet or pocket, and strong enough to take on small, daily tasks, these knives can save your more expensive blades or household items that are being used in place of knives (we can’t be the only ones who have used a pen to open packages). Credit card folding knives are also a great item to take when venturing outdoors, from hikes and bike rides to longer camping trips.

Whether you’re simply looking for a durable blade or want something with a few more accessories, these credit card folding knives will come to the rescue whenever you need a small and practical cutting tool.

1. Cable and Case Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife

The Cable and Case Credit Card Tool Set Card Knife is a 10-in-1 tool that includes the most frequently used small tools. The card includes a knife blade, as well as a compass, a bottle opener and a screwdriver. Customers can also access a toothpick and tweezers in the lightweight card. All metal parts included in the card are made using durable stainless steel.

Pros: The knife has a serrated edge and can be held between the users’ fingers for added control.

Cons: The Cable and Case isn’t a true folding knife as the knife is removed from the card when being used. The knife can slip out of the card and pose a threat, making it unsafe to carry the card loose in a pocket or bag and users should place the card in its own sealed bag.

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2. Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Authentic Credit Card Sized Folding Knife

The Iain Sinclair Cardsharp2 Authentic Credit Card Sized Folding Knife has an edge over the competition thanks to its impressive craftsmanship and smart design. The ultra-thin credit card knife is made with a stiff, polypropylene body, including living hinges. It’s only 2.2 mm thick and weighs 13 grams, making it easy to forget the card is in your wallet or pocket. The Iain Sinclair has a stainless steel surgical grade blade with a 65 mm cutting edge and the card has a built-in protective sheath that keeps the blade sharp even after repeated use. Each card comes with an authentic Iain Sinclair logo and serial number.

Pros: The Iain Sinclair is designed with a smart locking mechanism that includes a protective hilt, which will only appear when the blade is opened. The unique safety lock won’t open when the card is placed in a pocket or drawer.

Cons: The non-knife part of the card is somewhat flimsy and not as durable as the blade materials.

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3. Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife

For an ultra-sharp, ultra-durable knife, we recommend the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife. The lightweight folding knife fits securely into a credit card-shaped holder that makes it convenient to carry the knife in your wallet, bag or pocket. The blade is approximately 3 inches long and can be sharpened when necessary with a standard knife sharpener.

Pros: The body of the knife is layered with stainless steel for durability and strength and the edge of the blade is sharp thanks to a line of light reflecting steel.

Cons: The knife can be slow to open and users must be careful when folding it to ensure it’s back in its card slot correctly.

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4. 18 in 1 Credit Card Tool

Survive the outdoors or simply make daily life a little bit easier with the 18-in-1 Credit Card Tool. The card’s folding knife has a grip that fits between the fingers and a serrated edge with a fishing line cutter on the tip, making this a great option for those who love the outdoors. The center of the blade also has a hex tool that can be used to tighten bolts of various sizes. The metal card tool includes a flint fire starter and a magnesium fire starter to aid users in creating heat for cooking when camping, as well as a bottle opener, tweezers, magnifying glass, and emergency whistle.

Pros: The folding knife can be kept sharp thanks to a blade sharpener in the card.

Cons: The tools in the card are not made to last throughout extensive use and the card is fairly thick, so it may not fit into all wallets.

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