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The Best Cycling Bibs for Longer, More Comfortable Rides

For more comfort and distance on the bike, try a pair of chamois bibs for better overall cycling performance. A bib is preferable to lycra shorts or regular padded bike shorts (or, God forbid, basketball shorts) because of the shoulder straps. These straps are magic: they hold the shorts in place to prevent any riding of material and keep your gut tucked into a streamlined position, which helps keep you moving while eating and hydrating during a long ride.

Cycling bibs come in a variety of price ranges, styles, and level of padding. The materials are similar, as well as the inside stitching for the padding, but bibs vary in length, fit and comfort across the board. It may take a few tries to find your perfect cycling bib, and always be sure to try them on and try them out — a long ride in a new bib will tell you if they’re right for you.

When looking for the right cycling bib, it’s good to take note of the company; are they a reputable cycling brand with good reviews, or are they a cheap competitor looking to make easy money off newbies to the cycling world? The difference lies in the quality, as with every product you buy. The better the company, the better the product and the more you’ll invest in a good pair of cycling bibs which should last you a season or two, depending on how often you ride.

Ready to improve your distance rides? Sit back, relax and cruise our selection of the best cycling bibs for men.


1. Pearl iZumi PRO Bib Short

One of the leading cycling brands, Pearl iZumi’s Pro bibs are as fine as they come. With high-quality material and a no-nonsense shoulder strap to hold everything together, the Pro cycling bibs will fit well and provide comfort you haven’t felt before. Don’t be surprised if you want to wear these shorts for another activity other than cycling. Made from a luxurious Italian fabric to mix with the breathable chamois, these carefully engineered panels have been stitched together to create a bib that best suits your body while you ride. Enjoy the Peark iZumi Pro bibs on your next long ride for a high-performance look and comfort you won’t find anywhere else.

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Courtesy of Pearl Izumi


2. Castelli Free Aero Race 4 Bibs

Castelli is one of the oldest, most reputable cycling brands and a leader in chamois innovation. Their Aero cycling bibs are a bestseller, made from 100% nylon. These sleek, high-performance shorts will keep you comfortable for a long endurance ride or a short cruise around the neighborhood with friends. No matter your skill level, having a pair of chamois around will make your excitement for cycling jump several rungs higher, because who doesn’t want to be comfortable? With saddles becoming smaller every year, having a pair of padded shorts will change your life. Castelli bibs have a grip fabric on the legs to prevent slippage and are 38% lycra along the leg material for extra flexibility. You won’t regret trying out a pair of Castelli bibs.

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Courtesy of Competitive Cyclist


3. Rapha Men’s Core Short

Rapha has become quite the popular brand on both coasts; no matter where you go on the road, you’re likely to see their tell-tale pink stripes. The Core Shorts are a great blend of performance and sleek style and fit nearly every rider very well. They aren’t as intimidating as the Team Bibs, which can be much pricier but are a good mid-level pair of bibs for a new rider. The comfort in the chamois is unbeatable for the price and you’ll find yourself going out for longer rides before you know it. The main panel uses a dense knit-fabric for support while the leg material has a gripper for flexibility and comfort. Don’t lose your seat while riding hard in Rapha’s Core Shorts.

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Courtesy of Rapha


4. Velocio Men’s Foundation Bib Short

Velocio’s mid-level cycling bib, the Foundation, is made from a slightly thinner chamois material which makes for shorter stints in the saddle. At a great budget price, these bibs are an excellent choice for a new rider who isn’t intent on doing more than an hour or two on the bike. With a sleek performance look to the shorts, Velocio has made a name for themselves with new cyclists with a mid-range pair of chamois bibs.

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Courtesy of Velocio


5. SUGOi Men’s Bibs

These chamois cycling bibs are excellent on a hot summer day. Never fear the heat again with this breathable material that is moisture-wicking and comfortable enough to wear even when you’re slick with sweat. Sugoi’s bibs are made from a mix of nylon, polyester and spandex, a trifecta of flexibility and performance. Hit the road for an entire day of riding with these padded shorts, you won’t regret it. With silicone grippers on the thigh, the fear of material riding up your leg is eradicated. With shoulder straps holding it all in place, you’re in for the most comfortable summer ride of your life.

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Courtesy of Sugoi


6. Cafe Du Cycliste Mathilde 

The best of the best in cycling might be Cafe Du Cycliste: at $312 these bibs are as high performance as they come. A sleek design that befits fashion as well as function, these comfortable cycling bibs are a priceless investment for the serious cyclist. With each leg panel cut from a single sheet of material for less seam and stitching, these bibs are made for high performance. With Hybrid CS technology and a perforated upper level, these bibs are made to breathe on endurance rides. The investment in a pair of Cafe Du Cycliste bibs will leave you out on the road all summer long.

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Courtesy of Cafe Du Cycliste


7. Rapha Pro Team Bib Shorts II

The Pro Team bib shorts will leave you wanting more out of your ride: high performance meets high-quality material which will leave you aching for endurance rides on the road with your friends. You’ll be the annoying guy on the Slack asking who’s up for a five-hour ride with the Rapha Pro Team bibs. Made from quality fabric that prides itself on compression and breathability, you’ll be riding like the pro’s in no time. Speaking of the pros, these bibs are worn by the EF Pro Cycling team, so be like them on your next ride to endurance heaven.

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Courtesy of Rapha


8. Pactimo Men’s Alpine Thermal Bib

Pactimo has flown below the radar for too long. Not a fancy boy New York City brand or a hip newbie, Pactimo has a few quality cycling items that need more attention and their Alpine Thermal Bib is a great place to start. At a lower price point than most cycling brands, Pactimo is making high-performance bibs and comfortable chamois and not trading quality for cost. Made for fall and winter riding, these bibs are an excellent choice for cold commutes — a key selling point is the side mesh pocket for easy grab items like a bar or keys. A great choice for any cyclist looking to save some money without compromising on quality.

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Courtesy of Pactimo


9. Pearl iZumi Attack Bib Short

A great contender for a budget pair of bib shorts, Pearl iZumi’s mid-range style isn’t compromising on quality. Gear up for a long ride in these comfortable chamois cycling bibs. With moisture-wicking material and a breathable quality that will set you at ease on a hot day, the Attack Bib shorts are the mid-range bibs you’ve been looking for. Made with recycled nylon, Peark iZumi has used the material to stretch and bend as you ride.

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Courtesy of Peark Izumi