The Best Dog Life Jackets to Help Keep Your Pup Safe This Summer

best life jackets for dogs
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Now that it’s summer, everyone wants to jump in the water, including your dog. You may be surprised to hear about life jackets for dogs but they’re actually very safe and handy to keep around if you’re planning on being near water. Not all dogs can keep their heads above the water (think pugs, french bulldogs) and they’ll want to join in on the fun. A life jacket for your dog means everyone staying safe, visible and healthy.

The four main things to look for in a life jacket are buoyancy, a bright color, handles for lifting and of course, fit. Make sure he/she can fit comfortably inside the life jacket. Bright colors will make sure that other people can see your dog easily like boaters and jet skis. If your dog likes to chase a ball and swim really far out you’ll be able to spot them from quite a distance. The amount of buoyancy matters and be sure to have the life jacket cushioned with inflation under the belly, on the sides and near the neck to support their head. The handles will be useful if you need to pull your dog out of the water.

Above all, make sure it’s a proper fit for your pooch and he or she likes it!

Ready to dive in? Take a look at our list of the best dog life jackets below.


1. Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket


An affordable choice, Paws Aboard has made a sturdy life jacket that supports the weight of your dog in the water with buoyancy straps on the sides. It adjusts with velcro, which may not work well with larger dogs because it can come apart or get stuck in their fur. The Paws Aboard comes in a variety of bright colors and sizes but this is a great choice for small to medium dogs.

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket Courtesy of Amazon


2. Ruffwear K9 Float Coat


Ruffwear K9 has a pricey but worthy option in the dog life jacket market if you and your dog are an active pair. Going kayaking? This is a good choice because it’s made from abrasion-resistant material, comes with handles attached to the top so you can easily lift your dog into a kayak or out of the water, and plenty of reflective strips for visibility. It also has padding on the bottom portion for belly support which is great for larger dogs.

Ruffwear K9 Float Coat Courtesy of Amazon


3. Ezy Dog Flotation Device


This vest vows to keep your dog in a natural swimming position by adding more padded layers to the neck. Some reviews disagree with this claim and say their dog’s rear end floats as much as their head, so this may not be a good choice if your dog is not a great swimmer. Otherwise, it’s good for the beach or shallow waters. It has easy access handles so you can lift your dog when needed and plenty of visibility straps on an already colorful jacket.

EzyDog Flotation Device Courtesy of Amazon


4. Outward Hound Granby Splash


This vest has great all-around padding for equal support which can come in handy in choppy waters or if your dog likes to jump off the boat. It has one handle along the top and comes in a great orange color for visibility. There is extra material around the neck that is padded for your dog’s head to stay above water. A great choice for those who want a little extra padding for their best friend.

Outward Hound Granby Splash Courtesy of Amazon


5. King Pup Dog Life Jacket


This one might be a crowd favorite for summer because of its American-flag design. It has extra padding and support so your dog stays afloat even on a choppy, crowded day in the water. Don’t lose sight of your best friend in this classic all American design. It has a handle on top so you can easily grab your dog and has plenty of reflective patches for visibility. Choose this if you’re out for an adventure with friends.

King Pup Dog Life Jacket Courtesy of Amazon


6. King Pup Rainbow Life Jacket


With this festive and fun life jacket, show your Pride or enjoy some color with the King Pup rainbow jacket. With plenty of padding for your pup, they’ll be sure to be floating beside you either in the shallows or deep water. There aren’t many reflective strips on this jacket but the bright array of colors make up for that.

King Pup Rainbow Life Jacket Courtesy of Amazon


7. Shark Life Jacket


For those of us with a sense of humor, the shark jacket will be sure to please. Either out at sea or cruising in the pool, your dog will surely be the life of the party in this one of a kind shark style life jacket. Made from sturdy material with a handle to securely remove your pet from the water, the shark life jacket is safe, buoyant and fun.

Shark Dog Life Jacket Courtesy of Amazon


8. Coleman Dog Life Jacket


If you’re into camping, you know the brand Coleman. It’s no surprise that they’ve decided to create a suitable life jacket for your dog while you’re out there on an adventure. If you’re out at the lake, on the boat or going down some rapids on the kayak, Coleman is an excellent choice for those serious adventure dogs. Made from a durable mesh material, bright orange coloring for visibility and quick release straps to set your pooch free once you’re back on land. The Coleman life jacket for dogs is a great choice for those going camping near water.

Coleman Dog Life Jacket


9. G Lake Dog Life Jacket


Another great option for those with larger dogs, the G Lake life jacket has extra padding all around to secure your dog’s position in the water. Made from high-quality material, this jacket comes equipped with handles for easy lifting, yellow straps and neon orange color for visibility. This is a great jacket for the lake or boating where it might get crowded and you could easily lose sight of your floating friend. It also comes in a fun mermaid print which can be great for the kids and for extra visibility.

G Lake Dog Life Jacket Courtesy of Amazon


10. Lifeunion Dog Life Jacket

This orange dog life jacket is great for all kinds of water activities. With a handle on the top for lifting and padding all around for extra support, this is a great all-around choice for shallow or deep water. It has air cushions along the sides that can be inflated for extra comfort.

Lifeunion Life Jacket Courtesy of Amazon