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Protect Your Pooch With a Safe and Effective Dog Paw Balm

A dog’s life may be one filled with restful days, bursts of excitement when their owner comes home, games of fetch and leisurely walks. But a dog’s active lifestyle also means that their paws are subjected to harsh environments. Sure, dog shoes exist, but getting your dog to actually wear them isn’t always a walk in the park. For dogs whose paws have seen better days, there are many effective and safe dog paw balms that will have their paws back to being puppy smooth.

From icy, snowy sidewalks covered in salt, to the hot pavement in the warm months, to rocky and gravel-filled hiking paths, dogs paws endure a lot of punishment. Just like human skin, dog paws can become dry, cracked, rough and burnt. Dog paw balm soothes and heals paw pads and helps create a protective layer to ward off future damage. Many dog paw balms are also great for dog noses, which do a lot of sniffing and can become dry, cracked and rough.

Keep your pooch protected and have them feeling best in show with a moisturizing dog paw balm.

1. Natural Dog Company Paw Soother

Heal your dog’s rough, cracked feet using the Natural Dog Company Paw Soother. Designed to help dogs whose paw pads have been affected by extreme weather conditions, including both hot and cold weather, the Paw Soother is naturally formulated to heal the skin and bring relief. Made in the US, the all-natural and organic balm uses vitamin E, coconut oil, calendula extract and rosemary extract and is free from artificial preservatives and harmful ingredients. The lip balm-style makes it easy to spread the product over your dog’s paw pads, including in between their toes (Natural Dog also makes their balm in tins and larger sticks). The balm can also provide relief for dry and chapped noses and elbows.

Pros: Made in the US, all-natural ingredients, easy to apply lip balm style.

Cons: The tube of balm is very small and may not last long on larger dogs.

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2. Paw Nectar Natural Paw Wax

Using a blend of organic oils, including coconut, avocado and soy, the Paw Nectar Natural Paw Wax acts to protect and heal rough and cracked paw pads. The soothing balm also includes vitamin E, aloe, shea and cocoa butter to help heal skin that has been damaged by snow, ice, salt, pavement, sand and dry indoor heat. Safe for daily use, the Paw Nectar’s wide tin makes it easy for pet owners to gently massage their dog’s paw directly into the balm. The holistic balm works quickly and can penetrate deep into the dog’s damaged paws.

Pros: Organic ingredients, safe for daily use, can penetrate deep into the dog’s paw.

Cons: The balm may need to be warmed up in order to spread onto the dog’s paw.

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3. PetSupply Dog Paw Balm

For a product that can pull double duty and help your pet feel and look their best, try the PetSupply Dog Paw Balm. Made with 100 percent organic ingredients, the balm is safe for use on a dog’s paw pads and nose. The nourishing wax creates a barrier that helps protect your dog’s skin from salt, ice, snow and heat. The hypoallergenic moisturizer is designed to start working instantly, giving your pet relief from dry and cracked skin. The non-toxic formula is a combination of mango and shea butter, yellow beeswax, lavender and avocado oil, and vitamin B5 and E. We also like that the balm is fast-absorbing and is less likely than other balms to leave greasy prints on floors and furniture.

Pros: Safe for noses and paw pads, hypoallergenic and organic ingredients, doesn’t leave a greasy mess.

Cons: The balm has a scent that causes many dogs to lick it off before it can take effect.

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4. Pawstruck Ruff Relief Balm

Help your pup feel like their best self with the Pawstruck Ruff Relief. The moisturizing balm is made with natural, organic and hypoallergenic ingredients like extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E to help hydrate your dog’s dry paw pads, nose, elbows and wrinkles. After putting moisture back into your dog’s skin, the balm creates a protective layer to help ward off future damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Made in the US, Ruff Relief can be used daily and helps to treat dogs suffering from hyperkeratosis, dermatitis or rashes.

Pros: Natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, can be used on the nose and elbows, helps to treat common skin issues.

Cons: Pet owners may only want to apply the balm before taking their dog outdoors as the oil in the balm can leave marks on furniture.

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