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In Less Than an Hour You Can Give Your Old Bike a Serious Boost Thanks to These Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Looking to get back into biking? Here’s why you should consider an electric bike. Not only will you get an extra boost for a faster commute, which translates to less time on steep hills and more power when cruising through tough trails, but an e-bike will also help you bike longer without working up a sweat. Finally, your commute which always felt a little too long is now feasible. After all, traveling via bike is already efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly – so why not give yourself the gift of even more pedal power and pick up an e-bike conversion kit?

There are plenty of simple yet effective DIY kits out there that can give you the power to transform your bike. But if you think these kits will simply add a motor to your bike and call it a day, get ready for a pleasant surprise. Though these kits all add an electric motor which won’t take you much time (or cycling know-how) to install, they’ll also add throttles and LED screens which give you a readout of your speed and distance traveled. More than just a motor, this is a full-on bicycle upgrade in a box.

The majority of conversion kits fall into one of two camps — either the mid-drive conversion kit or the wheel-replacement kit. The mid-drive conversion is a standard motor that attaches to your bike, is lightweight and can do more with less in terms of climbing hills and battery life. Though it’s worth noting that these kits are more prone to damage thanks to their exposed motors. The wheel replacement on the other hand replaces your entire wheel with a motorized version, has more power for speed but will increase the overall weight of your ride.

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We’ve listed four of our favorite electric bike conversion kits below, with options for both mid-drive and wheel-replacement kits. Take a look to find the best kit for your setup and upgrade your bike to its full potential.


1. BAFANG 48V Mid-Drive Conversion Kit


This versatile brand brings a kit compatible with fat bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and so on. The motor is powerful but very quiet according to users, and the LED screen gives you updates on speed and battery life throughout your ride. We know, putting this kit together might sound intimidating if you’re not a DIY person, but Bafang makes setup easy by including everything you need to convert your bike. It also packs a one-year warranty and refund guarantee if you don’t love your bike after a full year of riding it.

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2. Electric Bike Bafang 8fun Crank Motor Kit


This mid-drive conversion kit is a little more expensive but is easily one of the nicest kits on the market. The motor sits on the frame and cranks, evenly distributing weight which is crucial when navigating mountain trails. It’s completely waterproof and easy to put together, requiring only a minimum amount of bicycle maintenance knowledge. Consider grabbing one of these and tricking out your ride to make your next big mountain trail that much more conquer-able.

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3. Voilamart 26″ Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit


This e-bike wheel replacement will give you one of the highest speed potentials of any kit on the market. Enjoy speeds up to 28 mph with the brushless, gearless motor and Pedal Assistance System (PAS). This kit comes with everything you need to completely swap out your regular ol’ wheel for one that packs a punch. Note: this kit does not include a battery.

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4. TongSheng Mid Drive E-Bike Conversion Kit


This is one of the best mid-drive conversion kits you can get for less than $400. Sure you sacrifice some features in terms of speed control and throttle thanks to the pedal assist, but you hardly sacrifice any motor power. You can reach a max speed of 24 mph and easily maintain it for a standard commute. If you’re looking to give your daily street commute a boost on a budget, this kit is your best bet.

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