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Prime Perennials: 7 Things to Start Planting This Fall

* A range of bulbs and plants to give life to your garden this coming spring
* Now is the time to plant in order to enjoy bloomage early next year
* Buy everything from Johnny Jump Ups to Peony Poppies online

Fall may not be an obvious time of year for planting in the garden, but this season has benefits that largely outweigh planting in the spring. Think about it. There are more good days than bad ones in the fall, leaving your plants with more sunshine and showers to establish themselves. In addition, you’ll find great deals on plants as garden centers wrap up their business for the year, and the soil is already warm enough to promote growth without the use of fertilizer.

But you can’t plant every plant in the fall and expect it to run its full life cycle. Instead, you should focus on planting perennials, pansies and spring bulbs. Perennials and pansies will use the warm fall weather to establish root systems, allowing healthier growth at the beginning of next year. And bulbs need the cold dormancy of winter in order to bloom in the spring.

With that in mind, here are 7 different seeds and bulbs that you should consider at planting this fall.

1. Johnny Jump Up

The ideal accompaniment to your other spring bulbs and pansies, Johnny Jump Ups complete almost any garden display with their striking mix of violet and yellow. As spring comes around, you’ll be able to enjoy these eye-catching plants as they produce a bountiful carpet in your garden, making these flowers ideal for tree bases, containers and flower beds.

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2. Yellow Imperial Crown Seeds

Named for the ‘crown’ of small leaves that forms around their top, the Yellow Imperial Crowns provide a blast of bright color to any garden display. The beautiful flowers face downwards around the central stem, and the ease of success with these seeds makes them ideal for novice gardeners, too.


3. Peony Poppy Double Mix

Inside this 100-seed mixed pack, you’ll find a variety of Peony Poppies, which bring a colorful spark to any flower bed. These easy-to-grow blooms eventually reach 2-3 feet tall with 4-5 inch frilled flowers in shades of red.


4. Outsidepride Pansy Alpenglow

The pansy is a garden classic and surely one your garden shouldn’t be without. These large flowers sport a deep cardinal red color with a black blotch and a yellow center to complete the look. The impressive pansy can produce flowers up to three inches across and can often bloom for long periods of time in the correct conditions, providing you with a feast of color through spring and beyond.


5. Pink Giant Glory of the Snow

One of the earliest bloomers on our list, these ‘Pink Giants’ stick around for months at a time. These flowers are most suited to an en masse planting, under one of your large trees for example. Once they have sprung, you’ll marvel at the large pink flowers around the centralized white eye. And these impressive growers will continue to return year after year.


6. Bi-Color Reblooming Bearded Iris

These beautiful flowers aren’t just a delight to be enjoyed visually. They also produce a sweet fragrance that’ll have your senses spiked throughout spring. The bi-color irises appear twice throughout the year, blooming once in the spring and again throughout the fall to give you twice the enjoyment.


7. Sunshine Narcissus Mix

Daffodils are the essence of spring. They are usually the first touch of color we see after a long winter. Make sure you’ve got some sunshine yellow in your garden with this bag of Sunshine Narcissus Mix. 50 deer and rodent resistant bulbs are included. Plant these bulbs now to make your garden burst with color in mid-spring.

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