These Floating Mats Let You Set Up a “Dock” Anywhere On The Water

Floating Dock
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From pools, to lakes, to rivers, to beaches, warm weather always means fun in the water. When it comes to spending hours in the water, the options are often expensive. Boats and jet skis have a big price tag, and if you’re looking for something more cost effective, small inflatable chairs and pool noodles are easy on the wallet but can get a little boring after a while. That’s why we’re in love with floating mats, which are affordable, easy to use, durable, and fun for swimmers of all ages.

We’ve included three floating mats on our list that all boast different features that make them stand out. Two of the mats we’ve chosen, including the Rubber Dockie and the Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat, are floating foam mats that require zero set up time. The two mats are available in a variety of sizes and provide excellent price points for anyone looking for a floating mat for both small and large groups.

Our third option is the Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway, the only inflatable mat on our list. Although the mat requires more time to inflate it and get it water-ready, the benefit is that it takes up less storage room during the offseason.

Inflatable mats are an excellent option for anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-use water toy. For those who live near lakes or rivers, floating mats are an affordable alternative to traditional docks. They also require less maintenance than wooden, aluminum, or plastic docks, which often have to be removed at the end of every season, a process that can be labor intensive. Floating mats can also be easily moved, which is awesome for people who enjoying docking their boats in different bodies of water. Pool users also love small floating mats, which can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Find out more about our three favorite floating mats below!

1. Rubber Dockie 18×6-Feet Floating Mat

The Rubber Dockie is a 18’ x 6’ floating mat made from Tuff-Hide tear-proof material that is durable and still easy on the skin.

Pros: The Rubber Dockie is slip and scratch resistant, making it a safe and comfortable addition to any body of water. The biggest mat on our list, the Rubber Dockie can support a large group of kids and adults. The mat comes with convenient features, including a brightly colored orange and green exterior to make it highly visible in the water, and 12 feet of elastic bungee cords to tether the mat to another dock, boat, or other stationary objects.

Cons: Customers note that the color of the mat fades in the sun, but this doesn’t affect the performance of the material. The downside of the mat’s ease of use (no time wasted blowing it up) is that it is cumbersome to roll up and store.

Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat

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2. Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat for Lakes

The Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat for Lakes measures 9’ x 6’ and can easily hold 2 to 3 people up to a max weight of 550 pounds.

Pros: Using tear resistant mesh that is sandwiched between three layers of eco-friendly XPE foam, the Goplus is durable and rugged, with the material fighting against scratches and punctures. The Goplus comes with three straps to used when rolled up and weighs only 13 pounds, making it easy to carry and store. Like the Rubber Duckie, the Goplus comes with a 12.5-foot bungee cord to use when tethering the mat.

Cons: The Goplus is not as big as the Rubber Duckie and therefore can’t hold as many people.

Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat for Lakes

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3. Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway

The Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway measures 10’ x 6’ and is sturdy enough that it can be walked on when firmly inflated and floating on water.

Pros: Unlike the first two mats, the Wow is an inflatable folding mat, which makes it easier to store when deflated and not in use. The mat comes in three sizes, and multiple mats can be zippered together to create a floating walkway. Each end of the mat includes grommets that can be tied to a boat or dock with a 6’ rope attached at either end. The mat is made with heavy duty 30 gauge PVC construction and can support up to six adults at once.

Cons: Customers have to supply their own pump to blow up the Wow and note that even when deflated, the Wow is heavy to carry.

Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway

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