Floating Water Mats Are the Coolest Way to Enjoy the Water this Summer

Floating Dock

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Traditionally, floating water mats have been a great way to set up a dock anywhere — in your pool, at the side of a boat or smack in the middle of a lake. These days though, thanks to water-loving Tiktok users, floating water mats have also become tools for lakeside challenges and all-out fun.

Of course, you don’t need to run around on a floating water mat to get a ton of enjoyment out of the device, whether it’s inflatable or foam. Nor do you actually need to be at the lake. Some of our favorite makes and models can go in the swimming pool or ocean as well. Plus, many of them are also designed for those who just want to lounge around (no stunts required).

Whether you’re looking to add to your already impressive array of pool floats, in need of a more adult pool float for your next pool party, or are interested in tackling this TikTok trend, read on for all of our top floating water mats.


1. Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Walkway


Having a party or looking for floating water mats that can fit lots of people at a time? This mat comes in three different sizes (6 x 10, 6 x 30 or 6 x 50 feet) and has a connecting zipper system so you can create the ultimate inflatable walkway. (That’s right, you can walk on this mat when it’s fully inflated.) The mat also has grommets to tie it off to a boat, allowing you to easily hop from vessel to vessel or create a quick and easy water bed. But we also love how quickly it dries and folds up, making it easy to transport and store.

Water mat with zipper Courtesy of Amazon

2. Rubber Dockie Floating Mat


This heavy-duty, slip-resistant mat is made out of closed-cell foam to keep you and your loved ones safe even when the surface gets wet. It also has a tear-stop design and a “tuff hide,” not to mention a super visible green and orange color scheme to make it even safer. This floating water mat comes in two sizes (both with tether systems) and includes a one-year warranty for plenty of fun, TikTok water challenges all summer long.

Portable water mats Courtesy of Amazon

3. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat


Get the convenience of a floating water mat without the headache of having to find somewhere to store it when not in use. This large mat fits up to three adults when fully inflated and features four connectors so you can tether it to other Intex mats. It’s also flexible so as to allow a little water on top to cool you off, but it’s buoyant enough to also keep you afloat. It’s easy to inflate and deflate, and it folds up very small so you can enjoy the easiest possible storage and transport when not in use.

Budget friendly water mat Courtesy of Amazon

4. MISSION Boat Gear Reef Mat Inflatable Floating Mat Water Lake Lounge


If you want something super durable and rigid that will hold up no matter what kind of water you expose it to, Mission has a 1000D nylon water mat that’s four inches thick and comes in four sizes to help you make the most of your time on the water. It comes with a vented storage bag and a high-flow pump so you can easily inflate the mat, plus there’s a built-in tie-off so you can easily secure it on even the choppiest of waters. Some users warn this one can get slippery when wet, but overall people seem impressed with how easy it is to store and use, not to mention how heavy-duty it actually is around kids and pets.

Sturdy water mat Courtesy of Amazon

5. Outroad Water Floating Mat


This bright and cheerful mat holds up to 550 pounds and can even withstand the kids jumping on to it when they’re inspired by a last-minute game of The Floor is Lava. The foam design is quick to clean with water and soap and rolls up easily for storage and transport. But it’s also perfect for sneaking in a little rest and relaxation whether you’re at the lake, beach or pool thanks to the versatile pillow design on one end, which can be rolled to elevate your head for your best water nap yet.

Water mat with pillow Courtesy of Amazon

6. Aqua Lily Pad Original Floating Water Mat


If you’ve got a lot of weight to support, this water mat has your back. Each 18 x 6-foot design holds up to 1,500 pounds, which makes it great for a family or as a portable launch mat for water sports. It comes with grommets to easily attach to other mats, boats or docks and the foam design holds up in fresh or saltwater. It can support nine to 10 adults at a time but it still folds up for easy storage, and the patented UV stabilization protects the surface from sun damage anywhere from three-to-five years in Southern climates. In other words, this is a mat that’s meant to last through pretty much any situation.

Water mat for lake Courtesy of Amazon

7. Driftsun Inflatable Floating Dock Platform


Let’s face it: some of us love the idea of being at the lake, but we don’t necessarily love getting into a body of water where we can’t reach the bottom or even see what we’re swimming with. Enter this portable floating dock water mat design, which is ideal for those who want a more peaceful way of getting wet. The large, floating dock holds up to 1,100 pounds and it has a heavy-duty anchor system that makes it sturdy enough for water yoga or small parties. What we really love though is the lounging water hammock, which lets you easily get in and out of the water to cool down worry-free.

Water mat with hammock Courtesy of Amazon

8. BOTE Dock FX Inflatable Floating Exercise Mat and Swim Platform


Sure, many of us are looking for floating water mats for peace and relaxation. But some of us may want to get our namaste on in the water, too. That’s where these exercising water mats come in handy. They roll up for easy transport and can be used on land or water to engage your core muscles and take any workout to the next level. Each mat holds up to 250 pounds and is made with military-grade PVC to withstand lots of wear and tear so you can get your water workout on worry-free.

Water mat for working out Courtesy of Amazon

9. Max4out Water Floating Mat


If you’re looking for a floating mat to set up in the lake or pool that easily and safely allows children to practice their best gymnastics or synchronized swimming routines, reviewers are all-in on this kid-friendly option. The bright mat is made with eco-friendly foam and rolls up for easy storage, plus it comes with a roll pillow for relaxing and a built-in reinforced net. The mat itself only holds roughly 500 – 600 pounds, but that’s still more than enough weight capacity when you’re talking about a handful of kids.

Water mat for kids Courtesy of Amazon


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