Beginners Will Thrive and Pros Will Have Fun With These Foam Surfboards

best foam surfboards
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When it comes to having fun in the surf, nothing beats a foam or soft-top surfboard. In addition to providing unending fun in the sun, they are also a great and easy way for beginners to get their feet wet and learn to surf. Ideal for kids and adults of all sizes and abilities, these boards are also great for taking to the beach, lazing around on rivers, swimming pools and even water parks.

Below are a few of the best foam surfboards we have found. These boards are all designed to be beginner-friendly, are incredibly durable and made with a focus on performance and come in an array of sizes to match differing abilities.

Whether you use them to relax and float on, or to get started on that surfing resolution you made years ago, these boards are the best place to start. We have chosen a couple wax-free versions that require little to no waxing and ones that come in differing shapes, sizes and cool design options to ensure there are boards for all.

Surfing doesn’t have to cost a fortune and our picks prove that. These soft top boards are all top picks and an affordable way to get yourself or your kids in the water and learning to surf.

1. South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Surfboard

The Soft Top Surfboards by South Bay Board Co. are custom designed to be beginner-friendly, durable and performance-focused. Designed by surfers, these boards are influenced by traditional fun-board shapes and are ideal for those just starting out their surfing careers and can be used for years to come. In addition to surfing, this board can function as a small wave board and does not require any waxing. Available in 7′, 8′ and 8’8 sizes and a fun array of colors, these boards all feature a wax-free top deck, reinforced bottom deck and PVC lined water-proof holes to prevent water from entering.

Pros: Fins and a leash are also included.

Cons: Due to the nature of the boards, they may be slightly narrower than regular surfboards.

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2. North Gear Thruster Surfboard

North Gear has designed a high-quality foam surfboard that can be assembled in record time, allowing you more fun and quality time in the surf. This 6′ board has stable construction with a durable foam top and a hard-slick bottom that allows for high-speed performance. Also included are removable fins, a leash and traction pad to give you the ideal beginner surfboard experience.

Pros: For its affordable price point, it’s a great beginner foam board.

Cons: If you are a more experienced surfer, another option might be better.

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3. South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard

The Hybrid Surfboard by South Bay Board is custom-designed for semi-beginner surfers and can be described as a true hybrid soft-top longboard surfboard. A “Hybrid” board is comprised of a soft-top and a hard, fiberglassed bottom and is crafted to be similar to the traditional high-performance fiberglass boards. This surfboard measures longer than our previously mentioned option at 5’8″, can easily support surfers up to 200 pounds and features a wax-free top deck. A bamboo fiberglass bottom deck, fins and fin box set-up and a closed-foam core round out this hybrid.

Pros: A plug for a GoPro Action Camera mount is also included.

Cons: This board may not be ideal for smaller waves.

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4. Thurso Surf Soft Top Surfboard

The Aero Foam Surfboad by Thurso Surf includes one soft top surfboard, three fins for stability, high-end double stainless steel swivels and an ankle leash made out of sturdy recycled plastic. This board measure 7′ in length and was designed with a focus on stability and glide for an easy and fun ride. A high-density EPS (styrofoam) core makes the board extremely light and buoyant and is balanced out by a stiff EPS core to ensure you can go for hours on end, surfing without worry.

Pros: A heat-laminated, slick bottom adds stiffness while maximizing board speed.

Cons: Some wax may be required due to the slick top.

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5. South Bay Board Co. Guppy Soft Top Surfboard

This 6′ long, soft top board from South Bay Board Co. easily supports beginner riders and comes with all the basics needed for those just starting out surfing. These guppy boards make for an ideal first surfboard for kids and are all custom shaped with long-lasting and lightweight foam that is extra floaty to allow for ample fun in the waves. Also included is an EZ carry handle for the kids, an easy-to-spot surfboard design, secure fin attachments, and a beginner-friendly nose/tail rocker for extra stability and performance.

Pros: For its price point, this is a great starter surfboard and will make it easy to get your kids in the water.

Cons: As this is a beginner board, it may be more prone to dents.

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6. Best Choice Products Foamie Surfboard

The Foamie Surfboard by Best Choice Products works for both adults and kids wanting to try out surfing and measures 6′ tall. These boards are durable enough to withstand the rigors of surfing but are also soft enough to withstand most wipeouts. Known for their performance and quality, these boards will not only handle the mistakes that many beginners make, but they also look good and feel great. Also included are a free leash and traction pad.

Pros: The fins are removable for easy transport.

Cons: This board comes in only one color option.

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