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The Best Frisbees For Tossing Around With Friends, Pets or Family Members

Frisbees are an underrated outdoor toy. These flying discs are lightweight, portable and fun for all ages. You can stash them in your car for spontaneous games. And of course, they come in fun colors.

Buying a quality frisbee or two is certainly worth it. The flimsy plastic discs you can find at most stores typically don’t hold up to frequent play. However, durable frisbees will last through hours of tosses — even if you’re playing with kids.

When shopping for a frisbee, you’ll want to look for products that are made of durable plastic, flexible nylon or rubber. Flexible frisbees are a great choice for tossing with kids, and rubber is a must when playing with your dog. However, the material comes down to personal preference.

Whether you’re throwing it around the backyard or playing in an ultimate league, here are some of the best frisbees to buy right now.

1. Nite Ize Flashlight LED Flying Disc

Your frisbee game can last into the night with this light-up disc. This frisbee includes LED technology that extends to the rim, so the entire disc illuminates as it flies. You can easily turn the lights on or off with a switch. This product is nearly 11 inches in diameter and is available in several colors. The disc is water-resistant and floats.

Pros: The plastic material can handle frequent use and won’t crack easily. The battery is long-lasting.

Cons: It can be tricky to change the battery. This product is water-resistant but not waterproof.

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2. Discraft Ultra Sport Disc

This disc is the official disc for the USA Ultimate Championship Series, so you might want to snag one if you’re playing ultimate with friends. The frisbee is a light 175 grams and 10.75 inches in diameter. Designed for aerodynamics, the frisbee has a contoured grip and smooth surface. You can choose from 21 color options when ordering, but the exact foil color may vary.

Pros: The disc flies well, and is great for beginners and advanced ultimate players. Some of the colors glow in the dark.

Cons: The disc may warp if you leave it in a hot car. This frisbee may be too big and heavy to toss around with kids.

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3. NERF Sports Dude Flying Disc

Nerf’s frisbee is durable and flexible. The disc is made of nylon, so surface is easy to grip while throwing and catching. It’s also easy on the hands. This product is a great option for kids and dogs, since it holds up to frequent wear and tear. Just keep in mind that it may feel floppy, so this frisbee may not be the best option for advanced players.

Pros: The frisbee won’t leave bumps or bruises if it hits your body. The color is easy to see.

Cons: The flexibility of the disc can make it harder to throw straight. It can catch the wind easily.

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4. KONG Flyer Frisbee

KONG’s rubber frisbee is just as durable and flexible as the company’s other products. Your dog can sink their teeth into the surface without causing cracks, so you can play catch all day. There is a small-sized frisbee for dogs under 20 pounds and a large size for dogs between 30 and 65 pounds. You can also choose between red and black colors.

Pros: This frisbee is safer for dogs than rigid plastic products. The disc is durable enough to use with large breeds.

Cons: The frisbee is heavy, so it may be hard to throw long distances. Some dogs may still chew through this toy.

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5. Aerobie Superdisc Frisbee

This 10-inch frisbee has a thin design and cushioned edge, so it’s easy to throw and catch. The disc is lightweight enough to soar through the air and float in water, so it’s a great option for playing at the beach. Both kids and adults can toss this frisbee comfortably. There are four colors available, but the color you receive in your order can vary.

Pros: The soft edges make this frisbee easier to catch than more rigid options. The plastic center is durable enough for playing fetch with dogs.

Cons: It may be difficult to throw this frisbee in a straight line, so it’s not your best option for ultimate games.

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