8 Propane Fire Pits to Gather Around During Cold Weather

Propane Fire Pits
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Let’s face it, when it gets cold outside, it’s hard to want to do anything other than stay indoors. But considering our current COVID reality, it might be nice to get out and see some friends outdoors this winter. Which means we’re going to need other ways to stay warm. This is where a fire pit can be convenient. But what if you don’t want to wait for wood logs to catch fire or even mess around with starting a fire? What if it was as simple as pressing a button? That’s where propane fire pits can make all the difference.

Similarly, your gas grill is powered by a propane tank; the same can be done for a fire pit. This makes for a much easier set-up and activation than a wood-based fire pit and saves you and your clothes from smelling like a bonfire. In fact, the process is all around much easier and can even be warmer than a wood fire. The trade-off is that propane fire pits tend to be a little bit more expensive. But if you’re willing to invest, you might find yourself spending lots and lots of time outdoors (even when it’s cold out).

With that in mind, here are eight of our favorite outdoor gas fire pits to keep you warm, cozy, and social this winter.


1. Outland Living Fire Table 401 Series Propane Fire Pit

Those looking to splurge on a really impressive propane fire pit should consider the Outland Living Fire Table 401 Series. Offered in a variety of different colors, this rectangle-style propane fire pit not only looks great in any space but provides 50,000 BTU’s worth of heat from it’s 44″ long and 32″ wide table. Tempered glass, arctic ice glass rocks, and chrome accents allow for more elegant touches, while the easy to adjust handle makes flame adjustment a breeze.

Outland Living Fire Table 401 Series Propane Fire Pit Amazon


2. SNAN Propane Fire Pit

With its square design and striking looks, the SNAN Propane Fire Pit is a great mid-sized (and mid-priced!) fire pit that’s a great option to consider for those looking to upgrade their existing setup or spend a bit more out of the gate for something nicer. Capable of producing 50,000 BTUs worth of heat, the 32-inch fire pit is no slouch when it comes to keeping you warm. Additionally, the easy to light knob makes it fast and simple to start feeling the heat.

SNAN Propane Fire Pit Amazon


3. TACKLIFE Fire Table Propane Fire Pit

TACKLIFE’s Fire Table Propane Fire Pit really leans into its namesake’s table nature, making this fire pit a great two-for-one value purchase. The fire output itself can be covered or uncovered depending on the situation, making this just as useful as a normal table is and has heat capabilities when needed. Replacing the propane tank is very easy thanks to a pull-out side rail. Plus, the wicker-based design provides a great, all-purpose look that will match really well with all your existing outdoor furniture.

TACKLIFE Fire Table Propane Fire Pit Amazon


4. Endless Summer Propane Column Fire Pit

Those with small outdoor spaces or those looking for a good side table-esque fire pit should consider this column-style fire pit from Endless Summer. It won’t overwhelm a space too much at 15 inches tall and 11 inches wide and will work as a great accent piece to an existing patio set. Furthermore, the 10,000 BTU output is impressive for its size and price but might leave groups a little cold versus one person who is sitting next to it. Additionally, the actual ignition control panel is hidden, adding to its already impressive minimalistic look.

Endless Summer Propane Column Fire Pit Target


5. Fire Sense Bellant Woven Cast Propane Fire Pit

Another great fire table option, the Fire Sense Bellant Woven Cast Propane Fire Pit, comes with an included cover to shift it from heater to functional table in (basically) a snap. Measuring 48 inches in overall diameter, the pit is actually made of woven cast aluminum to really spruce up its overall look. With an impressive 50,000 BTUs of heat output, this propane fire pit is sure to keep you nice and warm.

Fire Sense Bellant Woven Cast Propane Fire Pit Walmart


6. Christopher Knight Home Dino Lightweight Concrete Propane Fire Pit

With a no-assembly installation, a stunning design, and a very impressive 50,000 BTU output, this concrete-style propane fire pit from Christopher Knight Home is easily the most attractive-looking propane fire pit on this list. The tank is completely hidden inside the pit itself, which further adds to its entirely no-frills based approach. Set it, hook it up, and start it up; it’s that easy to get a powerful (and warm!) fire pit going in your backyard.

Christopher Knight Home Dino Lightweight Concrete Propane Fire Pit Target


7. Joss & Main Belle Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit

This fire pit from Joss & Main is almost too nice to put outdoors, as it feels like it should be the kind of thing that meets guests by the front door of your home. A truly elegant and extravagant fire pit, it’s certainly a little on the pricier side of things but has a design that’s just gorgeous to look at. The push-button igniter delivers 50,000 BTUs worth of heat while offering a great option for friends and family to gather around.

Joss & Main Belle Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit Joss & Main


8. Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit

While it’s not quite a fire pit in the traditional sense, this Outland Firebowl is totally portable and small enough to make it super useful to have on camping trips, with an RV, or even as an option on small patio decks. Even with its smaller size, it’s capable of producing a really impressive 58,000 BTUs, which means it’ll keep you more than warm enough. While it’s not the most attractive-looking option, what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in power and size.

Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit Amazon


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