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The Best Golf Bags for Every Type of Player

A golfer’s clubs are more than mere sports implements. Depending on the player and his or her feel for the game, they can be everything from weapons and surgical instruments to construction tools and paintbrushes. Whether a golfer is forging a masterpiece of a round or building a house of pain and frustration, your chosen club is like a magical talisman that links the human body to a target hundreds of yards away with the help of a little white ball.

As you can tell, dedicated golfers have strong feelings about their clubs. And if the golfer in question chooses a club brand carefully, just as much love and attention should go into the purchase of the golf bag transporting those sticks to courses around the world.

Below, you’ll find a selection of the best golf bags specially designed to fit a variety of players. Whether you’re looking for standing golf bags, budget bags for beginners, or premium golf bags with special features, there’s something for you here. Keep reading to find the right bag and head to the links with a stylish and sturdy personal statement.


1. Sun Mountain 3.5LS Zero-G Bag

Best for the Traveling Golfer

Golf is a game that can take you around the world, and this light Sun Mountain 3.5LS Zero-G Bag comes in especially handy if you wed it to its natural Sun Mountain companion. Even with four club compartments, seven pockets and ergonomically positioned straps for shoulder carrying, the Zero-G is compact enough to fit nearly inside the ClubGlider Journey Travel Bag. The ClubGlider securely wraps around the clubs for safe air transport. When the flight arrives, a wheeled stand snaps down from the bottom of the travel bag for easier maneuvering. It all creates a friendly setup that makes flying with golf clubs significantly easier.

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Courtesy of Sun Mountain

2. Linksoul Sunday Soft Carry Bag

Best for the Casual Player

A newer player in the golf gear business, Linksoul makes golf shoes and clothing known for comfort, casual looks and modern materials. Its creations aren’t flashy, but they’re fashionable in their simplicity. This understated Sunday Soft Carry Bag works for the modest player looking for function over flash.

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3. Cleveland Golf CT Staff Bag

Best for the Player with a Caddy

If you walk onto any golf course in the loop of your Cleveland Golf CT Staff Bag, you better know what you’re doing out there. This bag has the look, features and material quality of the finest bags on the PGA Tour. With its polished leather shine, there’s an element of serious luxury to this offering. It tells the world you take your golf seriously.

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Cleveland Golf

4. Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag

Best for the Football Fan

One great way to distract other players from the fact that your golf abilities might not be so elite? Call attention to your love of another sport. In spots like Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Dallas (where football is king), the Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag will catch the friendly eye of other local players and leave them happy enough to forgive that last shank into the second cut. After all, no one wants to root against someone who also cheers for the same football team. Not only is this one of the best golf bags under $200, but you can also choose a bag with the name and colorway of your favorite NFL team.

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5. Vessel Prime Staff Personalized Bag

Best for the Fashionable Golfer

Golf is a game ripe for peacocking. From striped plus-fours (as “knickers” should only apply to women’s underwear in the golf world) to Hawaiian pattern button-down shirts, the forethought a player puts into on-course appearance is always a sign of respect for the game. In other words, the louder and prouder you dress for golf, the more love you show for the game. The handsome Vessel Prime is pricey, but its designers offer a dedicated personalization system that will put your name and logo on the bag, making it as much an individual fashion statement as tartan knee socks.

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6. TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag

Best for the Player on a Budget

Well-made and reasonably priced at only $120, the Taylormade Quiver is an easy pick for the player who’s just starting out and looking to save some money until his or her skill level warrants better gear. Weighing only three pounds, the Quiver is simple, serviceable and understated — perfect for the rookie.

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7. Callaway Chem Org Cart Bag

Best for the Thirsty Player

The high handicap player isn’t on the course to impress the galleries by piping long drives and dropping long putts. He or she is out there to have fun and relax. And, let’s be honest, the higher the handicap, the greater the likelihood that the golfer in question requires liquid refreshment in the form of adult beverages. To that end, the Callaway Chem Org Cart Bag includes one of the largest cooler pockets you’ll find in any golf bag. Yes, it holds 14 separate clubs and packs 10 separate pockets, but what can chill in its spacious cooler is what the player will appreciate the most. If you’re looking for a high-quality golf bag with a cooler, Callaway has you covered.

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8. Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag

Best for the Walking Player

Of all the various Mizuno golf bag options, the light and elegant BR-D2 has emerged as the top option for players who like to walk their rounds. If you’re a golfer who waves off a cart so as not to spoil a good walk with your round of 18, the BR-D2’s compact design and minimal weight make it a friendly strolling companion.

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9. OGIO FUSE Stand Bag 4

Best for the Tired Player

OGIO is known as much for its backpacks and duffels as for its golf products, but an ergonomic design and modern materials make their club bags top choices for a lot of golfers. The OGIO Fuse 4 is remarkably light at just under five pounds. It includes eight pockets and an ergonomic double shoulder strap system with Ogio’s “Fit Disc Technology.”


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10. Stewart Golf StaffPro Cart Bag

Best for the High-Tech Player

Featuring stylish aesthetics and strong build quality, the StaffPro is specifically made to work with Stewart’s suite of high tech Follow Carts — essentially robot caddies that carry the cart bag a few paces behind the well-heeled player. Even if the buyer can’t afford the $2,499 A.I. caddie, the StaffPro offers plenty on its own. This golf bag comes with 14 dividers, nine pockets and a large rain hood. Still, it begs you to snag its robot partner for the full effect.

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Stewart Golf

11. Sun Mountain Metro Stand Bag

Best for the Understated Player

Sleek, light and simple, the Sun Mountain Metro Stand Bag works well for the golfer who wants a simple golf bag without endless, bulky extended side pockets and loops. If you’re a beginner golfer with a basic set of club who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on an elaborate bag that’ll look silly holding your humble sticks, this is a great option. 

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Sun Mountain

12. Finger Ten Sunday Bag

Best for the Par Three Player

A Sunday bag is a small, narrow over-the-shoulder carrier big enough for just a few clubs — maybe a long iron, a wedge, a sand club and a putter. It’s perfect for a par three round in which only a handful of sticks will do the job. This colorful Finger Ten bag wraps around the top to protect the clubs in transit, and it’s very light weight means the only tug you’ll feel is the mass of your clubs.

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Finger Ten