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Improve Your Handicap With New Golf Balls and Tees

Golf is one of the biggest sports in the US and for a good reason.

When it comes to getting outfitted for your golf game, a lot of figurative green is required before you hit the literal green. Clubs, shoes, clothing, gloves, balls and tees can add up to a big bill before even getting to the course. In a survey done by the Golf Channel, the average round of 18-holes of golf including a cart rental at a public course was an affordable $36. But the spread between golf courses is vast, with some courses in the US costing upwards of $600 per round. While golfing definitely isn’t a cheap sport, paying top dollar for equipment and courses isn’t necessary for improving your golf game. As noted by the Southern California Golf Association, more expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to golf, noting that many pros don’t use the priciest clubs available by the brand that’s sponsoring them.

One of the easiest places to save money on your golf game is with balls and tees. As with any golf item, balls and tees range significantly in price, but we’ve hit the links to find which brands will break your handicap without breaking the bank.

1. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

From one of the most trusted names in golf comes the Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball. A versatile golf ball that is ideal for beginners and seasoned golf pros, the Wilson features smart core technology that reacts to a player’s swing, helping to control yield spin on shorter shots. Great for your long and short game, the Wilson has a first response off the tee and a soft response on the green, making it an excellent ball for putting and sandtraps.

Pros: The Wilson includes a durable lonomer cover, which means golfers can use this ball in any condition, including rain, heat, and wind.

Cons: The Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball isn’t available in any colors but white and can be difficult to differentiate when playing in a group.

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2. Team Golf NFL Logo Imprinted Golf Balls

Spend the offseason like the pros, and by pros we mean professional football players. Hit the green and display pride for your favorite NFL team with this set of logo printed balls and tees. Choose from all 32 NFL teams and get three regulation size balls and 50 multi-colored tees measuring 2 ¾ inches.

Pros: The NFL logo team ball and tees are not only easy to spot thanks to their bright colors, they also make a great gift.

Cons: The set only comes with three balls compared to Wilson’s 24-ball pack and unlike the Pride Professional only offers one size of tees.

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3. Pride Professional Tee System

Play like the pros with the Pride Professional Tee System, which features 50 of the number one rated tees on the PGA tour. The environmentally-friendly plastic tees have a low resistance tip for less friction and are aerodynamically designed for longer drives. Each set includes 40 of the more commonly used 3 ¼ inch tees and 10 of the 1 ½ inch tees.

Pros: Pride Professional sells both sizes of tees separately, but we like that the combo pack is a cost-effective way to let golfers try out each tee to see which they prefer.

Cons: The tees aren’t designed for hard ground and the packaging can’t be resealed and used as storage.

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