The Best Golf Push Carts for Taking Some Strain Out of Your Game

best golf push carts

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No sport this side of mountain climbing demands as much equipment as golf. If you’re following USGA rules, you’re allowed up to 14 clubs in your golf bag from driver to putter. No matter what clubs you choose, when you add the weight of those sticks to golf balls, tees, a beverage, etc., that’s a lot of weight over your shoulder when carrying your gear.

You could take a cart, but if you want to squeeze a good day’s exercise out of your golf round while walking the course, a push cart can take a weight off your shoulders. Designed to roll along with you on any course, golf push carts can often prove to be golf pull carts. It really doesn’t matter. The machines save you from walking 18 holes in a loop.

In generations past, a push cart was simply wheels, a frame and straps.  In this age of technology and A.I., they can all but push (or pull) themselves. This list of the best golf push carts includes a range of techy designs at different price points for any budget.


1. Stewart Golf X9 Remote

What’s easier than using a good golf push cart when you’re walking a round? How about not having to push anything when you’re walking a round of golf because your cart runs itself? Like a loyal robot companion, the X9 Remote chugs along with you on your round, powered by a battery-fueled electric motor. You keep it nearby and direct where it goes with a simple remote control.

best golf push carts Stewart Golf

2. CaddyTek S-Series Remote Control Caddy

This electric cart looks more rugged than some of its competitors, but it offers the same ability to roll along with you as you walk under its own power thanks to 250-watt dual motors. The accompanying remote control can vary the devices speed and indicate its remaining battery power. The wide-track drive wheels offer additional grip when you slice one into the berms.


3. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

The manufactures over at Qwik-Fold promise their 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart will fold and unfold in a snap, and they mean that literally. Taking one second to open and close, the Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel comes with a handy (or “footy”) pedal brake to keep it in place on inclines. The design throws in an umbrella stand and a drink holder for kicks.




4. Motocaddy Cube 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart 

This Motocaddy design takes its name not from how it looks when setup to carry your clubs. The Cube 3 earns it monicker when it folds up small and tight enough to fit on the car seat next to you. Its specially designed handle has adjustable height settings, while its underside includes storage space, an under-handle net, a drink holder and spots for a golf ball, scorecard and a tee.


5. MGI Zip X1 Lithium Electric Golf Caddie

Nudged along by a battery-driven electric motor, the MGI Zip X1 Lithium Electric Golf Caddie is also a push cart you don’t have to push. Simply set it in motion and walk along as the MGI Zip X1 carries your clubs under its own power. Its battery capacity will easily keep the momentum going through your round on a single charge.


6. Finn Cycle

Admittedly, this isn’t a golf cart. You don’t push it. You don’t pull it. You ride it — all while looking cooler than any other golfer on the course. Essentially a fat-tired electric scooter, the Finn Cycle can cut golf round time in half as each “born to be wild” player zips to his or her own ball. While it’s obviously pricey for a golf toy, the machine is available on a growing number of courses as a rental option.

Finn Cycle

Honorable Mention: A Goat

The best golf carts (and maybe the best caddies) ever just might have hooves instead of wheels and run on grass instead of human muscle. Silvies Retreat, Links and Spa in Seneca, Oregon offers four sprawling, tree-lined golf courses. Two — Chief Egan and McVeigh’s Gauntlet — offer goat caddies to carry your clubs across the turf. The staff of Bruce LeGoat, Mike LeChevon, Peanut LeGoat and Roundabout LaDoe wear custom-made Seamus Golf packs that carry six clubs, a dozen golf balls, tees, six cans of refreshments and peanuts — for the goats, not the golfers.

Visit the Silvies Golf site here.


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